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Navigator004 2017-09-10 22:15:49


Hi All, As man of you asked for feedback I thought to share this with this group. As my daughter studies in school thought to share my opinion may be it will help when you decide. School was in good hands but I think standards have come down drastically low with new principal it will go even down further. Most of the IT people fall for the look of the school building but if you ask me don't fall in that trap. School fee is very expensive so you should think before you put your hard earned money. I don't think school has that academic standard and lot of parents switching the school or planning to switch from this school. Teachers are not experienced with new principal come in she is removing all old teachers and recruiting new fresher's are teachers who don't have any experience (ZERO experience). This is my 2 cents on the school and academic back ground...All the best for school hunting and wish for your child's bright career.


UjwalDarsheel 2017-09-13 10:16:47


Hello parents,
    I am Radhika, we are in US Will be back for next school year I am looking for  less stress education schools for 2nd and 1st grade. My elder son is little fear to adjust new environments.need good teachers to console him.Please help me to find such a school near by Miyapur.

bkpk 2017-10-14 22:19:38


for Grade 1 - Approx 1 Lakh Admission fees/formalities, 2.8 Lakh yearly fee (can be paid in 3 instalments) + Transport (30-45K depending on distance) + Uniform and Shoes (Adidas store in campus). 


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