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sangeetha123 2010-12-16 10:43:53


Hello Parents,

BVB, JH LKG forms will be issued only for two days.  Please rush.

Sangeetha. N




 Former member 2010-12-16 11:36:21


is it bvbjh or atmakuri bvb


sangeetha123 2010-12-16 11:39:28


both are issuing


pavanhyd 2010-12-16 11:50:20


any idea of issuing application forms for Class I ?


 Former member 2010-12-16 12:11:34


hey wat a quick response .thankx a lot.i think theres a big friend is in the line & iam looking over the feedback.thankx again


 Former member 2010-12-16 12:14:13


hi all

 is any other school issuing the app forms.please let me know.howz kennedy school


virad 2010-12-16 12:25:03


 hi ammumom,

for which class admission u r seeking????...P.Obul reddy will distribute forms from 20th dec.


GuriyaT 2010-12-16 14:42:42


We missed to apply in chirec.

Pl. let me know how to get my kid registered in Chirec now.

We want to apply for LKG


 Former member 2010-12-16 14:48:29


thankz virad

at present my kid is in kidzee.iam looking for lkj admissions.


virad 2010-12-16 16:31:16


 hi ammumom,

bvb atmakuri  are distributing lkg forms. bvb atmakuri on rd no. 45 started distributing today onwards till 27thdec. nt confirm about bvb jhills...may b they too have started. i brought the form today so i know about bvb atmakuri.


pavanhyd 2010-12-16 16:36:07


Hi virad,

is it only for LKG or class I too ?




virad 2010-12-16 16:55:32


 hi pavanhyd,

@ bvb atmakuri they are givin forms till class u can go take form of 200/-.


sadmission 2010-12-16 19:07:23


Hi mickey ,

I observed that you have pretty good knowledge abt schools in hybd...could u pl tell me howz pheniox greens in gaachibowli do you rate that school , their fee etc ....i m looking for 1st grade in a good CBSE school ...also any idea abt  BVB admission procedure ..when they starts admissuion procedure for grade 1st.




mickey 2010-12-17 14:04:55


Hi Ammumom,  Both the schools are issuing the forms... rgds,mickey


mickey 2010-12-17 14:11:11


Hi Sadmission,
As Virad as already told above, BVB Atmakuri Ramarao is issuing the forms. Forms are being given for class 1 too. Pl collect the form immly.  Phoenix  Greens in pretty new. My friend who visited this school  and interacted with teachers liked it very much  but didn't join as it was a bit far for her. Its a new school and the fee is on the higher side too. Pl visit personally and decide.



avanish 2010-12-17 16:15:47



             Plz let me know about the isssuing applications in Batiya Vidya Bavan vidyashram for 1ST CLASS





anuban 2010-12-17 16:39:47


Hi Sathwik

As u can see from the thread we r looking for admissions in std 5 in BVB.JH....yesterday my husband had been to collect application forms (for 5th)....but they did nort give any hubby went and met the priciple....she point blankly refused any vaccany in any classes.....We had tried lasr year for fourth std...there was no vaccany....hence we did not get in...this is happening inspite of my son being an ex-student of BVB...(all his teachers till date remember him).....But i remeber last year there wrer vaccany in std 1, 2, and 5th...You check it during the month of April.....Keep trying to meet the Principle from March onwards...So BVB admissions are most unpredictble ones....

Also during the talk she suggested we take admission in is just hunch that they may be promoting the new school by directing all the admissiond from BVB JH...just a thought...

I am not sure sharing this experiece was any use or not....but it is first hand info..




 Former member 2010-12-18 11:25:01


Thanks Mickey.  My daughter studies French as 3rd language, but understand that P.Obul Reddy donot have that as an option.

Would you please give me little insight on what would be advatnage & dissdvantage of putting my daughter into Cambridge syllabi (at Class 8 level) in a Hyd school ? She is currenty at Class 7 in CBSE. Also, we donot have plan to send her abroad for studies after 12th. Does studying in CLSP (Cambrdige Syllabii) create problem for getting into good colleges (after 12th) in India ? Is this accepted as a 12th qualification by Indian colleges (Govt & Private). 

Would be grateful for your reply asap.


mickey 2010-12-18 13:32:22


Hi Jiten,

I feel if she has been in CBSE right from the beginning, she would find  the syllabi a bit stressful and vast.  If you want to opt for Cambridge curriculum only for french, I would suggest you to look for CBSE schools which offer 3rd lang as French such as Meridian, Chinmaya , Orchids International .

