Geetanjali vs. Chinmaya vs. BVB vs. DPS

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rjb 2011-01-01 09:15:14


Hello all,

Geetanjali will start distributing their forms on 2nd Jan. We are looking for admission to LKG.

We may move our son to a different school after first few years of study. Therefore we are not as concerned about CBE/ICSE curriculum at this stage.

Leaving aside ICSE/CBSE curriculum, could you please suggest what should be our relative preference among 4 schools listed above.


mickey 2011-01-01 10:23:54


Hi Rjb,

It is better to prefer BVB or Chinmaya followed by DPS , Gitanjali.    Gitanjali is more into academics.

You can await other parents' response too.



sameeraswathi 2011-01-02 12:43:33


According to me, the order would be BVB, gitanjali, chinmaya n DPS. As a student of class 10..i think this is quite perfect. The reason is strong. Im from none of these schools but i have participated in many inte school competitions. I have noticed that Gitanjali is the school that bags top prizes everywhere. The academics there are very much extraordinary. But as mickey has told, they do not give much preference to extra curricular activities. So I have placed BVB first as i have seen it performing extremely well in both academics and non-academical activities! Good luck!


SriniHYD 2011-01-02 15:10:27


sameera; Thanks for feedback. It is good to know the feedback from students.
We are considering all 4 schools for our children going to LKG next year.



amunisha 2011-01-02 15:57:03


Hi SriniHyd

Any idea when the applications will be given for LKG at Gitanjali school? And also do let me know if you know the qualifying age for LKG? My son will be 3yrs 1 month by June 1st.





rjb 2011-01-02 17:04:30


Sameera and Mickey,
Thanks you for your feedback.

Could you pl. elaborate on the reason for putting DPS at the bottom compared to others.



mickey 2011-01-02 18:35:36


 Hi Munisha,
Gitanjali has started giving forms from 2nd Jan'11 i.e today. Kindly check out tomorrow.

Hi Rjb,

I have put DPS after BVB/Chinmaya as DPS is comparatively new in Hyd and there are not many students who have passed out from  class X compared to BVB/Chinmaya.

For lower classes, DPS is preferable. As u r seeking admission in LKG now, DPS would have many pass out batches from X  , down the line and u can decide about this school after your child  completes 5th.




mickey 2011-01-02 18:39:18


 Hi Rjb,

Pl go through detailed  review of Gitanjali and experience of Indralok in the below thread



SriniHYD 2011-01-02 19:50:02


We picked up the application this morning for LKG after standing close to 2 hours this morning. You probably may be late for Gitanjali but please check tomorrow at school. I did not go to school but one of my relative went to pick up apps for us. He has told me they will give only today from 9am - 12pm and apps have to submitted on 18th -20th Jan (9am -12pm). They gave apps for all grades and cost is Rs 500.Here are numbers: 27768395 & 27768420  or visit the school. Your son will be eilgible for Nursery only at Gitanjali. Kid has to be 3.5 years (3 years 6 months) by June 1st. There are better odds to get in at Nursery. I think they ahve close to 100-120 seats in Nursery and about 40 for PP1 i think.

I was shocked to know that there were some folks standing there from 6am. One of my other friend went in at 7:15am and he said he was 20th person in line :)



 Former member 2011-01-02 20:05:00


Hi Sameer....Apt to have the feedback from a X student. Thanks. Pancha


rjb 2011-01-02 20:23:13


Thanks Mickey.

btw, which Geetanjali is better of the two devshala or the one at Begumpet?

I guess Geetanjali Devshala has integrated campus and much bigger than one at Begumpet.


bonthamurty 2011-01-03 00:16:17



I too collected the forms today for admission in Nursery for my daughter. The prospectus doesn't talk about the fees structure, though I overheard some one saying it would be Rs. 60,000/- for the first year. The breakup of the same is not known though. Do you have any insight into this ? Please share.


Mickey, others, etal

Could  you please clearly articulate the pros and cons of Gitanjali Primary School, considering that the feedback given by Indralok (above link) is contradictory to what I heard from my colleagues who have their kids studying there.





amunisha 2011-01-03 16:04:50


@SriniHyd and mickey.....thanks so much for your inputs....I will check with Gitanjali School today to see if they are still giving applications....

am very confused actually..because LKG age criteria is diff for each school....3+ or 3.3+ or 3.5+...... I wanted my son to get into LKG(born in Apr 2008) so that eventually I can move him to HPS..HPS takes 5+ for 1st class...thought he might have a good chance there since am an ex-student...any idea if there is ex-student quota there??

also, pls let me know if there are any other schools that take 3+ for LKG....For now I came across Bhavans, JHPS and Niraj Public School...





snehita 2011-01-03 16:37:47


HI all,

How long the forms will be issued for geetanjali school? i tried calling but comes busy .Do we stand chance for tommorrow?If anyone has info please reply so that i can try tommorrow.




SriniHYD 2011-01-03 17:59:29



I did not go to school. My relative who picked up the form said, fee info is displayed on the board. He has told me that term fee is about 25 K (three installments of 9500, 7500, 7500 each) and admission fee of 25K (non-refundible). there may be another 10K deposit etc not sure.  Applications have to be submitted on 18, 19 and 20th. Is that accurate info ?



sameeraswathi 2011-01-03 18:25:23


I have put DPS at the bottom as they r sort of high-fligh! they dont ensure consistent performance! and as mickey has told...they r new to hyderabad and do not have many 10th pass batches to judge their calibre1


SriniHYD 2011-01-03 18:48:55


Snehita: You shoudl go to school tomororw morning to check out. I could never get them on phone also earlier.


madhavi2010 2011-01-03 19:35:27


I have been to Gitanjali in the evening, not sure about the date. But the application forms for PP2, 1st and 2nd were sold out :(

It was written on the notice board, they are issuing the forms from 9-12 PM.


bonthamurty 2011-01-03 23:48:52



The fees structure displayed on the notice board was for 2009-10, while the admissions we seek are for 2010-11. Moreover, I couldn't find any mention of Admission Fees, etc.

