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Mahi007 2010-12-12 10:02:35


Hi Mickey,

I am in searching for the school for my daughter is simple - she is 5 - 1/2 year old

Tuff -part is what education is the best for her, which school is best, what syllabus is best  - overall good for her future which i want to give.,

I wanted to know what syllabus is good for her first.

 1) International School - Okridge

CIIP in primary - from class 6th CBSE to 10th

IB (PYP) in Primary - from 6th IGCSE to 10th

2) Sliver Oaks

PYP and CBSE till 10th

3) National Schools CBSE - DPS, BVB, DAV, Glendale Academy

4) IIT Olympiad schools - like Sri Chaitanya and Geetanjali IIT bachpally

Please let me with above all types of schools - advise me which one to choose and if selected what is pros and cons.

I hope i am not confusing you -

I live in Kukatpally - Pragati Nagar, recently reloacted from bangalore

Thanks, Mahi

mickey 2010-12-13 21:46:21


Hi  Mahi,

CBSE curriculum is anytime better and less stressful.
You can definitely opt for CIIP in primary and CBSE from class 6 to 10th in Oakridge .
IGCSE is similar to ICSE and will be vast as compared to CBSE.

If you can afford Oakridge,  you can go ahead

IIT Olympiad schools are a big NO . These schools will only stress on academics. These schools have integrated curriculum from class 6 to 10.

Regular CBSE schools are a safe bet.  So I would suggest u to choose any of the above mentioned schools if Oakridge doesn't fit in your budget. All the CBSE schools which u mentioned (DPS, BVB,DAV,Glendale) are good in academics and extra curricular activities.  DAV is the most economcal of the above metioned schools followed by BVB, DPS and Glendale.




TBala 2012-02-07 12:17:01


Hi Mahi,

Which school did you join your kid and what is your feedback. I also stay in Pragathi nagar, and I m looking for admissions for my son for LKG.Currently he goes to TimeKids Pragathinagar.

Options short listed

Silver Oaks Bachupally

Sentia Miyapur 








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