Shifting to Hyd. Looking for good schools in areas around Banjara Hills

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meetaverma12 2009-08-02 07:54:21



We are shifting to Hyd from Delhi and my  7 year old daughter is presently studying in class 2 in Mother's International School, Delhi which is a CBSE school based on Shri Aurobindo's philosophy. My husband's office is located at Road no. 1, Banjara Hills, so i am looking for schools in the vicinity of that area. I am open to both cbse or icse board schools. Would love it if someone could guide me.

Have looked up the websites of Glendale, Gitanjali, Sloka, St.Pauls, Prerana Waldorf, Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, Chirec etc and am thouroughly confused now. The system in Hyd seems to be very different from Delhi. Please help. Thanks, Meeta


nishtala 2009-08-05 14:05:07



I've just moved out of Hyderabad where my son studied at Meridian School, Madhapur. The original branch of Meridian is at Banjara Hills. I have been extremely happy with school and would completely reccomend it to you. It is a CBSE school




meetaverma12 2009-08-05 23:06:42



Thanks for your response. I was beginning to get disheartened that none of the Hyd parents responded. Will definitely look up Meridien School.


kalyani 2009-08-24 15:12:37



My name is kalyani and i am a resident of banjara hills. We r also in search of good schools .As the other person said Meridian is a very good school, near to meridian there is KALPA school which is also very good school. U can try tht , but it is ICSE syllabus.



ravikanak 2009-08-28 22:31:43



Try sloka , and future kids (Shailaja Rao )- of course the others are chirec, oakridge, bharatiya vidya bhavan, NASR for boys is good i am told at gachibowli

Nasr for girls, Hyd public school , and gitanjali are definitely good.


 Former member 2009-12-30 16:40:10


Hi kalyani,.......

You know any one who is going to KALPA school .I am rying to find it out abt the school ......... but am not getting ....... i counld not find its website also ..........


MaheshAsha 2009-12-30 17:36:47


I too could not find KALPA school website. I personally visited the school, not a very big campus, but decent school.

The admission forms will be out somewhere during 2nd week of Jan.


 Former member 2009-12-31 09:18:29


Maheshasha ......

do u know anyone who is studying in JPHS. How is that school ............ when compared tp BVB

any idea abt kalpa fee structure ...........


hrap 2010-01-04 20:23:49


hi all,

Future kids is a great school. very child friendly and serve hygienic food.


 Former member 2010-02-17 13:54:38



Can any one give me the fee details of Meridian schoold banjara hills?

iam planning to get admision in that school.


mickey 2010-02-18 16:30:12


Hi MaheshAsha,

JHPS is a good school. BVB and JHPS are almost the same. One of my neighbour's son goes to JHPS .He is studying in class 3. He and his  parents are  very happy with the school.

The school is good in academics and extra-curricular activities too.

Kalpa is a ICSE school.It is also a good school.Read good reviews about Kalpa in Parentree discussion thread.




mickey 2010-02-18 16:37:34


Hi Meeta,

Seen ur query just now. Joined this group a month back. I know iam very late in responding.. There is a  school  based on Shri Aurobindo's philosophy in Tarnaka (Secunderabad). But it will be very far for you if u are staying at Banjara Hills. So just wanted to ask you if you  have  joined your daughter  in any school at Hyd?





meetaverma12 2010-02-19 00:53:45


Hi Everyone,

Thanks for a lot for all the feedback from you all, I think that since I started this discussion I should have atleast updated the fact that my daughter got admission in Vidyaranya High School, it is opp the Secretariat in Saifabad and is a very nice place to be in, of course they have no uniforms, no exams, it's icse and only till class 10th but there is something about the school's approach that I can see a definite growth in My child as a person.

Also, i was glad to see that the discussion started by me has helped others too. By the way, Kalpa is a good school too, they don't have a website but you can read about it in other sites,it has a sound value base.

Nasr also I hear is very good.

Again, thanks a lot to everyone who responded  and I am enjoying being in this city.



mickey 2010-02-19 13:52:37


Hi Meeta,

Nice to hear from you about the school as well as the city. I know Vidyaranya is a very good stress-free school. But does it foster a competitive spirit in children after certain age when it is required ? The school doesn't encourage any competitions lest the children get dissapointed when they don't win. My friend shifted her two daughters from Vidyaranya after 5th. Her elder daughter was not encouraged to participate in a Prestigious National level  and State level competition after getting selected from District level . How do the children showcase their talent if they want to ?

I just wanted to know ,how does the school help in  inculcating a healthy competitive spirit in children ?

Your feedback would help many parents who would like to seek admission in Vidyaranya. Also i would like to know your opinion(or choice) about  ICSE as compared to CBSE .




Runa 2010-03-03 09:35:53


Hi Every One

I am going to move in Hyderabad,mid of April. I know the schools are already starts to take the applications. I mailed few of the schools but i didn't get the reply.Can you guys plz suggest me any school near Madhapur,because my husbands office is there,and i heard that the traffic is not so good over there.