CLSP  links with Cambridge Primary  (CIPP) and provides  excellent preparation for learners embarking on Cambridge Secondary 2; both for Cambridge IGCSE and Cambridge O Level courses and lays a solid foundation for continuing studies in A Level. 

The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE- class 9&10) is one of the most widely recognised education certificates in the world.

 'A’ Level (class11&12) is one of the worlds most high regarded and recognised qualifications. It is accepted worldwide.

However, if your daughter plans to write professional entrance exams in India after 12th, it is better to opt for CBSE board.

I am really not sure about its acceptance in Indian colleges(govt and private). We need to find out from a few renowned colleges before we come to conclusion.



InduC 2010-12-18 19:58:49



I do not have astrong review on Bachpan, Chandanagar. I personally visited last year/ We  did not observed a good child care there. In fact , it was quite low. Floors were also dirty inspite of being a play school. You can consider Eurokids. Tht's good. 

Also please see the discussion thread and give your comments.


 Former member 2010-12-19 15:14:09


thankz mickey @ virad.i got the application @ submitted.heavy competetion hope for the best.other wise need to try in other schools


 Former member 2010-12-19 15:22:16


howz is bvb atmakuri branch.there is no compound wall for the school,@ small ground.academic wise i personally dont no much ,can any one reply please.


virad 2010-12-19 15:40:54


 @ ammumom,

dont know much about it, but i too have brought form frm thr...different reveiws are thr about this school, and also read here that (may b) to promote this school bvb jhills presently is taking admissions only fr lkg class.

u can try in P.Obul ready school(cbse). they gave thr ad today in THE HINDU newspaper and will start givin forms from tomorrow.


virad 2010-12-19 16:19:28


@ ammumom,

check the link given below, u will get the reveiws on bvb atmakuri


sneha03 2010-12-19 17:59:24


I filled up the online enquiry form for Chirec. I got an e-mail reply that they don't have any vacancy UKG onwards.

Any idea if they are issuing forms in the school ?




mickey 2010-12-19 18:18:02


Hi Sneha,
They give importance to online enquiry. Infact they got many online enquiries this year for LKG thats why  they didn't advertise. I called them up last week and i was told the same . They have called parents from those enquiries.

If you don't have any sms or positiive reply from online enquiry it is better not to waste your time going around this school. Just call up  the admin counselor and check out insead of going all the way to Kondapur.




GaneshR 2010-12-19 20:03:53


Dear Mickey,

First, thanks for all the help that you are providing to parents like me.

I am interested in taking admission for my son in STD I. I stay in Somajiguda. Which are the good schools(ICSE/CBSE) in nearby area? Any idea about DPS Hyderabad in Sikh village, Tarbund?





mickey 2010-12-19 21:18:17


Hi Ganesh,

DPS at  Survey No 625, Sikh Road, Tarbund is another branch of DPS , Hyderabad.

Both the schools are run by  the same mangement.   It is a good school. My  friend's daughter studied here for 2 years before moving to N.Delhi.

Chinmaya Vidyalaya will be the nearest and it is one of the top CBSE schools. You will have to enquire in the month of Feb/Mar'11 for class 1 admissions. There are always some  extra seats for class 1. So if your child does well in the entrance test,  you can get admission in this school easily.  The entrance will be conducted in the last week of Apr or first week of May'11. Pl do keep in touch with the interested schools and also keep a track of this thread.  040-23418012

You can also try in P Obul Reddy Public school  and Meridian in Banjara Hills  and JHPS & BVB in Jubilee Hills. BVB-Atmakuri is giving forms for classes LKG to  Class 8 till 27th Dec'10.   So please go and collect the form.

You will have to enquire for class 1 in the month of Jan/feb'11 in BVB, Jubille Hills (on Rd no 71) . So please keep a track.  All these schools are close to Somajiguda.  I have mentioned  only CBSE schools above. Meridian is the most expensive out of all the  CBSE schools mentioned above.

If interested in ICSE, HPS in Begumpet and Kalpa in Banjara Hills would be near  and good too.



sneha03 2010-12-20 16:40:35


Hi Mickey

Thanks once again. Just now I received a mail frm Chirec, asking for these docuuments -

1.      The report card copies of the past 3 years.

2.      Copy of birth certificate.

3.      A covering letter stating why you wish to opt for CHIREC for your child.


In case they have any vacancy, they'll call.




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