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Rakshit786 2010-12-07 22:48:02



Hi All,
Would be great help if I can get feedback on following schools base on the parameters given below. Please rate each parameter out 10. If you don’t have time to give so much of detail rating please give overall rating.


DPS, Chirec public school, Meridian - Madhapur, Sentia Global School, Kennedey Global School, DAV


1. value for money -
2. Academic reputation –
3. Faculty competence method of teaching -
4. Co-curricular education -
5. Sports education -
6. Individual attention to students -
7. Leadership/management quality, parental involvement -
8. Infrastructure provision -
9. Quality of alumni -
10. Integrity/honesty and selectivity (in admission) –

mickey 2010-12-08 06:56:05


Hi Rakshit,

My choice would be DAV followed by Chirec, DPS, Sentia , Kennedy High Global and Meridian.

1. value for money - 9, 9, 8 , 10
2. Academic reputation – 8,9 , 8 ,8
3. Faculty competence method of teaching - 7,8 , 7,8
4. Co-curricular education - 8,9,8, 9
5. Sports education - 8, 8 , 8, 9
6. Individual attention to students - 6,7, 7 , 9
7. Leadership/management quality, parental involvement -7, 8, 7 , 8
8. Infrastructure provision - 7,9,9,9
9. Quality of alumni - 8,9 ,8, not known for DPS, madhapur and Sentia
10. Integrity/honesty and selectivity (in admission) –10,8 , 5, 6, 7

I don't know about Meridian, Madhapur and Kennedy High Global much. However,Meridian , Madhapur is better than Kukatpally and is more established. In KennedyHigh Global, the strength is very high per class.

In Sentia, You can find individual atention as the students:teacher ratio is 25:1

The ratings are in the order of DAV, Chirec,DPS, Sentia , Kennedy and Meridian.

The ratings might be less for DAV but I prefer it as the children are provided holistic education and there is no show off. Children are simple and you don't find a hi-fi crowd when compared to Chirec.

However, you can prefer Chirec as ur first choice if u are okay with its fee structure as it is good and established and the overall rating  would be 8. But please keep a tab on your child.

Please don't take admission seeing the ratings as u will find varied ratings from all indivduals as these are based on reviews. Kindly visit the schools personally and get convinced. I know it will take time but at the end of the day, you will be sure that you have not taken a wrong decision which was purely based on reviews.



Rakshit786 2010-12-08 20:27:06


Hi Mickey,

Thanks a lot for you suggestion. I have been seeing since the day I am looking at parentree, that you have been replying all the queries asked by several people. It is very rare to get a helpful guy like you.

There is a new school in lingam pally. Sancta Maria. How is that school? What’s the fee structure? Any idea? What should the rating for this school?




mickey 2010-12-08 22:19:02


Hi Rakshit,

Sancta Maria is starting it's operations from this year.  You can try this school if your child is in Pre-primary or primary as nothing is known about this school.

If  you are looking for higher classes,  opting for an established school would be a better option.

However, I got an email recently in  my inbox  from one of the parents who visited this school. I will share their opinion with you.

They liked the school's campus and interaction with principal and teachers. They are hoping that  since it's a new school there would be personalized attention for kids as well as parents.

Fees is 1,60,000 per year and 12,000 additional for transportation.
Fees is bit on the higher side by any standards especially for a new school but you can give it a try  if u are comfortable with it's fee structure.



mickey 2010-12-08 22:21:12


Btw, I am a mother of 2 kids.   you can check out my PT profile....



Kannepalli 2010-12-09 13:03:00


Even.. I wanted to get more info on the Sancta maria school and also on the Chirec public school. I wanted the good schools in Lingamply from primary stage


Astro 2010-12-15 14:34:06



Can someone tell me the address of DPS near Kukatpally or JNTU area?

Also want to know the best schoools in the above areas?

Thanks for helping me



mickey 2010-12-15 14:50:18


Hi Astro,

Are u talking about playschool or the main school ?
DPS  mainschool is in Khajaguda, Madhapur.

Survey No 74
Khajaguda Village, Golkonda Post
Hyderabad 500008
AP India
Phone     +91-40-20046204, 20046205, 32506005, 32506006




djaby 2010-12-15 16:38:13


Hi Mickey,

Any idea about glendale and sreenidhi. How are these schools.




mickey 2010-12-15 16:40:30


Hi djaby,

Both are good. Glendale follows CBSE wheras Sreenidhi follows ICSE .



SidSingh 2010-12-28 19:39:07


Hi All,

My Daughter( 2.5 Yrs) got admission in Meridian Madhapur in nursery. Now I have two options:

1. Continue with Meridian . Couple of concern are: is the 90 K + fees is worth paying. how is the school in terms of studies and other activities in higer classes. Can i think of continue with this school till higher classes.

2. Put her in EuroKids this year and next year try in BVB, DPS, Chirec, DAV  kind of  schools as lots of good schools does not have nursery and only starts from LKG.

issue in this case is : what is the chances of getting admission in these schools next year and what if i can only come back to Meridian next year.

I am in BIG dilemma and really appreciate helpful responses.




mickey 2010-12-29 00:10:18


Hi Sid,

I think 90k+ fees for Nursery is too high when u have other options on hand next year.

I think you will be able to get in PP1/LKG in Meridian, Madhapur next year too . I feel it is better to join your daughter in  Eurokids  now and try for more pocket friendly and established schools next year instead of investing so much  in Nursery this year. 




SidSingh 2010-12-29 13:09:59


Tthanks alot Mickey. As I am staying in MY HOMEJEWEL Madinaguda, I have a eurokids which is very near by as compared to Meridian Madhapur which is 10+ KM.



SidSingh 2011-01-01 18:23:28


any idea about Fee structure of Eurokids Chandanagar or any Eurokids in hyderabad.


Busky 2011-03-22 11:34:03


 Hi Rakshit,

I know how important it is to give children a good start in education. I've visited the Sancta Maria International School in Limgampally and here is a response to your parameters. Hope this is helpful in helping you decide the best for your child.

1. Value for money - Fee includes books, stationery, meals so if you're a working mother, you know you've got your money's worth
2. Academic reputation – The school is an off-shoot of the St. Mary's Group of Institutions, which has been established for a very long time. It has had some impressive alumni.
3. Faculty competence method of teaching - The teachers I've met seem like they know what they're talking about. A lot of emphasis is given on the child learning everything 'hands on'. I love the way they teach color recognition (you can view some of their pictures on facebook. Link given below)
4. Co-curricular education - Emphasis is given on making the child an 'all rounder'. In that, they don't pressure the child.
5. Sports education - Not very sure of sports but I know they played a really fun cricket match. And, they have a tree house. Its really cute.
6. Individual attention to students - Being a start up school, individual attention is their forte. The Principal of the school knows each child by name. 
7. Leadership/management quality, parental involvement - The Principal apparently went on a US Govt. sponsored leadership program so that says a lot.
8. Infrastructure provision - AMAZING!!! I fell in love with its infrastructure the moment I saw it. 
9. Quality of alumni - Like I said before, the Group of Institutions have had very impressive alumni so the school too will produce alumni on par.
10. Integrity/honesty and selectivity (in admission) – Pretty fair I guess.

I got a better sense of the school when I visited their facebook page -

Hope this was helpful.

~ Busky



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