Admission in Narayana Academy for 2011-13 batch for XI-XII

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RLVenkatesh 2010-12-25 09:38:52


Dear Mickey,

I'm Lakshmivenkatesh from Pune. My son is in X Std (KVSC, Pune) and is the school topper. I plan to put him in Narayana Academy for integrated coaching for IITJEE/AIEEE. Narayana's results are impressive; and my friends also suggest Narayana. But I need clarifications on many aspects. Even the Narayana's website is not complete in providing information. 

I find that you are quite helpful to each parent seeking info about Schools in Hyderabad. So I too seek your guidance. Please tell me

1) what syllabus narayana academy follows for Xi-XII - Andhra Board or CBSE? or both are available?

2) When do they start their admission process?

3) Whether the hostel facilities are good? (I am not concerned only about food quality; but whether hostelier group and regulr group are imparted the same equal quality of good education?)

4) Whom should I contact for admission?

5) Which centre of Narayana among many is the best?

I shall be grateful to you if you can reply at the earliest. Thank you so much




mickey 2010-12-26 16:03:04


Hi Venkatesh,

1. Narayana Academy follows  (AP) Intermediate Board. However the coaching is from intergrated curriculum(CBSE+State+ICSE). The certficate is  from the Intermediate Board.

2.  The entrance is usually conducted after the class X exams. It should be in the last week of March.  You can expect the admission after  class X results.

3.  Narayana Hostel at Dilsukhnagar is very good. I spoke to one ex-Narayana faculty before writing to you. He says the food is excellent. There is also a hostel in Narayanaguda.  The hostel students are more disciplined and are made to follow the study routine meticulously.  However equal importance is given to dayscholars too who are in top batches.

4.  You can directly contact the respective centres for admission.

5.  Narayanguda branch is known to be the best. However , the ones in SriNagar colony(Punjagutta) , old MLA quarters and  Dilsukhnagar are also well known.

I also need to go to these institutes /colleges personally for my daughter. My daughter is in X too and i need to do more homework regarding Narayana.  I am also told that  these institutes only concentrate on top batches and put undo pressure on kids to attend all the tests/classes. In case they  miss one ot two  tests, they will lag behind and will be put in other batches which can be quite de-motivating.  I need to clarify all these doubts too which i have heard from my friends before seeking admission in Narayana Group.  I plan to do more homework when time permits in the month of Jan'11.  I will update you with more info in your inbox  after I visit these colleges.




RLVenkatesh 2010-12-27 22:57:33


Dear Mickey,

Thank you so much for your informative reply to my queries reg. Narayana Admission.  Till recently I have been desperately contacting so many people in Hbd to get some concrete info about Narayana Admission. But you only gave the correct and properly gathered information. Thank you once again.

It is interesting to note that your daughter is also in X Std and is looking for admission to good coaching at XI level. I request you to continue to provide me with further information which you may gather reg. Narayana academy.  I shall be very thankful to you. 

In fact, I have planned to visit Hbd along with my son,  in Mid January 2011 and to visit the Narayana Academy and a few other institutions which impart integrated School study cum IIT-AIEEE-BITSP coaching. Is the 2nd week of January 11 be ideal to take up this visit.  Please reply.

With Regards

R.L.Venkatesh, Pune.


jalan 2012-01-27 14:23:19


hi micky and Venkatesh,

I am now facing the same situation that you faced a year back. by now your child would have already spent a year in Hyderabad. can you please guide me on:

1. which is the right institue (s)  for children not from hyderabad.

2. is the schedule managable (i hear that children can not cope up with the tight schedule and pressure)

3. your experiences in last one year.

your inputs will be very valuable as i am from Mumbai and do not know much about hyderabad. and the websites are not very informative.





daughters 2012-01-27 21:59:06



1. Narayana and Sri Chaitanya both are equal with 5% difference

2. If your and your child target is IIT and are you ready to face stiff schedule by these institutions

3. They are going to conduct vigrous tests and nearly 7 a.m. to 9 p.m schedules with very less holidays.

4. About success it depends on student (80%) and institute (20%).

5. For resedential you should prepare your kid well before that you are going to stay in hostel and your goal is IIT nothing else.

6. Last year in top 100 Sri chaitanya got better ranks than Narayana.

7. About behavior and schedule and fee Srichaitanya is better than Narayana.

8. IIT batches are different to normal batches.

9. In IIT centers they concentrates on only top batch more and more.

10. Remaining batches they gives to eamcet, aieee, bitsat.

11. Depending on the students they starts from 1st May 2012 for IITJEE 2014.

12. More hostel from these two groups are going to be same,

13. Some centers are equipped with AC and their charge is going to be more.

This is kavinder reddy father of two IITians (2 daughters are studying in IIT Kharagpur one studied in Sri Chaitanya and another one is in Narayana ) at present my son is in 11 th class in Sri Chaitanya Kukatpally IPL batch as Day scholor.




jalan 2012-01-28 23:09:12


Mr Reddy,

Thanks for the very detailed information.

i think you are the right person with 2 daughters successfuly selected in the best institutes. and third child preparing.

i need some m ore inputs:

1. since my son is from mumbai, i understand he needs to prepare for the entrance test through a institute like vijayratna/ matrushri etc. do you have any details on the same.

