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Info 2010-12-08 09:07:02



How is Gitanjali school in Begumpet ?. Any Reviews/ Details on when would the admissions for LKG , fees is much appreciated ??



mickey 2010-12-08 09:24:20


Hi Info,
Gitanjali is good but it stresses mainly on academics.
Forms are being issued on 2nd Jan'11  for Nursery and above. You may contact





Indralok 2010-12-08 17:04:54


My son has been studying at Gitanjali and he loves the school. The campus is really small and so are the classrooms. I am not very happy with the school because it is not a very parent-friendly school.

Even though a diary is issued, hardly one or two notices are sent in it. Leave letters are not compulsary. The children are mostly told things verbally and are expected to convey it to the parents. This is true even of children in kindergarten.

Teachers don't check and sign even the few notices that are written to see if the child has copied important information correctly.

The ayahs are only interested in collecting bakheesh from the parents and the kids run wild during free periods with danger to life and limb.

Parents are not even informed where the child is being taken for excursions and also when school projects etc are being conducted parents are not invited for the same.

For sports day etc, only parents of participants are invited. The same kids get selected for everything and the others are quietly ignored. No effort is made to include all the children in at least one extra-curricular activity every year. The annual magazine clearly shows that the articles etc from the smaller kids are clearly re-written.

Even though art books, craft books, creative writing books are issued every year, they remain empty or with only one or two pages filled. A waste of money.

Every term is divided as follows - one month of relaxation, one month of mad rush by every teacher to finish potions and one month of revisions followed by exams.

Any lesson may be taken at any time, so kids carry all their books to school every day.

The school takes no responsibility and assume that parents have a magic wand which will transform their kids for the lack of control or discipline in the school.

You have to be a hyper-controlling stay-at home mother who devotes every morning to meeting the teachers and getting basic information in order to know anything, Otherwise, you make friends with such mothers and spend a few hours every week getting to know the notes, activities etc. of your kids.

When kids are absent, no effort is made to ensure that they are taught the lessons they miss and that they copy the missed work.

Even when a child does not complete work, the teacher just tells them to complete it at home but fails to ensure that books are up to date.

If you have a superkid who is self driven and has a great memory to be able to tell you all the details which have been shouted in a noisy class and copy notes and take responsibility for him/herself, then this is the right school for you. Otherwise, you had better look elsewhere. I  don't know any other schools here, so I cannot recommend any.

Strangely enough because they have a reputation and have managed to attarct some naturally good and talented students, they have a good name. What the contribution of the school is I really cannot say.



sravanthi0831 2010-12-09 10:13:12


Hi Indralok,

          My name is sravanthi, i have a son of 4 years old ,who is into LKG at "smart kidz" play school.Next acadamic year i want to change him to a good school and i was searching for the schools.Everyone is saying Geethanjali school is very good n am in plan to take the application form.I came across ur review when i was browsing about the school reviews.. i want to know in which class is ur kid is studying .

    I feel ur review is so helpful for me...If they r not taking proper care about diaries and missing lessons, incomplete note books ,it is noway a good school.i was  shcoked to see even  pre primary diaries  are not maintained properly..I feel school diary is the only means of communication between the school and parents.we can not expect a preprimary kid to explain  all the things which are happenned at school on every day basis.

Anyways thank u so much for your review .




Info 2010-12-09 10:41:45


Hi Indralok,

Thank you very much for the feedback.




Indralok 2010-12-09 13:20:55


Hi Shravanthi

What I stated was totally a personal viewpoint. Like I said, my son likes the school. I just find it hard to communicate with them and get to know what is happening. However,  many mothers do visit the school off and on and meet the teachers and get to know what is going on. Since I was working it makes it harder to do this.

If you are lucky enough to have a kid that can communicate things properly or is self driven, this school seems fine. My son is not like this and I feel that no real effort has been made to ensure that kids like him are not left out of the school system.

I am slowly coming to the conclusion that no matter what the school is, in the end a lot depends on the child as well as on the amount of effort the parents are able to put in. Even if parents cannot give personal attention, they send kids to  tuitions after school. Activity oriented parents pay for coaching classes in various sports, music or arts.

I don't know how much credit the school can take in this. It seems that the school attracts brighter students by stressing that it is an  academic-oriented school. So they get children with academic-oriented parents who are willing to pay tutors outside school to ensure that they're child is educated or that his talent is tapped.

As a parent, I expected my child's school to tap his talents. There is no creativity in dealing with kids. While they keep going on with pop psychology about children being tender and like flowers, they really don't seem to care about many of them.


