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Mallikarjuna 2010-11-26 08:57:27


Dear All,

I am thinking of trying for admission for my son( for 6th class admission) in to Rishi Valley School, Madanapally, AP. I have couple of questions  and appreciate if someone help me to answer.

1.  I came to know that the  annual fee is Rs 1,50,000/-  Is it worth to pay for this much amount?  Total investment on studies itself goes10 lakhs to complete until 10+2 from 6th std onwards.

2. If the amount what we are going to invest on education is worth, what kind of value addition that this school gives or expects?

3. I am satisfied with the Rishi Valley educational system. However, my only worry is do we need to spend this much amount on schooling?

4. I have studied in a village and completed my S.S.C without an english teacher. Due to god's grace, I was able to compete with others in studies. I never feel that, I am the top most in academics. However, I used to have feeling that, I did well in my sudies. My parents spend very little amount on my studies.  After presenting my background, why should we have to invest so much on education?

5, If you have any other valuable of information other than the info published in the school website, please share with me.


Appreciate your help.


Thanks & Regards







mickey 2010-11-26 12:56:46


Hi Mallikarjuna,
Most of the  times as parents we feel that we should give best of everything to our kids. It is of course a good thought but we need to ponder over it , at times . May be in our quest to give them the Best, we make them used to luxurious lifestyles and comforts that  they find it difficult to deal with life's minor hardships and challenges in their later life...

I don't know much about this school except for its ads. But if you are convinced with the school and you are able to afford it , pl go agead .  Please see to it that the school  is providing a holistic education and caters to overall development of a child.

I personally prefer a day scholar school than a residential one till class X.  If it is inevitable for any parent, they can prefer a boarding school. I feel, parents are the guiding stars and  play a major role  in moulding a child 's personality  in the initial years and its better to be with kids to make the bond stronger than to make them study in a very good residential school.

Ofcourse opinions may differ. No doubt boarding schools make the children more stronger and bold. These schools create a strong mental framework among students that will help them in the long run. Children learn the lessons of self-reliance and care for others as children from different backgrounds stay together and  learn to adapt  themselves easily. So  please  weigh all the pros and cons and take a proper decision.

Good Luck,




Darloboy 2010-12-05 15:15:37


Dear Mallikarjuna,

My son is currently studying in Rishivalley school and I hope I can add to the discussion here.

As the school proudly says it provides a holistic education and contributes to the personality development of a child. Having educated to PhD level starting from a school in a very remote village in India and having worked in different parts of India and abroad, I can clearly see what is lacking in our education system. Our educational system simply produces followers and utterly fails in producing leaders. One of the reasons why our country is beset with so many problems with some conditions worse than those prevailing in sub-saharan African continent is because we don't have enough leaders in every sphere of life. An education system which focusses on imparting just the knowledge will never able to produce well rounded human beings. An ideal system should be able to give the child not just the knowledge but the ability to acquire the knowledge. We all need to recognise the importance of satisfying the spiritual needs in addition to the physical and emotional needs.

I can give some examples after seeing the progress of my son over the last two years. He questions and tries to understand everything that is taught. The concept of remembering and reproducing mere facts is alien to this school. He developed a good command over his English having done a number of plays. Which school has the freedom to choose 'Shakespeare'  as a topic in a junior class? He enjoys his participation in astronomy, debating and cycling clubs. He is only 12 now but flies from UK to India on his own just like any other adult. Overall I am satisfied with his improvement in presentation (both oral and written) and communication skills which are essential whether to secure a job or to progress within a job. I am sure my son will never ever feel insecure in life once he comes out of that school.

We need to have some goals in life. If we can combine them with our children education, we will realise them sooner. For example, my personal goal in life to to contribute to rural education. This is an unique school which runs a number of satellite schools empowering so many village children who are deprived of basic needs. Where else you can find a school which produces food locally for all its residents and employs rural folk to run its day-to-day operations. As an NRI I am paying 3.0 lakh a year but I am happy that my money goes in part to the development of local community. We need to encourage this culture of sustainable living promoted by this school.

Coming to the investement, we don't think twice when it comes to buying a house plot or a flat and we think a plot/flat that comes for a 10 lakh or so is a relatively cheap one. When it comes to investing the same 10 lakh on our children education, we think it is expensive. I still feel the school caters to so many middle class people and a fee of 1.50 lakh a year is still reasonable. They need to charge this amount to retain their best teachers who are highly qualified.

Whatever our opinions are, the school accepts only 12% of the applicants and I am happy to note that there is no dearth of right thinking parents in India. Please contact me at tvsagar32@hotmail.com if you have any other doubts.






Indralok 2011-03-10 16:04:54


I would like to put my son in this school in one of the higher grades. If the fee is round 1.5 lakh in Rishi Valley, is this inclusive of hostel, food and other fees as well?



sreenix 2011-03-28 22:21:14


dear vidyasagar, i applied for my son for class 5 in rishi valley,he got selected for interview but was placed on to waiting list.what are my choices now,can you suggest some school on similar lines,close to rishi valley.

i still dont understand what are the criteria for selection


nandyalsrinu 2011-12-15 08:52:20


 rishi valley people are developing their own community.they only give admissions to their alumni children and present student's siblings.admission procedure is not transparant.they prefer english speaking high profile peoples children.


Prikum 2012-04-09 11:03:15


 Hi, got admission for my daughter in class 7 this yr in rvs.  any parents of rvs kids??  I have few questions... Wats the dress code.  I saw the facilities there and I personally feel it can definitely be better. Do kids complain? How often can we communicate to kids. Do they allow kids to send emails at least once in few days.  Pl reply.


sreddyo99 2013-01-16 08:48:31


Hi Prikum,

Congrats on your kid's admission into RVS.
I am currently working in USA and planning to come back to India in 2014 to settle down. I have done some research on RVS last few days. It seems it's very good option if we can secure admission. I am planning to join both my boys in RVS if thing workout.
Please let me know if it requires any special preparation either on kid's part or on parents' part?.

Thanks in advance.
email: sreddyo@hotmail.com


mukr 2013-03-25 17:47:07


 Hi Prikum ,

Dress code is smart casuals for classes  , other times sports dress is fine .

No school uniform .  For girls it is normally Jeans and tops or  Salwar kurta for classes.    As for facilities  there is scope for improvement in even the so called  famous boarding schools  of the country .  Kids will never complain about the facility . Everything there brings children closer to nature .

School will now have uninterrupted power thanks to the ongoing solar power project.

The atmosphere  is very child friendly and  it is evident from the smiling faces of the students and staff .

Communication is  through weekly letters and it is probably the best way to communicate . Child can call you twice  every term .   E-mail is allowed from class Nine onwards .

School has proper explanation for all   of their policies.

njoy being parent of  RVite !





Shek 2013-04-09 16:28:46


 Hi all,

My daughter is in grade 6 and we are planning to send her to rvs next year.please give feedback for rvs..also please tell how often the kids call us or when can we call them.please tell about the facilities and food there..



KDANI 2014-11-18 10:18:26


Hi Firends

Can any one help me to get reference of Parents whose kids are at Rishi Valley Shcool. Pl send me your contact details on ks_dani@yahoo.com


Dani, Muscat

RBhuwania 2017-02-13 20:23:19


Can any one help me to get reference of Parents whose kids are at Rishi Valley School Pls do contact me on rohitbhuwania1@yahoo.com Thanks


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