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Anurodh 2011-01-04 13:04:40



Today my kid went through the written test for Meridian for PP2.

I am looking for some feedback on this school, please let me know .



Ravi09 2011-01-04 13:20:15


I visited the Banjara Hills campus and found it was okay. They had kids playing cricket, basket ball, foot ball all in one place. That was funny. They had separate volley ball court and Table tennis place which I liked.

Academic wise the feedback is good. The kids all seemed to be happy and chirpy. I saw lot of activities within the school like singing, recitations, etc.

The one feedback on Meridian is they are money hungry. 1-2 years back there was a lot of rackus on the fee hike with parents protesting. Not sure if the school management reverted the fee hike or could justify the hike. With the new Govt regulations on admission and fees, I am not sure how this fits in.


Anurodh 2011-01-04 14:49:38


Thanks Ravi for the feeback, on the money front I also felt the same. The fee hike from pp2 and 1st class is itself 6k. One other advantage is home pickup and drop facility.

Regarding the place, I also had similar observation during my both visits. For volley ball and skating they were playing seperately and had a coach for skating but other wise the cetral play area is hosted for all other games.


ISRA 2011-01-06 01:58:57



We moved from US last Jun. We were also looking for the same kind of features in a school as you are looking for. We also felt if we were asking for too

much. But as a parent we want to give the best to our kids.

We also surveyed the international schools around Jubilee Hills and kondapur area. We visited most of the prominent schools like Oakridge, Chirec, Sancta

Maria. We also visited Manthan International school in Madhapur area. We found it to be comparatively very good after we took the school tour for all the

schools in that area and also speaking to our friends whose kids go to Chirec and Oakridge. We found Oakridge only money oriented. In the visit we made to

get a tour of the school and how well the school is good for my kids, all they were interested in sharing was the timeline to deposite what sum of money in

the form of dollars and what sum of money needs to be deposited in the form of Indian Rupees etc. It was very disappointing to see that the staff was just

interested in discussing money before even speaking about the USP of school and why they think we should consider Oakridge for our kids. One of my friends

told that their child is studying in Oakridge and it has been very stressful for the child as the school has constantly been pressurising the parent and the

child with respect to cursive skills and also catching up with the subjects. We did not want our kids to go thru a stressful transition so we eliminated

oakridge from our list instantly. We visited Chirec. The tour as such went well. We requested to meet the principal and we were made to wait for more than an

hour and after almost 1.5 hr we got to meet the principal. We had several queries to be clarified. In the time we were waiting we found a big group of male

labourers hanging around the play area. Being a parent of a girl child and a natural kind of thought came as to the safety measures the school has adapted

towards the girls students. The principal got very touchy and got irritated at the question and shot back saying she did not like the question and that they

knew better what they are doing. After this kind of an experience we got to meet with a parent(a friend of ours) whose kid went to Chirec School. She told

that once they had food poisoning episode during one of the breakfasts being served at their school and several students fell sick after the breakfast and

were treated for food poisoning. During a parent meeting following this episode, the principal shot back that the crowd of parents saying she brought the

school from scratch and its her baby and she does not owe anyone any explanation for anything and she will run it the way she decides to. That was it. We

were at a kind of dead end when we came across, Manthan International school in Madhapur. The moment we stepped in we felt reassured that, this is the kind

of people we would like to teach our kids. They believed in stress free transition for the child. They believed in motivating a child to learn rather than

put the child thru a rat race to just meet targets. The Directors were very approachable and patient to each and every single question of ours. Today, I can

tell we made the right decision. One of my kid is in 4th grade and my younger one is in Kindergarden. Both are extremely happy and my younger one has learned

so much in such a short time that I am amazed at the teacher's skill. One parent got so impressed by my younger one in a mall play area that she got her

child admitted in Manthan school the very same week. My older one who was apprehensive about schools in India is very happy about the school.

More established schools with good infrastructure may not be everything we must consider at the time of admission. The managements approachability is a major

criteria, especially in India where legalities are not as much guiding the schools functioning, unlike in US. Parents and students are taken for granted in

India and more so by the more establised schools.

Hope this will help you make a decision. Ideally before Jun anytime these schools do accept admissions subject to availability of seats. The fee at Manthan

is 50K approx. Much less than every other school in the area. Worth stopping by to get a feel of the school.