Dipuanshu 2010-12-22 12:22:16



I am really worried on reading the above.There are so many such schools which have good names and what goes on inside no one knows.

The top schools like Geetanjali, HPS,etc etc - ensure that they take kid whoes parent are well eductaed, financially sound- which implies that they will give out kids who by themselves mostly will be bright . There is no challenge that the school is willing to accept. Like take a parent who are just graduates from a middle class and bring out their kids as stars.

Today all the parents would like the schools to maintain a balance between academica and extracurricular activites.

We expect our kid to participate atleat in one program, to come to dias and speak or do something.

If school encourages only bright to become brighter, with no attention given to students who are weak, i dont think school is worthy.




bonthamurty 2011-01-03 00:08:52



I collected an application form for admission to Nursery in Gitanjali Primary School (for my daughter) this morining. I went in around 8 am not knowing that the forms w'd be given at 9, but to my surprise there was already a long queue in place.  The general air around was very positive.

I got interested in Gitanjali based on the feedback of my colleagues, which is in contrast to yours. Can you list few of the + ve things about this school so that it helps new parents like me take a call accordingly.




sarayuk 2013-06-19 12:29:44


 Hi everyone,

My kid is studying in gitanjali..we are very much satisfied with the studies part. But onething which is bothering us is the school building.Frankly speaking we were not aware of this construction plan at the time of joining. otherwise we would have looked for some other school.PP1 is on1st floor ,PP2 is on 2nd floor , 1st standard on 3rd floor and so on.. i dont really understand how management expectssuch small children to climb steps everyday..moreover kids are made to climb up and down for 2 or more it for handwash or toilets or sports period.Kids are not allowed to take the lift also."It is only for Teachers".Now the school looks more like an apartment 

Kids are not able to concentrate on studies and other activitiesbecause of physical strain.Management and teachers seem to be least bothered about this as they are confident of getting new admissions even if existing children go out. 

If anybody asks me whether to join their kid in Gitanjali , i would say a strict NO to it.i would rather suggest any small school that is nearby , where kids ,their studies ,their health is taken care of. Also where there is respect for parents. I would not blame all the teachers but there are few teachers in gitanjali who are harsh on parents and children.


So parents, while putting your child in any school dont blindly go with the brand name..have a look at the building,,talk to the HM or teachers..i seriosly feel that any small school that is nearby my place or government school is far better than these so called branded and big schools



A Responsible parent


nate11 2013-12-02 22:48:11


thanks for the information.

charanchandu 2013-12-05 15:20:43


Even i got the same review from one one of the parents whose kid is studying in gitanjali 9th standard.
She told me to  join my little one in nearby school at least till 5th or 6th standard....rather than going by 'Name'
But somehow im not able to do that.... as a parent we always want to give them the best.
but things go change when the best becomes BAD.

If the so called Good schools are like this how can we trust the un-named schools is the question which bothers me most of the time..

iamaparent 2013-12-05 15:48:14


Anyone has idea about the other 2 Geetanjali schools that are in Secunderabad? I think they have 3 branches, 1 in begumpet & 2 in Secunderabad. Any idea about them?

theprince 2013-12-05 22:28:47


One in Balamrai, near to paradise/patny flyover, this one follows ICSE. other one is CBSE and is on SD road, near to Sangeet theater/opposite St.Ann's SSC gate.

theprince 2013-12-05 22:40:40


There is nothing like good or bad schools. it is just our perception ;-). Regarding Geetanjali, please go and and look at the class rooms and interiors, I bet you would not join your kid in this school, unless you are brand loyal for some reasons ;-)

pitch 2014-02-13 10:59:39


hi all
Had just got admission for my daughter in gitanjali primary.
Many people were asking for the fee structure in gitanjali school.
Even after my daughter got admission they were very secretive about the fee structure.
Gitanjali Primary: Admission fees/caution deposit etc : Rs. 47800 through cheque.
They also took Rs.15150 in cash without receipt.
Total fees is : Rs. 65000 approx.
The second term fees is Rs. 12900(oct) and third term fees is Rs. 12400(feb).
Total is coming around Rs. 88500 approx. without transport.
kalpa school fee structure  is coming around  Rs.106800 without transport.
Hope you find this useful.


avk 2014-02-18 12:11:50


The fee is more like Rs 52000 (cheque) + Rs 15000 (cash) for primary, which includes the first term fees. Subsequent term fees would be Rs 14.5K + Rs 13.5K.


Student2011 2014-02-18 12:12:44


I would say school is very good based on the location, area.
Not that hifi / fluffy stuff. Good deal for money

pitch 2014-03-29 12:47:22


Do anyone have idea about Gitanjali fee structure for 2nd class????


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