Reviews on HPS and how hard is it to get into ?

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Info 2010-12-02 18:04:27


We are moving from US to Hyderabad and looking for schools for our son for 2011 academic year. our son is currently 3 years 8 months and will be 4 yrs in March 2011. We wanted to stay in and around hi-tech city
( although we haven't found a home as we are waiting for the school and willing to stay closer to close even if it is with 10 kms radius from hi-tech city).

After personally visiting lot of schools we short listed to the following schools :

HPS ( Begumpet)
Bharatiya Vidhya Bhavan
Chinmaya Vidyalaya
Obul Reddy

We have high regard for HPS and it has very good past record although we aren't sure on how is the school currently in 2010/2011. Since HPS starts from class 1 , one of our plan
was to start with Eurokids with LKG/UKG and try to HPS for class 1.

Can anyone suggest us the best schools from the list above in an order and suggest the best plan as we are too confused after visiting soo many schools?.
Also how hard would it be to get into HPS for class 1 ?? Ay recommendations work ? Donations/fees ? And would one of our ideas of EuroKids followed by HPS work ?

Please let us know.


mickey 2010-12-02 18:10:10


Hi Info,

You can prefer HPS . It is a good ICSE school.   Check ur inbox..



Info 2010-12-02 18:26:43


Thanks Mickey.

How hard is to get into HPS ? Particularly the entrance exam ? Is there a special preparation required parcularly if we are planning to send our son to EuroKids for LKG, UKG ? Any Tips /suggesstions ?




mickey 2010-12-03 11:16:35


Hi Info,

Yes, you need to prepare ur child for class 1 entrance test. It will be based on UKG syllabus. If your kid is in UKG in Eurokids, u need to teach him at home too for the entrance as i heard Eurokids syllabus/curriculum is less compared to other CBSE schools. So please ask for the syllabus at the time of taking  forms.

There are some HPS teachers too who coach for the entrance. I heard from my friend sometime back( 5yrs back) when she was preparing her daughter for class 3 entrance. You can enquire from the office staff when u go visit the school.




bashu 2010-12-09 15:53:06


 i want a good international school with either icse or cbse syllabus for my son, can anyone give me details about sentia  global, and dav, what is the full form and details about location fee etc?



mickey 2010-12-09 18:18:01


Hi Bashu,
Full form of DAV is Dayanand Anglo-Vedic (Public School). This school is a non-profit organization and the fees is  quite less. You can get the exact fee structure from its website.   

 DAV Public school is in Kukatpally and its new branch is in Miyapur.
Sentia -The Global is in Miyapur. The fees of Sentia is around 55K excluding transport.  Both are CBSE schools.

Following are good International schools 

Niraj  Intl , DRS Intl  and SVIS (Sadhu Vaswani International School) in Kompally ,
Oakridge  in Gachibowli
Sreenidhi in Aziz Nagar
Manthan International in Madhapur




aaro 2014-12-10 17:11:41


Hi Mickey, 

My son is under WAITING LIST(3) could you please, share some info about few things like
1. What the chances for a kid who is in waiting list to get selected.
2. what exactly happens in Medical test
3. After medical test, do we have entrance test or interview.
4. If its entrance test then, what all should we get our kid prepared for 
4. If its interview, then what all questions do they ask.
Kindly help, I couldnt find any info related to these topics especially about HPS Begumpet.
waiting for your reply.
Thank you


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