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Nikesh 2011-01-01 16:39:17


Hi Friends, I have seen quite a few responses and advises to the questions posed on any query.


My daughter is around 2.5 yrs old and we have got nursery admission interview clearance from NASR pre-primary , Howard Public school.. but awaiting results from Chaitanya and VidyaRanya.

I am non-decisive about which one to proceed ahead as the admission formalities have to be closed immdly at NASR or Howard, and I have about 3 wks to wait for Chitanya Vidyalaya or Vidya Ranya. Would request for some suggestions on these schools.

Also I am not sure if children in NASR school have any issue depending on whether belong to the minority seciton or otherwise & not joining a 'co-ed' school have any communication issues later ..

  Response would be of great help.



mickey 2011-01-01 22:30:09


 Hi Nikesh,

Nasr-Pre Primary is  very much better than Howard Public school in Himayat Nagar. 

Please see my detailed review of Nasr in the below link to Poochy (Apr25 ,2010). Is your interview over in Nasr ??  Nasr-Girls is the best school for girls in Hyd. It is not that easy to get into this school.  The school is very much secular in its outlook.  The main school for girls is 45 years old !! Nasr has evolved as the brand over the years.  The girls are groomed very well and have an all-round development .
I think, seeing the past history,  I don't think girls will have any problem later to study in Co-ed colleges or schools.





Nikesh 2011-01-04 00:03:41


Mickey, Appreciate your prompt response. Your inputs are quite handy and pragmatic.

Rgds, Nikesh


Namitadesh 2011-01-04 11:03:49


 Hi Mickey,


Thanks for being so prompt to reply and your contributions to various discussions about schools have really been helpful. I'm also planning to admit my daughter to Nasr Pre-primary this year. I just had two questions which I would greatly appreciate help on..

1. Does the pre-primary follow a play way method? how is the work load? meaning, is there lot of work given to be completed at home?

2. After the pre-primary, does the child automatically get into 1st at the girls school or is there a different admission procedure then?


Any insight on the above would be greatly appreciated!





mickey 2011-01-04 12:15:44


Hi Namita,

There is no concept of homework in Pre-Primary. Children are given activity sheets every friday. In Nursery, it is only related to colouring pictures, numbers and alphabets.  The children are exposed to diff erent kinds of crafts/activities like  leaf printing ,  sand art , cutting and pasting, greeting card making etc. They have Green Week, Yellow week, Red week etc to reinforce the concept of colours. Chidren are supposed to bring red colour  toys/clothes/ objects/ and snacks during the entire week and encouraged to speak about that particular object which they have brought.

There is no dairy in Nursery, but the communication is done through  slips from school which is pinned to their activity sheet (colouring or craft)  which they do in school.

We can meet the class teachers every thursday to have the feedback and look at their books too in PP1 and PP2.  So far I haven't faced any problem and I make it a point to meet the teacher every week or fortnight.   There are two teachers for every class and I have found personal attention given to each child which is very much commendable.  Children are insisted to speak only in English  right from Nursery.

My daughter has picked up very good English and i think, by the time she comes to PP2, she will be very fluent.

The report card speaks volumes about their teaching. The report card includes

  • Language Skills in English(oral) which includes recitation,communication  (making an attempt to speak in English), understanding stories ,answering questions and communicating in sentences
  • Reading English includes for Nursery - recognizing alphabets, phonics, ability to comprehend.
  • Number skills include recognizing numbers from 1 to 10 , oral , categorizing objects (shape, colour,size, texture)
  •          Nature study includes recognizing and speaking of the Environment (Fruits, Flowers, Vegetables, Animals) 
  • Singing , Drawing & painting,   Games 
  •  Handwork, Work habits , Socialability, Obedience, Behaviour , Temperament

Children are graded in all these aspects. Just by seeing the report card, you can know the progress of your child in all aspects !!   The above is for Nursery. I don't find any kind of pressure on children and find their  way of teaching  good too. Well, u can speak to other parents too . You will find many parents in the morning (8 am) and mid morning (11:30 am). The school re-opens on 10th Jan'11.

I am sure, the report cards of PP1 and  PP2 would also be elaborate too. I spoke to one of my friends whose son is in PP2 before writing to you to know about the homework pressure. Well, as i have stated above, there is no homework but activity sheets will be sent for PP1 and PP2 every friday which will give a clear picture of what is being taught in the school. PP2 has  a dairy .The school is closed on Sat and Sunday.

Yes the Girls and Boys from Pre-Primary are shifted to Nasr-Girls and Nasr-Boys respectively. There is no separate  admission procedure. 

Hope this helps.....



Siri2018 2018-03-26 22:15:04


Hi micky..ur daughter is in give me review..I had seen 7yrs back review

Madhu4 2020-08-27 23:01:09


Hi Mickey, Thanks for ur valuable suggestions. Can I get PP1 admission for 2021-22 in NASR school, Gachibowli campus. I heard that they dont have any admission procedure for LKG n UKG but there is admission procedure only for nursery. Is that true? One more question...Could you let me know what they would be teaching for 1st language n 2nd language. Also could you share your mobile # on Thanks, Madhavi


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