Which school is better - DPS or Gitanjali?

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supriyogh 2010-12-18 20:13:59


Hi Mickey / All,

Which would be a better school as far as academics is concerned - Gitanjali Devashray or DPS Mahendra Hills/Nacharam? We are staying at Secunderabad and looking for a good CBSE school in the area. I know DPS is excellent in extra-curricular activities, but not sure about the main part (academics) - when asked, they've been very skillfully evasive. Reg. Gitanjali, I am yet to meet the Principal. Would get some comfort and peace of mind if I could get the info from you or other parents.

Looking to hear from you.

Thanks and regards

Supriyo Ghose



sunshinec 2010-12-18 20:27:13


Hi Mickey / All ,

I have recently joined the group . I have a 3+ yrs old daughter and since I am relatively new in Hyderabad , I do not have an idea as to which schools are good in Hyderabad . Also too many opinions from people and also too much deliberation on my part about which school I should choose for her has all just left me confused and stressed . I am not able to take the right decision .

She is right now going to Bachpan .I want to know if I can continue her in Bachpan for the next two yrs,i.e., L.K.G & U.K.G.After that which school would be a good choice !!

Really waiting to get some inputs frm you,






mickey 2010-12-19 10:48:32


Hi SunshineC,

If  Bachpan is good, you can continue till UKG and try for class 1. Where do u stay ?

It is better to try  either for LKG or class 1. LKG is preferred though as it is the entry level and your child will not have any entrance test as in class 1. She will be put some simple questions at the time of interview. The interview in LKG is more centered towards parents. So better you try for LKG.  If u don't get it through, continue with Bachpan, prepare  her for class 1 entrance tests after her UKG. However, you will have to keep track of the interested schools right from Nov/Dec.

It would be ideal to suggest if u tell me where u r located. There are many good schools in Hyd.



sunshinec 2010-12-19 13:57:04


Thanks for ur prompt reply Mickey .

I stay in Domalguda and the main reason for me to put my daughter in Bachpan is the proximity ....it is just walking distance from my house . Besides , I find the school just okay .All the good schools are pretty far off from where we stay .

I am basically looking for a ICSE / CBSE /IGCSE schools in and around this area . Been to  good many schools in this regard but I find all of them are located either in Banjara hills , Madhapur or that side . The schools which I ultimately zereoed in after a lot of research are : BHAVANS , Meridian , DPS , Gitanjali  .

I have my reservations about international schools coz they are pretty expensive but wouldnt mind exploring and going ahead if something fits our budget .. would seek your guidance in this regard as to which one wud be good .

Thanks once again.




mickey 2010-12-19 15:00:02


Hi sunshine,

You have made a good choice. Do continue Bachpan, if it is good till UKG and simultaneously try for BVB  and P Obul Reddy this year. The school is giving the forms from Dec 20-22. Gitanjali , is a bit stressful.

Also keep a track of this thread for admission forms.





jashn 2011-02-05 22:56:28


hi mickey and all, this is jashn saying hello.i am new to parentree.seen almost all the reviews reg.schools in hyd.very exhaustive and its an enlightening experience to go thru all of those.

     this is in response to supriyogh i want to share some info.reg.gitanjali devashray.my child studied there for few years.since it has a brand image ,g.devashray pulls along as one of the top most wanted schools in hyderabad .a few facts which i faced :

1) whether the teachers are trained or hold B.ed.qualification i am not aware , but many of them are floating population since most of them are wives of serving top group 'a' or military officers. they stay for 1,2 or max.3 years.their way of teaching is just reading the lesson or even worse making the students read .they skip off few lessons or just rush thru lessons to finish the portion before the exams.for 2 years they did not have trained ,proper maths teacher one  was appointed in the year when my child  left the school.

2)most of the teachers show partiality, if u come in highend vehicles attitude towards u change.they show extra interest .i dont mean they expect anything but they form their own ideas and treat kids accly.teachers have to be strict but that does not mean that they shout at the top of their voices.one particular teacher (one ms.gleena)has a constant frown on her face as if carrying her household problems to school almost all the time shouting for unnecessary issues not concerning her .never have i seen even once during few years of my kids study there she speaking to kids or parents coolly (always offensive in her remarks).

