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Shyamk 2010-11-29 16:05:17



Can you provide me feedback on Meridian School Kukatpally. I know that Meridian Banjara Hills is good, but dont know whether the same holds good for Kukatpally branch.




mickey 2010-12-07 20:02:20


Hi Shyampk,

Its a new school. The campus and the school is yet to evolove.

Please check out the below link and see the review  posted by some14U on Apr 16, 2010  with the fee structure



Saisruthi24 2016-07-30 19:20:16


Hi every one,
Iam new to this site,iam planning to  move to Hyderabad from Bangalore,can any one  please  give feedback about meridian school , Kukatpally branch.they are ready to give admission,for 5th grade.want to know more  about teaching method and studies in school,is there any worth in joining in this branch of the school

RekhaRani 2016-12-15 16:14:50


 Hi have u gone thru Meridian School reviews.
Where have u decided to join ur kid.
I am also looking for my sons admission for grade 5.

Please let me know if u have any info.


Nilstr 2018-12-23 16:56:05


Hi, any feedback on Meridian Kukatpally? I was considering admission into 1st Grade...

BharatKumarGupta 2018-12-27 12:39:34



Here is the feedback for Meridian School Kukatpally -

Pros -

- They have good staff

- Good Infrastructure

Cons -

- Fee is high (100K+ for Grade1)

- More focus on extra curricular

- Almost everyday they will have music played in very high volume which I am sure is distraction for kids inside the classroom



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