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Winnie 2010-12-28 15:54:10


Hi Mickey and everyone,

I have to find a good school for my kid for taking admission into Class 1. I was looking at Silver Oaks School but I'm a little concerned as it is very close to the Bollarum Industrial Area (around 1.6km close). I wonder if this could have a negative impact on the health of children. The school has a very good infrastructure, infact exceptional,  but in one of the ParentTree discussions I also read that the students do not have very good communication skills like other top schools. I can't understand what I should do. My budget is not more than 50-60K per annum. Can you suggest me what to do...should I stick to Silver Oaks or explore other options around that area. I would love my daughter to go to a good ICSE school, wouldn't even mind shifting my place for this reason. Can you guide me with your expertise on schools?



mickey 2010-12-28 16:09:09




Hi Winnie,
Silver oaks is not an ICSE school. It follows IB-PYP with CBSE.  There are not many ICSE schools in that place. You can however try St Martins (ICSE) in Balanagar.

Have a look at The Creek in Bachupally  and Sentia-The Global too in Miyapur.





mickey 2010-12-28 16:15:22


Winnie, If you are very keen in ICSE and ready to spend around 1.5 lakhs , Sreenidhi International (ICSE) in Aziz Nagar, Moinabad  would be the best choice.  You could shift near  the school if u decide to join ur daughter here.



Winnie 2010-12-28 18:24:56


 Thanks for your reply Mickey. I was also considering NASR girls and HPS...any info on these schools and is it easy to get admission there into Class 1?


mickey 2010-12-29 00:02:47


Hi Winnie,

Nasr-Girls is very good.  Nasr usually admits children in Nursery. It is dificult to get in class 1 as there are only a few seats. Please call up and find out.

Nasr-Girls High School     040-23307555
Nasr-Girls Junior School   040-23308383
Nasr-Girls Primary School  040-23311526

HPS is issuing forms for class 1 from 29th Dec'10 to 20th Jan'11. Check out the ad in Deccan Chronicle on 26th  Dec on page 5. Getting into class 1 in HPS is easier than Nasr-Girls.





Winnie 2010-12-29 13:27:01


Thanks for this valuable information - really appreciate it!


Winnie 2010-12-29 14:19:41


Thanks, I will be going to HPS tomorrow. The website for the school does not seem to have any info on the transport. Does HPS provide school transport? I stay at Banjara Hills.



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