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Navigator004 2017-09-10 22:15:49


Hi All, As man of you asked for feedback I thought to share this with this group. As my daughter studies in school thought to share my opinion may be it will help when you decide. School was in good hands but I think standards have come down drastically low with new principal it will go even down further. Most of the IT people fall for the look of the school building but if you ask me don't fall in that trap. School fee is very expensive so you should think before you put your hard earned money. I don't think school has that academic standard and lot of parents switching the school or planning to switch from this school. Teachers are not experienced with new principal come in she is removing all old teachers and recruiting new fresher's are teachers who don't have any experience (ZERO experience). This is my 2 cents on the school and academic back ground...All the best for school hunting and wish for your child's bright career.


UjwalDarsheel 2017-09-13 10:16:47


Hello parents,
    I am Radhika, we are in US Will be back for next school year I am looking for  less stress education schools for 2nd and 1st grade. My elder son is little fear to adjust new environments.need good teachers to console him.Please help me to find such a school near by Miyapur.

bkpk 2017-10-14 22:19:38


for Grade 1 - Approx 1 Lakh Admission fees/formalities, 2.8 Lakh yearly fee (can be paid in 3 instalments) + Transport (30-45K depending on distance) + Uniform and Shoes (Adidas store in campus). 

crtnk 2017-12-05 13:52:35


I agree regarding the standards at Sancta continuing to plummet. This is a pattern you will see with the experiences of most Sancta parents.

It may not be obvious in the beginning but most parents lose out with respect to schools when it matters the most - which is later half of the school years. Let me explain.

Kids are wonderful and soak anything/everything when they are in the early years. Most schools these days don't have to do anything to make you feel good when the kids are in these schools in the early years because kids learn like sponges. They just have to try and not screw up the kids.

Somewhere along, perhaps around grade 3 onwards, you will see whether schools are really not making much of a difference. You will begin to feel areas where schools are falling short. Perhaps it is the lack of academic rigour or lack of attention to areas like math or languages where students need extra help or where students have special needs. Schools are just not paying the attention to YOUR kids weaknesses and addressing them. 

By 6th grade, it is usually too late for kids to change because they have formed good friendships and dislike change. The failures of the school become apparent. Parents need to be really tuned to understand where kids need help but parents may not have time. Schools lack the intellectual depth needed to accommodate the kids growth. As a results, kids turn out to be mediocre. How can you expect your kids to become brilliant in a place where teachers are themselves uninspiring and lacking in excellence. Most of them just try to get a monthly pay and do their best. But is it good enough for your kids?

Sancta is ok for PP years. It is mediocre for early grades. It is pathetic for older grades.

And, the school doesn't really listen or cares no matter how much it pretends. It is sort of like a corporation. Heck, you won't even able to email the principal. Yes, you can take time off from work and meet the principal for every odds and ends. But, who has such time? And, do you really want to admit your kids in a school where you have to swim upstream to get some real attention?

MiyapurHyderabad 2017-12-06 04:13:27


Hi crtnk,

Thanks for your time. Your review on Sancta Maria School is very helpful.

It would be of great help if you recommend some schools for a 6th grader. Currently we are in Florida. The only reason we are not choosing CBSE is because of language subjects. 

Also, please share which school you have chosen for your kids, what grades are they in and experience with school. Thank you.


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