2. a friend said the mid size institutes like sri mega / krishnamurthy are preferred bcos of their sucess ratio. your views?







daughters 2012-01-29 16:39:58


Hello sir

I don't have information about those institutes

Yes, what you said about krishnamurty and mega are correct. not preferable.



jalan 2012-02-09 10:36:51


Thanks Mr Reddy.


Does any one from the group have a feedback on the smaller institutes like sri mega, delta, special coaching centre




Srini247 2012-03-06 10:18:03


Hi jalan,

i am on the same boat as you . i am also reasearching some good institutes (residential) for my nephew who is in Xth class now..reagrding your first question

1) vijaya ratnam - Phone:  (040) 65882234, (040) 27631818  27621818
Address:   1-8-703/6/1, Nallakunta, Secunderabad- 500044, Andhra Pradesh

2) Matrusri -      9246114598 , 040 - 27619469
Matrusri IIT Academy, Nallakunta, Hyderabad.

2) I heard  mid level institutes  success rate is not bad  but i dont know  whether mdilevel institutes are better than narayana/chaitanaya .

if you figure out which institute is good for  IIt  (integarted ) please  do share with the earliest

Thank you


Srini247 2012-03-06 10:49:35


I called Narayanaguda IIT academy but i was told its only for day scholars..any body have any idea ? thanks in advance..




Broadmind 2012-04-16 14:03:54


Dear Mr. Reddy

I am mush impressive after lighting yoursels as father of two IIT-ians. My son has top ranked in Chennai CBSE school, got admission in Akaash Institute for IIT coaching with 55% scholership. Also got admission in Velammal Bodhi campus-Panchetti (near Chennai), Narayana, Hyderguda (Hyderabad) and Bansal-Selaqui Institute, Derhadun with proper admission test. I am bit confused to choose the right one. Any suggestion please.



sathukudi 2012-05-19 12:22:30


Hey, I am Shubha , from Gujarat.

My son Sathwik is studying in 10th now, going to complete 2013 batch.  I want to know about the best iit coaching centres in Hyderabad , having c.b.s.e. board, syllabus . 


Which is  the best one:


Narayana  ,  Chaitanya, fiit - jee,  ramaiah


Please suggest me.


thanks in advance


MDS 2012-10-26 18:29:00


Dear Mr. Reddy,

Thank you so much for sharing your experience with SriChaitanya.

I am looking for admission for my daughter who is in X standard now. I have narrowed down on SriChaitanya and Narayana.

Since your son is currently studying in Srichaitanya now, could you please share some more details:

1. Admission procedure. Srichaitanya site is not updated. Is there a separate site for admission procedure for Hyderabad?

2. when do they start the admission process?

3. What is the % of students getting into IIT based on your experience?

4. Could you share the hostel information if your daughters were in hostel?



Ms. Harikumar



daughters 2012-10-31 18:31:09


Hi harikumar

1. Sri chaitanya will start admissions in January. There is no separate site.

2. percentage of studnets I don't know because no body knows about their strength.

3. My daughters are day scholars.

4. Hostels are not great but good. you have to look and select the campus.



MDS 2012-11-02 14:56:19


Thank you Mr. Reddy.

Could you please share your views on Narayana schools? How is their course for IIT JEE program compared to Sri Chaitanya?




daughters 2012-11-02 19:22:53


Both are giving good notes and classes to IITJEE. In narayan you have to spend some extra money and they are little bit arrogant, where as in Sri chaitanya they are liberal, and their behavior also good. if you compare studies both are near equal.



MDS 2012-11-05 15:39:43


Thank you Mr. Reddy for shring your experience.





kirti251 2012-11-07 10:47:02


 Thankn you so much Mr Reddy  for sharing all information.

Please advise me what to do for my son?

I'm currently staying in Muscat & my  son studying in cbse class 10.He scored 93% in first term. He scoring  full mark in  math .I want  to know which is  the  best institute for iit for my son.I also visited Kota  in vacation & decided we will put our son in Narayana in Kota.After reading all posts result for Narana branch in AP is more better than Kota.

I have 1 daughter also who studying in class 6 .can I get good school for my daughter also & secure place  to stay for 3 people in Ap. If it is good for my son,I'm planning to move in this march.Please give me which branch is better in Narayana &All procedure for admission.Thanks in advance & very sorry for  such a long post.



coolniky4u 2013-05-15 17:15:37


dear mickey,

i want to know about good iitjee coaching in hyderabad for dropper daughter has appeared her cbse 12th this year and wants to prepare for iitjee for one complete year.i also want to know about the hostel facilities in these institutes for girls as i am living in bhubaneswar.please also specify that which centre of the institute will be better.


mickey 2013-05-16 12:06:43


 Hi Coolniky4u,
Has she appeared for JEE (main) this year ? You could try Sastra in Tamilnadu too which is based on Class XII marks apart from JEE (main).

