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Dipuanshu 2010-12-20 13:12:03


Hi all,

I have joined the group today and was enthralled towards the kind of responses coming from Mickey and other parents.

My son is 2.7 yrs old now and is eligible for nursery in both Vidya ranya and Chaitanya public school.

I am a qualified CA and my hubby is an engineer. But since i am working , I doubt if that turns out to be a negative point.

The problem is that both the school have their own unknown ways of choosing kids(after giving preference to staff children and sib;lings).The chances of the kid getting an admission there looks remote.

I plan to get admission form from Geetanjali also.

But what if my son doesnt get admission into all the three schools.

Which other school which has moderate fee structure is good? How is Vasavi public school in Himaytnagar?

Mickey, after reading about chinamaya , I wanted my son to be there, but he is falling short in age by 15days and the principal is not entertaining such type of applicants at all.






aspire 2010-12-20 15:02:30



Yes, Dipuanshu,  as you said after having reservation for Staff & Sibilings, it is very very difficult to get admission as they have limited seats left, as they have very few vacancies. Iam also a qualified CA and I have applied for admission to LKG for my son. But the probility is very rare.

Initilaly the forms were being issued only till 23rd Dec, but now they are issuing the application forms further from 3rd Jan. Also, for the forms already submitted, initially they said that the list will be displayed by 13th Jan. But, is there any change in the date for filist list to be displayed...?


satguru 2010-12-20 15:25:23


Hello, My daughter is 3.6yrs old. I am looking for chaitanya vidyalaya for PP1. I got an update that for PP1 and above, only if they are seats available after dropouts will be given. These 2 schools have 2 sections for Nursery and they take 26 in each of them(13 boys and 13 girls).


SriniHYD 2010-12-20 17:18:38


I thought Chaithanya was giving only Nursery forms now and for PP1 and above, they will issue forms in january. Did any body got forms for PP1 or higher grades from Chaithhanya




Dipuanshu 2010-12-20 17:55:30



For me they have given the date of result in Chaitanya as 21st Jan-2010.

Probably this is 2nd list , if some on from 13th Jan dont join , the ones named on 21st may join.

Did you get a call from them for interview of your kid.

I heard from my friend that they will be calling people along with kids as second round of interview?




aspire 2010-12-20 18:48:43


Hi Dipuanshu,

Is it true...? that they will call the kid for Interview along with parents for second round...? Has any one who has been really informed or did thay call any one for second round..? Or is it just an informal communication...

B'cos on the day of taking application form thay have taken my interview and when I enquired about further Interview of child with parents, thay said its not required and I can check the list on 13th Jan.

Lets hope the best... But pls. kindly keep me updated for any update you receive for Chaitanya vidyalaya & also for Gitanjali...


saagarwa 2010-12-21 17:14:18



Yes they called us last year again with the kid for interview. They dont ask any questions to the kid but insist on getting the kid.

My son is currently studying nursery in chaitanya vidyalaya.


Ravinder414 2010-12-21 17:51:49


Mr Saagarwa, can you also post you and your spouses edu qualifications, current jobs of the each and care takers for the child at your home?


aspire 2010-12-21 18:25:46


Hi Saagarwa,

what is the probability of getting in that schhol or rather can you let us know how many admission they give agsint the form they issue & Interview thsy conduct and what are major concerns or important criteria for short listing...

Also, you can share any other information, on the basis of your experience...


Dipuanshu 2010-12-21 19:16:35



I was called for interview along with my son today.

They put some toys front of my son but my son didnot play and was quite.

He was behaving in not so called mannerly way .So i am very scared.

Do all parents along with kids are called or they want to shortlist the selected parents??




aspire 2010-12-21 19:52:21


Hi Dipu,

when did u take the application and at the time of taking application, were you interviewed..? Also, after how many days did they call you along with your son..? I think only to the one who are shortlisted they are calling for interview. What did they say after the interview of your son and also let me know for any other just relying on this school may not make sense ...



Dipuanshu 2010-12-22 12:10:56


HI Aspire,

I have applied for nursery and you have probably applied for LKG as per your post above.

I got the form on 3rd day i.e on 16th of december.

They didnt ask any questions but were observing my kid.

They spoke quite in general terms and not sure what was going on in their minds.

They has already interviewed us when they had first issued form.


Yes, we cannot rely on Chaitanya and Vidyaranya alone...

What are the other schools you are looking for?




aspire 2010-12-22 12:30:33


Hi Dipu,

I have applied for Nursery at Chaitanya ...and I have taken form quiet before you but I think  because of age factor, they might have not shorlisted me. Getting admission in LKG will be very difficult I guess.The major issue for me is the distance & connectivity, on account of my residence location, I need to think twice for a school which is at very remote distance from my residence.. Other schools which I applied for are Little Flower, & Slate.For Gitanjali & DPS forms will be issued in Jan first week.  Any other good school let me know....




