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sneha03 2010-12-20 16:47:23


Oops, forgot to mention that DAV Banjara is giving out forms, cost 250/-. Form to be submitted on the day of entrance test, which is 22nd Jan for Class I


SriniHYD 2010-12-20 17:15:45


Any update on DAV Kukatpally on when they would give applications etc for LKG and 4th grade.


mickey 2010-12-20 17:48:19


Hi Srini,

Virad has given details of DAV admission forms in page 1 of this thread. Pl go through it . 
Forms will be issued from24.01.2011 (Monday) to 26.01.2011 (Wednesday) from 9.00 am to 12.00 Noon.  Entrance Test will be conducted for admission into UKG to X and eligible children will be considered for admission against vacancies only.
(Eligibility for L.K.G: BORN ON OR BEFORE 31st JANUARY’ 2008)



Tisya 2010-12-20 18:21:27


Hi Guys and Mickey,

I would like to know the admission forms issue date for Kalpa school @ banjara hills, at the same time please give feedback on this school.



anuban 2010-12-20 18:42:46


Hi Sneha

Please tell me for which class u had applied for in Chirec.....We have applied for 5th and waiting for their e-mail....




mickey 2010-12-20 18:45:40


Hi Tisya,

Pl go through below link to know about Kalpa.  I am not aware of the admission form dates in Kalpa.You may call up tomorrow and find out from the below numbers.

040- 23350164, 040-23350020.




shravangk 2010-12-20 19:25:01


Hi All,

This thread is really great. Thanks to everyone contributed to this thread and compiling such valuable information.

I am looking for an admission in to 1st standard for my kid either CBSE / ICSC schools. I got the BVB-Atmakuri & Obul Reddy school forms. Getting admissions in to 1st STD appears to me as difficult, since the admissions are based on open positions only.

So what are the other good schools that I can take in to consideration in the area of Jublee Hills, Banjara Hills, Madhapur & Kukatpally.

Any help?? 



mickey 2010-12-20 20:23:48


Hi Shravan

Check out JHPS in Jubilee Hills,
Kalpa(ICSE) & Merdian in Banjara Hills,
DAV Kukatpally,
DPS &Euroschool(Madahpur),
Chirec & MVM (Kondapur).
If you have daughter , you could also try Nasr-Girls(Khairatabad,ICSE).




SridharSharma 2010-12-21 11:57:35


BVB, Road No#71, Jublee hills - Last date for submitting the application forms for LKG is 23-Dec-2010.


 Former member 2010-12-21 12:45:32



first of all thanks for helping so many moms out there to find better schools.

Can you let me know better schools in and around Srinagar Colony, Hyderabad with CBSE  as am new to Hyderabad and will be relocating to this place in june.

Meanwhile am in Hyd so that i can get admission for my son who will be 5 by June 2011. But i see the age little concern as few schools have imposed 5yr age for Ist Grade by March. Is it same with all the schools? i am now confused to which class should i put my son in. though he is 4 he is goin to LKG as we returned to India in middle of 2010.

Can you giv me better suggestion.

Thanks & Rgds,



sneha03 2010-12-21 13:22:35


Along with the registration form for P Obul Reddy, you need to submit-

Three passport sized photos of the child, copy of birth certificate and 2 self addressed envelopes with 5/- stamp. You can take 5/- envelopes from postoffice, no need to affix the stamp separately or take envelopes frm a stationery shop and stick the stamps.

Hope this info saves you an additional trip to the school


shravangk 2010-12-21 14:15:58


Hi Micky,

Thanks immensely for the info. I’ll check these schools websites.
Is there any last date for Kalpa(ICSE) & MVM (Kondapur) admissions.



shravangk 2010-12-21 14:23:12


Hi Micky,

One more info I need. How many DAV branches are there in HYD? Where they are located and what is the feedback about them?

Please point me to the thread if it is already discussed some where.



mramkumar 2010-12-21 14:32:11


@ shravangk - MVM (Kondapur) is issuing applications till the month end. Please call the school for the exact last date.


shravangk 2010-12-21 15:11:40


Hi Ramkumar,

Thanks for the info. I'll call up the school. BTW are they issuing the forms for the first standard also?






SriniHYD 2010-12-21 16:11:06


Chirec published list for Nursery and PP1



pbs 2010-12-22 02:17:15


Hi Micky,

Thanks may be too little for the help you are doing to all of us.

I have 3.5 yaers old and I stay in Chandanagar. Trying get him to a good school. Money is not a constrain but I dont want to spend an irrational ammount of money. I am looking at a school which will not stress the child with a lot of work but focus on inquisitiveness.

I was keen to get him into Chirec but they closed the admission(even into IB) by the time I reached them, after 10th December.

