Review of the Silveroaks school in Kukatpalli, Hyderabad

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VikasC 2010-12-17 11:19:51


Dear Friends,

I heard a lot about silveroaks school in Kukatpalli, Hyderabad. I have already asked for the help and valiuable comments from Mickey and she is exploring it for me as she is extremely active member on this website.

But at the same time it will be great help for me, if any of you can give your comments on the schools. I am fine with the school based on the feedback I have got so far. But I want to understand more about it's curriculum. Someone told me that it follows IB untill class 5th and then CBSE from class 6th onwards. Since, my job is transferrable, can any one suggest how easy it's to get admission from IB curriculum to CBSE curriculum in some other place/school? I want my son to study only in CBSE curriculum in the long run.

Also, please let me know your general feedback?

Thanks a lot



InduC 2010-12-18 19:46:12


 Hi Vikas,

I just have a very little info on this school through one of my frnd whose kids( daughter in 7th or 8th and son 2nd or 3rd) were gong there. He wasn't happy with the school  - focus is on mugging and not the application

So thts the reason ididn't even keep this school in my shortlist.

For me , schools on the top of my list are - Sentia, euroschool and I am going to visit Sancta Maria International tomorrow. You may also plan they are open tomorrow till pm. 




srini1246 2013-05-12 19:37:01


 What is Ib?



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