Dipuanshu 2010-12-22 14:38:22


HI Aspire,

Where do you stay.

I am thinking for Vasavi Public school/ Howard Public school.

Geetanjali/HPS/DPS are very far from my residence.



Ravinder414 2010-12-22 20:40:51



Can you also post educations qualifications, current occupations of each of the parents of the child?

Also let us know if the child is under a guardian while you both parents are working? If both parents are working, how did the princi react?

And did the princi queried on your English language skill levels and current interests (because this school is most concerned about English for ICSE)?



Dipuanshu 2010-12-23 16:09:52



There was no such question at all.

My kid is in safe hands of his grandparents.

I think the way we speak tells them bout the level of English....


What bout you Ravinder....Were such questions riased?





Ravinder414 2010-12-24 11:16:03


We both the parents are graduate engineers. I am an IT Manager by profession and my wife too is a senior engineer.

We attended lately for admission into Nursery for Academic Year 10-11. May be we were the only parents attended on that day. We saw none waiting before or after us on that day. School executives too were in a relaxed state. May be it was principal, who asked me about my current reading habits in English. She said the ICSE concentrates on English proficiency for the children and the school expects a high support from the parents and other family members. I told her that I am mostly into business and tech communications and not so practicing in reading english literature. She asked about the books I last read and I let her know some of the books I read long back but not in the recent past.

She also was keen about the care takers at home as we parents both were working. May be she asked because in our absence at home, who might be helping the child in studies.

We asked about the selection criteria but they didn't disclose. But during conversation I learnt that priority will be given first for the siblings of those who already studyng at this school.

Other possibilities ....!? Known to god !! ....... :)


Dipuanshu 2010-12-24 13:17:04


HI ravinder,

NOt sure.... What they look in for???

In todays world to match up with the growing infaltion both the couples need to work.

Further every female who is educated would like to work and not simple sit at home.

The school and society should appreciate working ladies as they do dual jobs ....



Nikesh 2011-01-04 13:16:42


Hi Folks,  a query.. If a parent does not receive call for 2nd round of interview (for the child), is it fair to assume that the Child would not be considered in the shortlisting.


Cheerio, Nikesh


Dipuanshu 2011-01-04 14:37:50


HI nikesh,

not sure...

Let 21st Jan decide....




Ravinder414 2011-01-04 16:19:47


@Nikesh: I learnt that Chaitanya opened again doors for NS from Jan 03rd, I went to Chaitanya school today. I spoke with one of the concerned office staff. She told that the Principal closes the admission process only if she gets satisfied with those applied otherwise would continue the process. Indirectly she was saying that those who have not received calls yet, for interview, may forget about the admission.

I was looking for admission into NS, for my 2nd child. In my first ( and perhaps last ) meeting with the Princi, she said priority would be given for the siblings. My 1st child is not in CV but is studying in a near by pre-school. I felt like she was saying my child would not be considered for admission. And till date we did not receive a call. :(

Other thing to remember is that there are only 26 seats for NS.



Nikesh 2011-01-05 07:17:52


Thanks Ravinder. This info helps.


vrajgroup 2011-01-11 15:42:37



I have filled up the form for nursery for my son whose birth year and month is 2007 Dec. But due to oversight i had not mentioned my mobile number but only mentioned my landline no. But the landline no was not working for more than a week. I am afraid whether they might have called up that time. Can ne one suggest how I can inquire whether i was been called for the interview. I applied on the 2 day of the first batch release of the application form. 


padmav 2011-01-11 16:06:34


@vrajgroup: Try to call them up or better visit them in person, and enquire. Explain your concern (about the phone not working). They should be kind enough to clarify. Good Luck!


vrajgroup 2011-01-11 21:00:12


Dear Padmav,

Thks, going to do it tomo. Good luck is required.



Dipuanshu 2011-01-21 15:22:09


Hi all,

Chaitanya result is dispayed on their website.

My son got admission there.

Thanks all  for the help and support all these days.






mickey 2011-01-21 17:42:27


 Congrats Dipu...  . It is a very good school........rgds,mickey


Dipuanshu 2011-02-04 13:05:57


HI all,

My son got admission in Chaitanya Vidyalaya.

can anyone whoes kids study there tell me more on school.

I heard everything good about school and the demand for getting the admission was very high.

But i wanted to understand how the school really assess the kids performance and handle the kid.



sathwik 2011-02-04 23:08:01


Hi dipu,


           My friends daughter is studying there,they are quite happy and very much satisfied.



msl 2011-02-08 11:35:50


I guess parents are just going by brand name, only concentrating on getting the admission in the school, and then start worrying about the school n the curriculum.

Prarents, change your style of thinking, first go to the school and ask  Why should i send my child to your school? what is so special about your school ? this should be our attitude, and then decide if at all you need to apply in the school.


Krivan 2011-03-02 10:03:08


Yes they do call parents for second round, but thats no assuarnce that you have passed one round, kids are not interviewd they are only sen and how they behave around!



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