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sathwik 2010-12-13 20:34:06



           Can anybody plz let me know when they issue the application forms in folllowing schools  for first class

       plz mention the application form datesfor first class

                       1.Bhavans,jublee hills




















sathwik 2010-12-13 20:49:53


 Hi Micky,

                   Thanx for your great help


FREEBIRD 2010-12-13 21:31:18


hai all

       i am trying admissions for my kids elder one 5.5yrs and the younger one 3yrs.which  school  would be better?as we stay in secunderabad.we have DAV safilguda in our list.any other school  which  may  reduce  the stress to the  kids.kindly pls let me know


mickey 2010-12-13 21:50:04


Hi Freebird,

You can prefer DPS Diamond Point or Nacharam and St Andrews (CBSE)
DAV , Safilguda is very good. If u get admission, do join ur kids in this school.



sathwik 2010-12-14 08:34:34



           Can anybody plz let me know when they issue the application forms in folllowing schools  for first class

       plz mention the application form datesfor first class

                       1.Bhavans,jublee hills















 Former member 2010-12-14 15:46:51


hai iam new 2 this parent tree.i joined this after viewing mickeys answers.such a good job


 Former member 2010-12-14 16:00:25


hai mickey i have a kid in nursery and she's doing good,we have plans to put her in bvb this year.can u give us some idea about this since we r new 2 this place.thank u in advance


RajKavila 2010-12-14 20:40:47


Dear All, Good Evening. I am new to this club. I am very happy to see lot of info being shared by many parents. Sincerely appreciate the efforts of each one of you in helping others.

Like many other parents I am looking for some information on Nursery schools in and around Mehdipatnam/Attapur. My kid is 2.3yrs old as on date and I am planning to get him admitted in Nursery in coming June.

Does JHPS (Jubilee Hills Public school) or BVB in Jubilee Hills(Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan) have nursery? What would be the fee structure in both of these schools? Will there be any donation? How difficult is it to get seats in these schools for Nursery or LKG.

Any reviews about Happy scholars school in mehidpatnam and Kakatiya Vidya Niketan High School, Rethibowli.

Please suggest if there are any other good options for Nursery. I am not looking for too expensive schools with international brand.

Appreciate your help.



SriniHYD 2010-12-14 21:33:05


Mickey and all

Any feedback on Sr Nivedita School, Ameerpet, DAV Banjara Hills, Maharishi Vidyamandir. I have twins going to LKG next year and also 3rd grader goign to 4th next year. We have done our registration for LKG at Chirec. Odds are slim to get in with heavy competiion and cost is higher than we liked to spend. Have interview for our twins for LKG at Chinmaya. We are also trackign admissions at BVB, JHPS, Geetanjali, DPS, etc

thanks in advance



DeepthiNalluri 2010-12-14 21:59:33


 Hi,Can anyone give me Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Atmakuri RamaRao's which is in Jubliee Hills...brach website and also the contact number..

And also if you have any info about this school plz share...

Waiting for your reply eagerly..




goru 2010-12-14 23:16:36


hi mickey

pls help me which school is best in kuktappally for ukg



mickey 2010-12-15 00:03:48


Hi Sathwik,
I will have to find out about class 1 forms.  Even i am not aware of the dates.
Class 1 admssions are usually done in the month of Mar/Apr.
Pl call up the schools. If time permits tom, i too will call up and find out.

Hi Goru,

DAV is the best choice followed by Sentia in  and around Kukatpally .

Hi Deepthi, BVB Atmakuri  is  a new school and there are mixed reviews abt this school. You can use parentree's search engine to find the links. In case, u aren't able to do so, pl let me know.

BVB Atmakuri's number 040-23607772 and
 BVB Jubilee Hills No-  +91-40-23544934  website -
There is no website yet for BVB-AR

Hi ammumom,
You can take the appln forms of BVB this month for LKG. You will be called for an interview at a scheduled date along with the child. I would suggest you to apply for 2 or 3 schools instead of relying on one school .

 Raj and Srini, I will get back to u soon.



mickey 2010-12-15 09:14:23


Hi Srini,

For Sister Nivedita's review pl visit this link (Kumarb's Blog-Nov 30,2010). He wants to shift his chid from this school next year.  He has written his experience in detail.