My daughter is 4 years old and I am open to both CBSE & ICSE schools.And can you any one help me abt  the fees structures  of the school.For me Hyderabad is totally new place for me.

Please give me some information.




mickey 2010-03-03 10:39:46


Hi Sangita,

There are many schools near Madhapur.Traffic in Madhapur is far less compared to the city. So u can stay comfortably without thinking too much about traffic woes for ur kids or ur husband in Madhapur.

As ur daughter is 4yrs old ,u can admit her into LKG. You can try in Chirec ,DPS, Oakridge International ,Euro School ,Sentia -The Global School , Vikas- The Concept school ,Silver Oaks ,Jain Heritage School , The Creek ,Kennedy Global  school and Maharshi Vidya Mandir.

Admissions in Chirec and DPS would have closed by now.But u can always call up and ask .At times they consider. You can try in other schools too.

I have written in detail about many  schools in a few  discussion threads with fee structure .
Pl find the links below. Kondapur,Gachibowli,Hi-Tech city ,Miyapur  are all near Madhapur. A tour to these links will definitely help you to get a clear picture of many schools.

To get an overview of leading CBSE schools in HYD follow this link



Runa 2010-03-03 13:24:00


Hi Mickey

Thanks a lot for the informations.And thanks for the links.I am checking them out right now.

My daughter will be 4 and half in May...that is also my corncern that which class she will go.

Thanks Much




ravip 2010-03-03 14:03:52


Hi mickey,  this is ravi iam searchiing schools for my daughter how is euro school madhapur,and genesis international school miyapur and how they are giving importance to studies and other activitie and full details about these school pleae give me.As early as possibleails  send me details because no time to admissions in other schools......................


mickey 2010-03-03 14:11:15


Hi Sangita,

As u asked me the fee details abt  DPS  in one of the discussions ,iam sending you the link of DPS fee structure.

As such the admission fee is 30K+10K caution deposit +39 K annual charges + 16K-20K transport (opt)+ 18K mess (opt).

More than a lakh ! Admissions  most probably have closed last week or so in DPS. If you are interested you can enquire and find out from the website of DPS.

There is no need to worry even if you come in April. There are other schools too which i have mentioned above ,where you will be able to secure admission for your daughter in LKG. Right age for LKG is 4+ yrs.

Whats your budget ? What type of school  you are looking for ?

Sentia will be around 80K

Kennedy Global  around 45K

The Creek  55-60K

Vikas , Silver oaks ,Euro School . All are good schools. U can have a look and then decide . If its possible , come down this month and finalise the school.









buji 2010-03-05 15:39:43


hi mickey,

very good survey, do u have any idea abt maharishi vidyamandir school ,kondapur



mickey 2010-03-05 16:31:44


Hi  Buji,

MVM is good. It is affiliated to CBSE.You can try. Fees is also economical. Sanskrit is compulsory from class 1. Its near Hotel Novotel .My daughter studied in this school long back from 2001 to 2004 .That time school was till primary.




mickey 2010-03-05 18:17:25


Hi Ravip ,

Euroschool is very good. Fees will be around 50K inclusive of transport and mess.

But they are shifting to another place . One of my neighbour's daughter is studying in Euroschool,Madhapur in class 6. She is quite happy with the school. The school gives equal imporatnce to extra-curricular activities .Tomorrow the school is having  Parent -Teachers meeting, i told her to find out  the details regarding admissions.

By the way, in which class you want  to get your daughter admitted ?

Genesis is a new school. Seems to be good from website details. Don't know much about it .

From I to V        CBSE board

VI to X               SSC board  (as given in their website)

My friend visited the campus of Genesis once and said there is no  enough play area for children. She wasn't satisfied and decided to join her daughters in Sentia. I spoke to her regarding Genesis now. She visited the school last year and suggested  to visit again to check if they have expanded the campus as it seems to be good now with many facilities.

But if you are in transferrable job or plan to move out of Hyd after  three yrs or so , do opt for a pure CBSE school and not a school having a combination  of CBSE with State Board curriculum. In X you will get a certificate from SSC board. Do confirm this with school if you are opting for Genesis.





buji 2010-03-08 16:05:33


Thanks Mickey,

Some people are saying that school infrastructure is not so good, is it true.  Then the school timings for LKG is also from 8.30 to 3.30 is it so. when compare to Dps,dav,bvp,jhps and mvm which one will be in first priority.






mickey 2010-03-08 20:03:06


   Hi Buji ,

I am not sure about MVM LKG timings. I 'll let u know tomorrow.

First priority will be DPS . But its a high budget school.

BVB & JHPS would be medium and DAV & MVM are low budget CBSE schools.

As BVB is well established in Hyd , it is considered the better when compared to DPS. DPS is new in Hyd and not much is known about its results.

BVB and JHPS are almost the same.  DAV and MVM can also be rated at the same level.

So it depends on ur budget  which schools u choose.

My priority  with ur given preferences in Hyd  would be  BVB JHPS DPS MVM DAV .

