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neetika8 2010-12-07 16:13:01


can anyone tell me how is bhavans ramakrishna vidyalaya,sainikpuri , it is a cbse school . i want my 3 and half yr old son to get admission is the teaching there.especially english.





mickey 2010-12-07 18:32:45


Hi Neetika,

Please get in touch with Manoja to know about this school. She wants to change her son from this school as she finds the communication in English  quite poor.

You can write to her through parentree inbox.




mickey 2010-12-07 18:37:55


Hi Neetika,

Check out  the post of Manoja on Nov 16, 2010  in the below link



Lesavi 2010-12-07 19:07:40


Hi Neetika,

Even we r looking for admission for my daughter who is 3 and half for schools in & around Sainikpuri / A S Rao Nagar... we did little survey on Bhavans, DAV & Indus World

On Bhavans got 100% negative feedback from everybody,,, most of our colony children were in Bhavans...they have around 5 sections for KG with students from 45 - proper attention is paid to the child by the teachers....the teachers communicate in mother tongue languages, so i guess they may not have good command on english...the standard has really come down....

DAV is at safilguda around 2-3km from AS Rao Nagar, the school is good, follows CBSE, but my only concern was the commute, though they have school bus,,,but i personaly dont like to send my child in school bus or auto atleast untill she is in middle section...on safety concerns and distance we opted out of DAV....u may check this school if distance is not a problem....

Indus World - got mixed most of the parents have taken their children out this school...but have got some positive opinion from one my close family friends whose children r in Indus...the principal has changed from last year & heard that the school is good now...we went to the school to check out, they have 2 sections for KG with a strength of 25 each and teacher student ratio is 1:12, 2 teachers per section, they have huge classrooms with attached bathrooms and two helpers, i was impressed with this set-up. no uniform for KG & UKG. Follow CBSE. the school is in the interior of sainikpuri, so no tension of traffic, has good campus,,,,, thinking this would be the best option currently, i think unless & untill we experience we will not know how the school is,,,,so plan to join her and if not happy with the school will change her after she finishs 3rd standard.

the fees structure for KG is below:

Admission fee : Rs.20000 + 10000(security deposit)

Annual fee: Rs. 10000

Term fee: Rs.6500 each term (total Rs.26000).

At time admission the parent need to pay Admission fee + annual fee + 1st term (30000+16500)

pl share some of ur experiences.




neetika8 2010-12-08 10:48:13




hi Swapna

thanks for the immediate response and feedback on bhavans and other schools.. i ve heard abt indus world too , actually we reside in trimulgiri . i had heard abt bhavans so was just considering admission into that schhool and accordingly shift to sainikpuri but now i am giving it second thoughts because english as well as hindi communication does matter a lot to me.even i had heard that at preprimary stage the teaching is not up to the mark and it is at this level the child needs to have a strong foundation of basics.the fee however in bhavans is around 30 k.

i was checking the site on ST. andrews today .but the school timings are too long there besides this again the teachers i ve heard communicate in mothertongue.

i will be checkingout pallavimodel school (cbse) tomorrow .if there are any other schools in and around sainikpuri ,rkpuram or asraonagar kindly let me know. have u got ur child admitted in indus world?be in touch......




kannat 2010-12-08 16:17:27



My son studies in St Andrews.As far as I know,his teacher communicates only in English.I am not sure if it varies from teacher to teacher.But I have not heard of any parents complaining.

Yes,the school hours is too long for nursery students.

I am quite happy with the school.



Joshika 2010-12-08 23:38:26


Hi ,

Can any one tell how bhavan's, sainikpuri as my daughter is going start her schooling this year.... And what is admission procedure & fees structure





neetika8 2010-12-09 10:57:02




hi lavanya

i ve not got  av ery positive feedback on bhavans. i believe that we should not be seeing the infrastructure and facilities provided by a school but the quality of education

 at KG level for a child. the teacher student ratio also mattters a lot at nursery level cause each child needs a lot of individual attention.bhavan has 40 children per class , many teachers i believe also talk in mother tongue tho english is medium of instruction. so i am not sort of very keen for that school , meanwhile search for other neighbouring schools at trimulgiri,secbad ,sainikpuri area is on..... all the best to u




Joshika 2010-12-11 18:38:42


Hi Neetika,


Thanks for your kind information. now i will search for any other school around my place(Sainikpuri)...  If u got any other information abt this plz inform me...





kannat 2010-12-13 09:18:10


School by Time Management is located in Vikrampuri.I havenot heard about any feedback on the same.You can check it out.


ramkidevgen 2011-01-26 21:06:05


 hi lavanya

am staying in AS rao nagar and am also looking for my daughter 1st class admission have u got in information this area kindly shate


AnanthaChary 2015-12-14 16:12:54


bhavan sainikpuriFor LKG for 2016-17

One time fee : -52800 (Admission fee 14400+ development Fund 28800+ refundable 9600)
Year Fee:- 22920 ( Three terms each term 7640)

Next year onwards we need to pay only Year fee


san1234 2015-12-14 16:47:11


@Ananth Thanks for info,do you have any idea whether admission have started at Bhavan,Sainikpuri

Rosw 2017-05-03 19:17:02


My son got admission in that school in Dec month and classes are from April. During this time I went to school 4-5 times. Every time they discussed only about fee but no person from school discussed about the quality of education they provide or assurance to child future. It seems the school is money minded and I didn't joined my son.


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