Ravi09 2011-01-06 10:28:55


Schools like Phoenix Greens and Manthan are new ones. They started last year. Hence the management will be approachable :-). Basically this logic stems from established vs establishing attitudes. The schools who are established and who are in demand show "attitude" I guess.


Anurodh 2011-01-06 12:04:26


Completely agree with you Ravi. I have good experience with (Banajara Hills) and would recommend for play school and nursery. The teachers are very caring and reachable. Again one of the major factor would be that they are a new group of schools


Aum 2011-01-06 23:27:59



We are planning to move back to Hyderabad from US. My kids would be coming to 5th & firts grade. From various feedback on this site i am considering Manthan International for my kids. I talked to them on phone, they seem very cooperative.

Can any one suggest whether its a good idea to reserve the seats( have to pay X amount right now to the school) or to hold till we come & see the place in May/June?



SriniHYD 2011-01-07 16:57:54


Aum: For Manthan, you dont need to pay now to hold the seat. Even if you go there in May, they shoudl have seats since it is new school. I heard very good feed back too


Aum 2011-01-08 00:30:27


thank you for all the feedback.


jaid 2011-02-27 21:46:27


 Dont  go to Merdian . We got admitted and were asked to pay Rs 60,000 in cash and you odnt get a recipt for it . Never ended up doing it . We went to okaridge and found teh same thing - hungry for Money. Orchid seemed good and upcoming . Belive Managment is keen and therefore will listen to parnets  at least for teh next few years. 


Oldruff 2013-01-10 13:07:17


I think it is all about attracting new clients- in India or elsewhere, moreso in India. What happens is that once the new clients are in - they are not bothered. I am sorry to generalize but this trend has started with the NRIs rushing to India and trying to get the same standard of living be it with housing or schooling... Not blaming them , definitely they are entitled to the same. What has happened is that greedy builders and school management tried to cash in on this- there is artificial inflation of real estate prices in hyderabad and there is artifical inflation of school fees. Tell me honestly- every school is as good as the teachers, yeah ambience, envrionment helps a lot.. no doubt about that. We are all placing the innocence of our kids in the hands of these commercial schools because we do not have an option. The need of the hour is a change in the education system, I know am being a bit idealistic but till then - it can be manthan, canthan , oakrodge, poakridge, any damn school they will only succeed in fleecing us in the name of international syllabus, facilities blah blah blah.. Oh btw MY Kid is in PP1 in Meridian and yes I also paid a lot of fees, and yes I cant help it because he has to be part of the rat race.. for which we all are readying our kids from now itself.



priyaswetha 2013-11-25 10:31:33


I am planning to join my kid in meridian banjara hills for pp2..can any1 pls tell me the fees structure and the feedback about the education standards, post school activities. 
And also any info about DSE would be also helpfull...

123sana 2013-12-31 16:30:07


Hi am residing in uae.....but my son is studying in meridian in every one is saying...dats so true dat fees is too high for's 1,20,000 for 1st standard...n next again fees will b increased to 10% every year....I too thought of changing school for fees but my child growth is nice n every child is must to participate in every activity of school or classes... can call teachers any time after school on there mobiles???and they will update you everything about your child through mails and pics of a child.....fees is high but we have to comprise somehow to give the best education....and in hyderabad as you all discussing about fees....I a medium level school fees are also 50,000 so what we are paying is ok but not satisfying....but meridian is a well known all the best new moms...

123sana 2013-12-31 16:33:02


Hi dear....u can go for meridian if u want ur child to be more confident n more independent and a big thing dey will be no stress for breakfast and lunch as school provides the best n healthy breakfast and lunch for kids...and every six month height and weight updates from school on there progress cards....

behappy 2013-12-31 18:33:15


Meridian is definitely a good school and much grooming is done for all level teachers and staff.......only thing is too high fees!!!! if it suits your pocket ...go ahead

dadofprincess 2013-12-31 19:39:50


Can any one provide the fee structure for the Meridian School, Madhapur one? Thanks in advance for your help.