There are many branches of Narayana and Srichaitanya.  YOu could try in the new 
SrichaitanyaNarayana college at Saifabad where both these corporate giants have come together.  I am not sure about the hostel facility here.

You could find good hostel facility at Madhapur branch.

I would suggest you to come here an have a look at various branchs and hostels before  deciding. I heard the one at Vijaywada is good.

Take a drop only if the child is mentally prepared and very strong. I however wouldn't recommend as there are so many other options and colleges.

All The Best !



coolniky4u 2013-06-13 19:27:03


thanks mickey.

but the srichaitanyanarayana academy you suggested does not offer classes for dropper students.could u pls suggest some other options available?my daughter has secured 90% in CBSE xii boards and wants to prepare for jee advanced. 


jitendraOgra 2013-06-29 10:11:08


 Dear Mickey,

I'm Jitendra Ogra from Jodhpur, Rajasthan. My son is in X Std (DPS, Jodhpur). I plan to put him in Sri Chaitanya Narayana IIT Academy for integrated coaching for IITJEE/AIEEE. Narayana's results are impressive; and my friends also suggest Narayana. But I need clarifications on many aspects. Even the Narayana's website is not complete in providing information. 

I find that you are quite helpful to each parent seeking info about Schools in Hyderabad. So I too seek your guidance. Please tell me

1) Is sri chaitanya narayana iit academy and narayana and chaitanya are same institute or different ?

2) Which institute is best for iit jee coaching in Hyderabad ?

3)What is the admission process ?

3) Whether the hostel facilities are good? (I am not concerned only about food quality; but whether hostelier group and regular group are imparted the same equal quality of good education?)

4) Whom should I contact for admission?

5) Which centre of Narayana among many is the best?

I shall be grateful to you if you can reply at the earliest. Thank you so much


Jitendra Ogra



daughters 2013-06-30 18:19:19


1. Narayana and Sri Chaitanya both are separate, but now they mutually supporting. That means they declaring results jointly. But their business is separate.

2. Both are same with a very little difference.

3. Just come to hyd go to college ask them for the admission fill the application and join your kid

4. Hostel facilities are good. They concentrates more and more on top batches.

5. Sri Chaitanya IPL maddhapur and Narayana CO batch at himayat nagar are good.

6. You can directly contact the campus and join your kid there.


This is kavinder reddy, father of three IITians.


mowglu 2014-01-23 13:32:09


Dear Mickey,

My son is in grade 10 CBSE and would like to pursue IIT coaching. please guide me on the following aspects.

1.  Which is the best coaching institute for IIT in Vizag and Vijayawada for day scholars?  Please specify with the branch
2. Do these  institutes offer integrated coaching?  What is the board that they offer  - CBSE or state?
2. When does the admission take place?
3. How do I contact Chaitanya and Narayana?  Both their sites seem a bit outdated.

I would be very grateful if you could enlighten me on these aspects.  I do look forward to your guidance


jumboo 2014-04-03 01:06:51


which one is the best branch for iit in narayana group,near to gachibwoli,except madhabpur branch,its fees is high.Can anyone help me.......

daughter 2014-10-26 12:49:28


Hello I am new to the website. I have got a lot info about the IIT coaching college in hyd.
When I was enguiring people about which college is best then I got two names highlighted.
Chaitanya IPL
Narayana spark
I was confused among these two about which was best in these two for IIT.
Please let me know which is best among these and why.even which branch is best in the selected college.
My daughter is studying in X and she is the topper of her I wanted to know the info for her for her upcoming two years. Please let me know about the best.
Thank you.

Manvis 2015-01-03 14:59:49


I live in chennai and interested in coaching my daughter for IIT. The Narayana group has started their branch in chennai - Narayana etechno school. If you have any feedback on this school please let me know, thanks.

Vimi93 2015-01-06 16:04:51


Dear Parents, 

My Brother is in class X from Maharashtra , I would be happy if you could give me some info.
1. Can he take admission for class 11th - 12th and  join the IIT classes in hyd.  ?
2. Which is the best best institute among Narayana and all other institutes ?  


apkr 2015-01-07 15:15:11


for IIT foundation, you can opt either of one since both are having their own records in  education(scruz) but both are into state Intermediate board,not in CBSC/ICSC curriculum

graja 2015-01-10 01:01:58


Hello Kavinder reddy, congrats for having 3 IITIAN children. Please guide me in selecting a junior college for AIEEE and EAMCET.  I want to know in NARAYANA and SRI CHAITANYA colleges  in three areas (1). SR NAGAR  (2). KUKATPALLY   and (3). KPHB COLONY            ( Narayana at Sivaparvathi theatre and Chaitanya at JNTU )   which college in which area is better for AIEEE and EAMCET?   My son is now in X and he not intelligent enough to try for IIT. Please give immediate reply.
                Thanking you
                                                                                   Rajasekhar reddy


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