Keeping that aside, the form submissions are on 18th., 19th. & 20th. as you rightly mentioned. How keen are you in getting your kid admitted to Gitanjali ?


~ Murty



bonthamurty 2011-01-03 23:51:20


Correction, the fees structure was displayed for 2010-11, while we are looking for 2011-12.


~ Murty


rjb 2011-01-03 23:57:01


Hi Murthy,

Feedback by Indralok is making me rethink as well even though i had heard a lot about Gitanjali.

What is your opinion of Gitanjali?



Ravi09 2011-01-04 13:09:16


Did you visit Gitanjali? Did you like the class rooms and facilities? Personally I didnt like the First class rooms except for 1A. One good thing is that each class in first class didnt seem to have more than 27 kids. But surprising thing is how come they have 1A to 1D but in higher classes they seem to have Section A to Section E. Also saw they play area for smaller classes. They dont enough light in there and the room wasnt bright enough for kids to have fun. Is it me trying to compare my kids current school with this one? Maybe others dont have such mindset. :-)


SriniHYD 2011-01-04 17:30:13



I think admission fee is around 25K. For LKG annual fee was 24K and for 4th grade, 28K. These are 2010-11 fee. I dont think Geetanjali will increse more than 10%.

As far as our serious ness about the school, i am not putting too much thought for now whether to pick this or not. Spend Rs 500 and put in application. Based on our choices in fews weeks, we will think about it.

Pros of Gitanjali of that i know.

1. Very good acaedmic standards. One of the best in HYD

2. Low fee compared to schools like DPS, Meridian, Chirec etc

1.  Seems to be too much academic pressure on kids. I know 9th grade kid was given software project in Java to implement movie reservation system :). There is no way she coudl do it even though she was bright student at that age.

2. There seem to be issues for smaller kids not getting attention. Not getting updates from diaries etc (from Indralok review).

3. Not sure if kids get enough exposure for extra curricult activities.



mickey 2011-01-04 17:50:58


Hi Rjb,
 Yes, Devshala is better in terms of infrastructure n playground too. My daughter's friend from Gitanjali Mayuri Marg told me the same.

Hi Bonthamurty,

My friend's daughter has studied in Gitanjali Pre-primary, Begumpet. She has no complaints as such. I think, Devshala is much better if take we take  into account the campus.

Hi Munisha,

I think , it is better to put ur son in LKG only at 3.5+.  I think 3+ is too early seeing the vast syllabus in higher classes. Yes , BVB and JHPS might not accept applications for 4+ kids  seeing this year's eligibilty criteria but schools like Chinmaya, DPS do take children upto 4.5 in LKG. 

If you are really interested to put him in LKG, You can admit in State (SSC ) schools as many state schools admit 3+ kids in LKG.   You can prefer Little Flower, St Josephs in Abids.  You will have to check out the  current class strength in pre-primary.





rjb 2011-01-04 18:13:52


Thank you very much Mickey.

You have been such a great help for many of us who have very little knowledge of Hyderabad schools.

Few queries on Chinmaya-

1) Do kids use English and only english for all kind of communication within school?
2) What are the options for 2nd and 3rd language at Chinmaya?
3) Does the school use technology for education ?
4) Do they take LKG kids outside to make them experience how things work in real life
5) Do LKG kids participate in CCA as well? Is this CCA thing as big as talked about? 



mickey 2011-01-04 18:55:30


Hi rjb,

Here are your answers..

1. The school is not very strict with lower classes but is strict for higher classes to speak in English. Children are very much encouraged from class 1 or 2 . Teachers do speak in English in Pre-primary  but not very strict in LKG as they want to make them comfortable in mother tongue too till they get used to new school envt.

2.  Options for second language from class 1 to class 7 are Hindi n  telugu .
      Options for third language from classes 5 to 8 are  Sanskrit , French ,                      Hindi, Telugu
      Options for second language from class 8 to 10 are Hindi, Telugu , Sanskrit ,    

3.  There is not much technology.  Higher classes like 10,11 and 12th are taken to       audio visual room.

4.   LKG kids trip  - taken once in a while. Iam not very sure about no. of trips.

5.  LKG kids have many CCA activities . The school stresses a lot on CCA / intra school activites than Inter-school.  All children are encouraged to participate in CCA.   They do take children for inter-school competitions  at times.  Parents can take personal  interest and take their kids for inter-school competitions with school's permission.





rjb 2011-01-04 22:50:54


Thank you Mickey.
Appreciate it.



krishdeep 2011-01-11 18:23:20


Hi Mickey-

I am new to this site-I just sent you a message. If you have recieved it-please respond.


mickey 2011-01-13 11:12:54


 Hi Krish, 

I have responded on 12th Jan'11. Pl check out. 


bonthamurty 2011-01-17 18:20:23



Do you know what is the scheduled time for submission of forms in Geetanjali Public School, Begumpet starting tomorrow (18th. Jan, 2011) until 20th. Jan ? The prospectus does not talk about it. Since I stay in Kondapur, I need to plan for it in advance.






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