123sana 2013-12-31 19:42:51


Donation for meridian is 1,60000 RS 60,000 is refundable as per the year 2011

dadofprincess 2013-12-31 22:05:28


Thanks 123sana How about the yearly fees?

iamaparent 2013-12-31 22:22:52


@dadofprincess, are you looking for fees for Madhapur center only? I have the information for Banjara Hills center for PP2 this year, when I visited them for my son, but I don't know if their fees change centerwise? If you want, I can share the details I have. And which class are you looking for?

dadofprincess 2014-01-02 00:30:41


@iamaparent I am looking for LKG. It will be great help if you can share the fee details you have.

iamaparent 2014-01-02 07:20:36


@dadofprincess, for Banjara hills branch,
Admission fee - 1L(non-refundable), forgot the caution deposit, it was around 10-20K. They did not mention these 2 fess in the slip they had given me, it was through verbal communication
Tution fee - 102750( 3 terms together including lunch, lunch is compulsory here)
Transportation - 25-30K

mediloom 2014-06-11 16:13:19


Hi everyone! I would be thankful if you can suggest me any good CBSC school with lot of activities my budget is around 50,000 to 70, 000 per annum . My son needs admission in class 2 . He is hyperactive and little weak in grasping things.He needs little personal care in the school..I live near khairtabad. I would be glad to hear from you soon. Thanks

shrey7 2014-06-13 07:04:59


Try Manthan, Rockwell or Hillside Academy..

Veda123 2014-10-29 12:55:55


Meridian Banjara hills is one of the most commercial schools of HydeHyde

Veda123 2014-10-29 13:11:39


Meridian is good at show off. For money they can compromise on anything no values nothing. They say max 25 is the class strength but it here are more than 30 kids in many sections. Their extra curricular activities are just on paper. They don't really bother if kid really is learning anything. Half of their time is spent in impressing management and parents conducting annual days and teachers running around confusing the kids during those events. They don't care wether kids really understand the concepts but the teachers do talk nicely with parents when you approach them. Few positives: home pickup and drop off, breakfast and lunch at school, hygienic pre primary section including restrooms, healthy food. Negatives: many. As your kid goes into higher classes above 3rd and above u will realise. Unhygienic wash rooms, Nam ke vasthe activities, too many sections, no ground to play for all, toooooo greedy, ready to convert  joining 3 restrooms into a class room any time. In spite of all this they are nicely managing to be known among one of the high league schools in Hyde. Clever mgmt. check education world magazine school rankings this year. They are worst in value for money category. Please think twice before u join your kid. More money doesn't mean better education.

mohankrishna 2015-03-31 01:14:36


I highly recommend not go with any of the Meridian schools as it is rightly said on the above post. As a parent I have undergone the trauma. After paying a good donation/admn fees and the tuition for my two kids (about 6 lacs including one time admn fees), I took them out and joined them in other school. 
Trust me, it is not a school, but a money machine for them. We are looted by the mgmt. 


mohankrishna 2015-03-31 01:19:49


Regarding the max capacity in one section @ Meridian.....
They told us that the class strength is limited to 26 - 28 kids. 
My son on the day before his birthday was buying chocolates to distribute. He actually bought 38 bars. I asked him why he was taking more. He told me that the class strength is 38. I was shocked to hear the figure. We pay such high fees because of the low teacher-student ratio. But turned out that it was all a lie. Forget all these things. One thing for sure, not a good school. Join elsewhere.  

RKSM1234 2015-03-31 07:50:10


yes. Schools are making business. Even same is the case with EURO School Gachinbowli as well. Teachers are not good. Satill they are collecting more amount from parents. I think, parents should stop sending children to these schools. Now a days even parents are not even caring as they are earning money and they feel like whichever school collects huge amount that school is good. Consider Chirec. Is it available to middle class people. It is not. Just with brand names these schools are cheating. Government should take serious actions against these schools. Government should bring in Americal culture in schools. Btw, i heard Hillside school run by  Pearson (Jublee hills) is doing really very good by providing quality education. You can enquire and put your children there.

Smack25 2015-06-22 16:10:03


Hi I am shifting from Mumbai to Hyderabad n was looking out for a good school. Any feedback about Meridian school, Man than, Orchids also if anybody could suggest any other good school near Or around Somajigouda.

bossy 2015-07-21 22:37:04


Hillside is no more good in fact one of the worst school now

ifra123 2016-11-15 23:38:21


Hi 123sana,iam also residing in your son is still studying in meridian.which class he is now?can you pls give information about the school and its it good in academics?


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