I have been to Kennedy Global Bachupally, Okridge Bachupally so far.

Kennedy High - They have 6 - 7 hours class even for PP1, homework after that. For these little kids I think that too much of pressure. Fees are decent. After going through your site, I understand they have high student - children ratio. I will confirm that tomorrow. Fees are round 70K, food and transportation.

 Okridge Bachupally - The school seems to be good. The fees are extreamly high, each year. It doesn't make sense to me to spend that much if I dont have to.

Sentia - I went there last year. Seems to have decebnt infrastructure but some of their teachers has got very string accent. I will go there only if you/somebody advises strongly.

Other options I am looking at DPS Gochobowli(they have asked to come next week), Meridian Madhapur. 

Now I am completely confused what to do. If I am making the right choices. The other problem is both Okridge and Kennedy Global has asked to confirm them by 28th, end of this week. I dont think I will get any confirmation from DPS by then.

Any advice here will God sent.

- Pan


Vinitha 2010-12-22 11:22:15


Hi Everyone,

Good to see all the discussions here.

I have 2 boys. Looking for admissions in 4th class and Nursery for academic year 2011-2012.

We shortlisted 2 schools - Bhavans,Film Nagar (old school) and Future Kids School.

Bhavans doesn't have nursery. So I cannot admit my younger son in Bhavans in next academic year. I will have to wait till 2012.

I have not seen Future Kids School in the list of any parent in this thread. Mickey has already given her feedback on this school in other thread. Anyone else who has feedback on Future Kid's school - Please share it here.

Also how difficult or easy is it to get admission in Future Kids?

Thanks in advance.



shravangk 2010-12-22 12:06:34


Hi Vinitha,

I heard good reviews from my friends about Future Kids, though their kids are not studying there. It follows ICSE syllubus.

I kept this school in to consideration for my kid for 1st standard. I have registered my self on their site. Also planning to visit the school some time in this week. 

The take the admissions only for the Kindergarten Section.
The students for other classes will be considered based on availability of seats.

You can log in to their site and sign in with your details.




Vinitha 2010-12-22 12:35:36


Hi Shravan,

Thanks for the quick response and details.

We are more inclined towards Future Kids School than Bvb.

I got the info that 24th December is the last date for nursery admissions. I heard lot of positive feedback on FKS playschool at Jubilee hills. I would like to get more feedback  on the main campus in nanakramguda from academics and infrastructure perspective.

Please provide your observations on the main campus after you visit the school this week. Thanks in advance.


 Former member 2010-12-22 12:36:44


Does anyone have an idea when the forms for UKG of BVM, Jubilee Hills come out? 


SriniHYD 2010-12-22 14:12:11



BVB on Road #71 (old school) may give applications in 2nd week of January for UKG and above only if there are any vacancies because of student transfers etc. Dont count on this school for UKG admission. They have no new seats at UKG. Even if they have vacancies at UKG, they said priority will be given to BVB transfers from other locations, siblings, staff chilrdren etc.

BVB has another campus on #45 BVB Atamkuri Ramarao schoo where they are giving UKG applciations as well. They will take 40 new studetns into UKG. But thsi school started only 2 years ago and not as reputed or good as old campus. For this school Monday (28/12) 12pm is last day to submit the app.

You can consier Obul Reddy school as well. Friday (24/12) 12 pm is last day to submit app here. Jubilee Hills pulic school also would be another chioce in that area. They have not started applications yet.