3)kids are not encouraged for either academics or extracurricular activities.if they are average they are relegated to back benches .worse ,i believe that teachers suffer with  "its not my duty or responsibility syndrome" (instead of encouraging).kids lose their morale for anything with such an attitude from their teachers.

    parents who want to join their wards ,watch out ........



mickey 2011-02-05 23:06:58


 Thanx Jashn for the letting us know about Gitanjali. Iam sure it will help many parents.

Hi Supriyo, How are you ? Dunno , how i missed writing to you  Sorry, I have seen your query just now. Though i have replied to Sunshine, missed writing to you. I know iam very late in replying. So which school have u decided, DPS or Gitanjali ??




jashn 2011-02-06 00:41:36


hi mickey

thanks for ur comment...

u r not late in ur replies..c i got a prompt ack.from u within 10 mints.of posting.

u r ever ready with replies ,guidance,comments ..i feel ur replies are like an oasis in the desert called education field....


DPS mahendrahills is a good school from what i heard from my friend whos is a teacher there.they have a very strict principal taking care of kids discipline, their teaching methodology is fine ,their grades r also gud.

why i didnot join my kid there is for the fact that its only till 5th std.they have at that campus.from 6th they will be shifted to nacharam campus which is very far off from my place hence the preference of g.devashray.but had to withdraw from that school too.

DPS bowenpally is ok .my brothers kid is studying there and my friends daughter has passed her 10th last year.

overall its an above average school.bright  kids shining,average students doing gud and the least % acc.to the schools site is around 80%age which is fine and good i feel.






mickey 2011-02-06 08:47:33


 Thanx Jashn... Like your nick name which means always in celebration mood..

As far as I know , there are 4 DPS. Correct me if iam wrong. One is in Madhapur, second one at Diamond Point  which is till 10th. Both these DPS are under the same management.

The third one as u said is Mahendra Hills which is till class 5 after which the kids are shifted to DPS Nacharam.  Both these schools are again under the same management.

What about  DPS, Bowenpally ?? Can u tell us how many DPS schools are there in Hyd ? Don't include the playschools as these schools have no tie ups with the main school. Children and parents from these playschools need to undergo usual interviews and tests to get admission into main schools.




supriyogh 2011-02-06 10:56:06


Hi Jashn, Mickey

Thanks for your responses.

Even we found the same attitude issue when we visited Gitanjali... horrible behaviour. Besides, Gitanjali doesn't have any playground -.. classrooms are like pigeon holes. For these reasons, even though my kid cleared the admission test at Devashray, we did not put him there.. put him in DPS Mahendra Hills instead. Till now we did not find any major problems here.. teachers are quite supportive and enthusiastic. The administrators and Principal were available to discuss all our questions. They have already started quite a few activities such as taking kids out to see marketplace, some role plays, etc. This campus is only up to class 4, after which kids will be transferred to Nacharam campus. We've also visited that campus, its really huge and sprawling.

As for expenses, contrary to popular belief we haven't found DPS to be any more expensive than other schools. In fact, in some respect DPS may be better than others - Gitanjali had asked for some money (9-10K, don't remember exactly) to be paid in cash - without any receipt! I was really shocked to hear this. However no such issues with DPS.

Gitanjali's main advantage seems to be the location. It is probably better located in the heart of town.

DPS Nacharam is up to class 10, however this year they've started 11th and 12th classes also (I think.) This will be a major factor, in my opinion - otherwise at that time again we have to search for another school, for those two crucial years.  

So these were some of our experiences and deciding factors. I also spoke with some of my friend in Kolkata, most of their kids are studying at DPS there. They seem to be quite satisfied with the DPS brand and the education and everything. So hope it'll go fine!

Thanks so much for all your responses. Lets stay in touch at this website... we can always learn from each other's experiences!








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