Euroschool in Madhapur is also good .Admissions are going on. One of my neighbours  whose daughter is  studying in this school  had attended the parent -teachers meet two days back and gave me the details. Fees  is around 60K.

For admission to higher classes,this is the right time to contact the schools to know the vacancies and prepare your child for the entrance test.




mickey 2010-03-09 10:32:15


Hi Ravip,

You can prefer Euroschool in Madhapur as its a  CBSE school till X . Admissions are going on for this academic yr. You can contact the school mgmt. Fees will be around 60K. Its good .Genesis as i have written before is following SSC after 5th. Till 5th ,it follows CBSE. So u can decide accordingly.




mickey 2010-03-09 10:44:34


Hi Buji,

Yes the school timings in MVM for LKG and UKG is from  9 a.m  to 3:45 pm. You can contact Mrs.Saumya on +91-40-23113196, 23111629.There are only two or three seats available ,it seems. You have to contact within a day or two if interested ,else it will be closed.




buji 2010-03-09 13:23:03


Thanks mickey,

I have calld up the school and my friend has collected the application forms in mvm. Does any recommendation or donation will workout in bvp,jhp. if so in what level we have to find the recommendation. i am looking for some exp school bcz i am loving admission for my daughters in 6th and lkg.  so the preference goes as you said. In mvm the madam spoke to me in phone very polietly  i have impressed by the respect they give to parents.  in mvm what is the children teacher ratio. i feel too longhours for lkg isit. once again thanks for ur feedback .




mickey 2010-03-09 14:45:42


Hi Buji or Biju ??

Yes i too feel the timings for pre-primary in MVM are long enough. May be u can try for ur elder daughter who is in 6th. As such in BVB ,JHPS admission is closed for LKG .You can try for ur elder one for class 6 in this month in these schools ,depending upon the vacancy. I heard they do consider if u pay some extra donation  if ur child clears the entrance .In some cases they have asked donation too, esp for BVB which was around 1 Lakh .Somehow my friend dropped the idea of paying such a big amount as it was for another campus of BVB in JHills.

Euroschool,Madhapur is equally good CBSE school . Admissions are going on. Why dont u try here. U can get admission  for both  of ur daughters.My neighbours daughter is studying in euroschool in class 6. Her mom is quite happy. Fees is around 55K.

You can also apply online. I spoke to them today  morning for one of my friends.But u r supposed  to contact immly .They can consider till April . U can make ur elder daughter write the entrance and decide the further course of action.Fee structure is already given in its website. You can call on 040-65888855, 040-64523377 for more details. Fees will be around 35K+8500 (3 term fees) (around 55 with transport).

You can also look at KV Gachibowli.
Write to KV alumni for a feedback . Right now some are  pursuing their B-Tech in IIT.

You can also try in The creek,Kennedy global,Vikas and Sentia all around Madhapur.      (55-60K)  (45-50K)   (u can see in website  21K+transport+mess etc)  (80K-1  lakh)

 I feel whatsoever school a child is in, his or her  success, code of conduct, future and character not just depends upon the school but on the parents and their  surroundings. However major responsibility lies on parents shoulders who play a vital role in their kid’s upbringing. So if u are okay with a school's infrastructure,studies, moderate facilities ,activities  ,u should opt for the school.You don't need to opt for Hi-fi types with high fees structure. High fees doesnot  always mean quality education.

It is we who can mould our kids in the long run and give them good foundation.

A good  and moderate school with all that is required for a child can definitely do wonders for our kids  instead of spending lakhs of rupees and paying through our nose.Such schools will keep them  rooted to the ground and will also help them to excel in whatever they do and also prepare them to face any adversity or life's challenges with confidence.

Anyway its a personal choice and may differ from person to person.

If you have time, pl  go through my blog   

There is no point paying huge donations just by going thru a  school's popularity.

Just go acording to your budget and help ur kids achieve their targets by spending little time with them in whatever school they study .It may be either in academics or extra-curricular activities. I

So think accordingly and decide.







mickey 2010-03-09 14:50:55


Hey Buji ! 

If you ar really keen on JHPS , try for some MLA recommendation / IPS or IAS / renowned Industrialist . It should work ..




buji 2010-03-09 18:56:36


Hi mickey,

When compared between DPS and MVM what will be differences apart from budget. Looking for ur suggestions, because we are new to Hyderabad  and want to put my daughters in some good school. In Bangalore the kids will not have so much pressure for studies they go easy giving importance equally for co-curricular activities working 5 days a week.  In Hyderabad many schools work 6 days a week isit.  So according to that in need ur suggestions.  With Normal fees structure.





buji 2010-03-09 19:25:00


Thanks Mickey,

What u said abstely true.  I am thinking in the same way. Not to go for so high fees like international schools which charges nearly 1L per year like cheric etc.. but thinking of quality of education in the school makes me think twice. Thanks for ur update. If u have an yahoo messenger  id forward it to me we can have some online chat.  Interested  to chat with you.  I think Euroschool is very new and it has till 7th std in madhapur branch. if we put them in this school then facing the board exams will be any problem. Still analysis is going on.







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