InduC 2010-12-22 16:14:22


Hi Pan,

I also stay in Chandanagar( Actually Near Madinaguda Church). I was also confused a lot but thanks to Parentree and Mickey. I got the idea how to evaluate a school and their reputations.   My son is 4 yr old and I am searching for a school for UKG. He goes to Eurokids, chandanagar in LKG. I was thinking for Sentia but there were mixed reviews and now u hv also given one more feedback.   No idea on Okraige. But I would not recommend Kennedy. I have met two teachers. One happens to be in my known circle  and was not happy at all with the education system. Though, she was for higher classes. The other one was for lower classes such 1-2nd grade and quite appreciative but it was a formal meeting and I understand nobody talks negative in the first meeting itself. Overall, I thought not to consider Kennady.   Regarding Chirec, I visited them on 4th dec, forms had come by then. But I got a mail from them that there is no vacancy in PP2. But I got a mail on Monday that there is a list of documents I should submit by Thursday (i.e. today) and our case can be considered in case of any drop-outs. Another thing building is good but they are very high on attitude. I called them two times. They did not talk that politely as other schools did and emphasized only on visiting the school. Even Maharshi was also not polite. When I went there They did not attend properly. They asked me to fill up a form and told that we’ll get back to you. Then,I told them that it is not easy for me to come everyday as I am working and I was told –I’ll be given full details when I come in person. She pointed towards one hall and told me that there is a notice on the board and you can see the fees there and after that she was again busy in talking to someone. So after that I myself decided negative for that school.   I have kind of finalized Sancta Maria International School, Lingampalli. The Infrastructure is very good. Good school within 5 Kms.  I have visited them on this Sunday and found them good. Met one Teacher & Principal and both were quite passionate about their profession. Teachers have been recruited from all over India and relocated to Hyderabad. It also shows their high level of interest. They have visual arts, performing arts and sports (cricket, skating, basketball etc) as part of their curriculum. Swimming is not there as a conscious decision. Unlike Chirec, they spent good one hour with me and gave a very warm welcome and addressed all the concerns. It is affiliated to St. Mary’s Yusufguda which as been an old and prestigious institution in Hyderabad. There was no forcing to fill up the form. Instead they called me once again to meet the Teacher and then to take a decision. They encourage parents’ participation. My son was telling to all the schools that he doesn’t want to go but he particularly like the school. Classes were spacious. S:T is 20 kids to 2 teachers + 1 maid in all the grades. One Person is responsible to look after the quality of the food. They give homework from Grade 1.   Please advise whether I am correct or not in selecting this school or I should look for more info. Mickey I would await your comment too. I am visiting them again to meet the teacher on this Sunday as Sat is Christmas.   Regards Indu

shravangk 2010-12-22 19:11:12


Hi Indu,

What is the fee details of Sancta Maria International School?



mickey 2010-12-22 19:23:01


Hi Mallika,

I feel your son's age is ideal for LKG.  I don't know about all schools , but most of them take 5.5+ to 6yrs kids  in class 1.  ICSE schools prefer 6+ in grade 1.Kindly verify with the interested schools.

Hi Pan,  You have got an exhaustive review by Indu about Sancta Maria. I too got couple of postive reviews about this school. I spoke to my cousin too, who stays close by. Everything looks rosy now.  As they are encouraging the 'parents say' factor, i think, u can definitely have a look. The school will strive its best in the initial years. As your child is just 3.5 yrs, you don't have to think too much of class X results or be concerned about middle or high school as of now.
Regarding Sentia, I spoke to my friend again whose son is in LKG. She says, his class teacher is too good and he has picked up English very well. I think, bcoz of a few lang teachers, the reputation is getting affected.

You could also try in  DPS Khajaguda. She will be eligible for Nursery (i.e LKG in DPS) and MVM (Kondapur).

I feel, you don't have to confirm Oakride or Kennedy right now.  Try in DPS and DAV(kukatpally) too. If u r ready to shell down big amount, you will anyway get in Oakridge, so I think, u can keep it on hold.    If u r willing, have a look at Manthan International too. There are very good reviews from parents which i have posted to VikasC in the below link .

Hi Indu,
I think, you can go ahead. The moment  our kid gives a green signal about the school, we need to do our home work, which u have done  pretty  well The fee is not too exorbitant as compared to Sreenidhi or Oakridge. In case, u find the school is not upto mark in academics, you can always change later. The child should not get stressed out by going too far.

Yes, if the staff is rude on phone or show attitude when u visit, it spoils the whole reputation of the school as it happened  with u in MVM. But, pl don't just go by the person who distributed the forms in MVM or any other school, that is not the criteria. I faced the same situation when i approached one of the reputed schools for my daughter but then I brought it to the notice of management which was taken care of later.









SriniHYD 2010-12-22 22:10:59



There is BVB near BHEL you can consider as well.

I heard from some body that Sancta Maria Intl school charges around 1.6lakhs not sure if it is first year only or annual recurring fee. 12K for transportation on top of it.

You dont need to worry about admission dates at Oakridge Bachupally or Kennedy High. You will have seats there even in February. you can check Silver Oaks and Creeks in that area as well.

I am not sure how far is Hafeezguda to you. there is DAV there as well.

Manthan has fee on their web site. 65K tuition, 18K bus and about 12K for food. Heard good things about it.  You can check Glendale as well if you are ready to spend 1Lakh or more per year. It is in Narisngi not sure how far distance wise for you




snehita 2010-12-22 22:31:44


Hi all,

can anyone please tell when is DPS nacharam admission form submission last date for UKG ?




mickey 2010-12-23 10:22:37


Hi All,
Euroschool in Madhapur which is from LKG to class  IX is issuing admission forms for all classes except class 9.  040-65888855, 040-64523377. The site seems to be under construction.

It is a good school. If interested , pl visit this school and collect the forms. You will however not find a big playground. The school emphasizes on stress free education.



InduC 2010-12-23 12:04:18


Hi ,

Fees at Sancta Maria is 1.35 + uniform + transport.





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