DAV Banjara Hills is good and is till class 7. After class 7, children are moved to DAV, Safilguda.  MVM at Kondapur is equally good but the timings for LKG and UKG are also till 3pm.




mickey 2010-12-15 09:36:09


Hi Raj,
BVB and JHPS starts from LKG. Yes, JHPS’s initial donation is pretty high but
the  term fees is very nominal. It may be around 15K and depends on the class.  In BVB, some of  my friends were asked to pay heavy donation while some were charged a  nominal  amount. So I really don't know the criteria.

Its pretty difficult to get admission in BVB, Jubilee Hills.

Happy Scholars is a good school. I heard it from one parent in parentree . No idea about Kaktiya.

You can also try in KV Golconda no1 and no 2 after UKG as KVs start from class 1.
You can put him a nearby good pre-school and try for KV after 2 years.



 Former member 2010-12-15 10:36:42


hi rajkavila,welcome to this club.if your reciding in mehdipatnam i'll surely suggest u kidzee mehdipatnam,there are really doing personal experence .my kid is studing there & i had found good difference in her.the atmosphere & ayyamma ratio to kid is good.if needed ill send you the ph no.


satguru 2010-12-15 12:01:46



Chaitanya Vidyalaya has started giving application for Nursery from Monday. They give application only for a week. so tomorrow and friday are the only days remaining. They start giving the applications from 9:00AM and issue only 30 application per day. Usually parents start standing in line from 8:00AM itself. The applications are given after a small interview with principal. For the 2nd round, parents with kids will be called. So all the best.


SriniHYD 2010-12-15 12:22:49



Thanks for info on Nivedita, DAV Banjara Hills, MVM.We are taking first two out of our list. We need emphasis on extra curricular activies which is reason why we are moving our 3rd class kid from Hansel school in Banjara Hills since they dont have play ground and with DAV public school, we dont want to change again after 7th grade.

We are looking for LKG admissions for twins (born Feb 2007) for 2011-12 and 4th grade admission for older daughter. Criteria is need to get all three admitted in same school for next year, school should focus on extra curricular activities as well along with academics and annual fee including transport shoudl be around 50-60K each. Can push to 70-75K for very good schools like Chirec or DPS. One time fee for first year of 50-70K per each kid is affordable to me. Prefer CBSE over ICSE or StateWith these requirements we have short listed following schools to try out  or find more info


First preference is to schools around Hitech City, Second preference around Khairatabd and third is Miyapur

1. Madapur/Jubilee Hills/Gachibowli . Plan to stay around Hitech city for long term

a. BVB J.hills (Twins are not eligbile for LKG. They will be over 4 by June next year so need to try for UKG. Not sure they can get through test and seats are less in UKG)

b. Obul Reddy

c. Chirec (Did registration)

d. DPS

e. JHPS (Not elible for LKG due to age. Need to try for UKG)

f. BVB Atmakuri (Dont know about school)

g. MVM (Maharishi Vidyamandir

2. Near Khairatabad (Current residence)

a. Geetanjali (ICSE and very tough to get in)

b. Chaithanya (very tough to get in for LKG and 4th grade)

c. Chinmaya (No transport is concern. have interview tomorrow for LKG twins)

d. Meridian B. H (Costly than our budget)

If we dont get admission for all three in above two groups, Miyapur is our third choice

a. Sentia (Do not knwo exact fee if it is in our range. Not seen school yet)

b. Kennedy

c. Silver oaks






SriniHYD 2010-12-15 13:01:06



You can get list of all HYD popular schools from this link

The above forum is for folks returning from abroad (mostly USA) to India. So emphasis will be on schools around Gachibowli/Hitech city since most folks coming back will work there and focus on international kind of schools since most kids coming back are not proficient in Telugu or Hindi and also soft kind of schools without too  much hoem work burden which is mode of teaching in western countries.

However this includes most of schools that are geing discussed here.

Mickey: if there is any way to present the same list on this web site, so that users wont have go to another forum. if such kind of list already there, please post the link for benefit of others.





mickey 2010-12-15 13:16:07


Hi Srini,

BVB Atmakuri is a new school. It is having mixed reviews. The school is issuing the forms from LKG to class 8 from tomorrow onwards. I called them up in the morning.

Chirec will be out of  your budget , i guess. Did u enquire abt the max age limit for LKG in BVB and JHPS ? Your kids will be 4.5 by June 30th ,2011. They are very much eligible for ICSE schools. Many CBSE schools  take 4+ kids in LKG. Pl verify.

MVM is also a good choice. The school has started giving the appln forms.

Sentia can also be preferred.  The school is having a good campus with a big playground,  good amenities and stresses on extra curricular activities. My friend's daughters love this school.  Last year the fees was 54K or 55K +additional 10K transport. I think you will be able to secure admission for all three of them in one school.

Chinmaya will be too far if you are staying near Hi-Tech city/Madhapur and without transport, i will become too difficult. The schools prefers to give admission to kids who are preferably in 10km radius.

Check your inbox too.





SriniHYD 2010-12-15 13:57:26



Thanks for reply and email.

For BVB JH and JHPS, the kids have to be born between June 1st 2007 - May 31st 2008 to qualify for LKG in 2011 June.  Our twins are 3 months older. But did not face this issue at any other school in my list so far.

Here is Chirec fees fro CBSE.. Total fo 72K per year and 70K one time fee.        Term & Annual fee: 48K, Transport: 13K, Lunch: 11K. Lunch is optional and they made it mandatory to take school transport next year due to traffic.One tiem fee is : 70K. 20K is refundbile and 50K is non refundbile.The fee for CIE program are higher. 1 lakh per year and 1.2 lakh one time fee.

I will visit Sentia next week. Seen Kennedy and Silver Oaks last week but not this one. Silver Oaks giving apps from 18th and Kennedy already started. I will keep Miyapur as back up for now.

We are currently living in Khairatabd area that is why considering Geetanjali, Chinmaya and Chaithanya. If all 3 kids get in one of the schools, i may commute to Hitech city from here if we dont get in any good schoosl in Hitech/JH area.

One of my colleagues kid goes to UKG at MVM, he is happy. I visited the school, It is decent though it does lack the sophistication of Chirec or DPS. new building there is in limbo stage for quite some time it seems.





sangeetha123 2010-12-15 15:26:03



My daughter's DOB is  April 14 2007, I am looking for LKG admission in BVB, JH & P. Obul Reddy School.  BVB, JH told us to call them on 15-Dec to check about the applications.  Tried calling, but no reply.  But seeing above post, I think my daughter will not be eligible there.  I still want to go and check with them personally whether they can consider.

Please let me know whether that age criteria is strict in BVB, JH and also when the applications are issued there.



virad 2010-12-15 17:14:41


 hi all,

has anybody got an info on INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, SHAIKPET. how is this school??


 Former member 2010-12-15 17:37:48


hai virad,

international school is pretty friends both kids r studing there.they are doing good.they were below average in the previous school but now doing good.fees is also ok


mailravi 2010-12-15 17:55:59



I am new to Hyderabad, my kid is is doing her LKG in chennai. I would like to get her admitted in good decent school. I'll be staying near UMCC hospital, gajularamaram. Can you please suggest a good school for her.




sneha03 2010-12-15 18:33:43


Hi All

Atmakuri is starting the registration process from tommorow, for primary. Form is 200/-. Timings 9.30-12.30 pm.




SriniHYD 2010-12-15 19:05:21



I talked to both BVB and JHPS office staff about age. They said no exceptions. Recommendations known to work at BVB and Money works at JHPS.I am giong to turn in application anyway for them to reject. If they get rejected which will happen most likely we will try for UKG in April/May. For Obulreddy, they shoudl be three by March 31. Our kids will be 4 but they said it is our choice to apply LKG or UKG. There we will apply LKG only. I dont want to put pressure on our kids since they are going ot nursery only now.



SridharSharma 2010-12-15 20:35:18


Wonderful information. I am looking for my kids admission to LKG in Chinmaya vidyalaya, but realized the admission forms are already over last week and interviews are scheduled tomorrow. Is there any way I can get the admission? :(


SriniHYD 2010-12-15 22:18:58


SridharSharma: you can go and try to talk to school in person. It is tough but we never know. I was todl by lady at admissions that they got around 350 applications for 100 spots in LKG. Good luck


anuban 2010-12-16 10:04:06


Hello Parents

BVB Jubliee hills issuing LKG forms from today..




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