Please suggest good schools in Kompally area.

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ssingh 2010-11-20 12:48:34


Hello all,

I am looking for a good school near kompally area. My son will be going in UKG next year and I am looking for a school with good academics, extra curricular activities and considerate, understanding teacher and no show offs.

I am new to Hyderabad and so far only know someone sending their kids to DPS diamond Point. Any feedback and suggestion is appreciated.


mickey 2010-11-20 13:11:30


Hi Ssingh,

You can try in St Anns (ICSE) and Niraj International (ICSE) in Kompally, Sadhu Vaswani International School (SVIS) in Kompally.  SVIS is a CBSE school  which is good and economical too with good reviews. You can also try in Sherwood.

Niraj Intl is  also good and u can see its reviews in this forum. It is a bit expensive.  DRS International too is CBSE school and the fee is definitely on the higher side.

Please call up the schools immly as this is the admission season.

ph -8418 20322.  St Anns Kompally  






ssingh 2010-12-13 12:51:00


Hello Mickey,


Your valuable suggestion was really useful. I am looking for my 4.5 yrs old sons' admission to UKG.

I did contact Sadhu Vaswani. Wasn't pleased with DRS reviews so didn't contact them. So far I have spoken to DPS diamond point and sadhu vaswani.

Can you please help me with deciding which school is the best and prioritize them. Since I am new to hyderabad, will be staying close to kompally and moving there in April next year I am looking at schools with less commute and overall good reviews. Can you please let me whats you thought/suggestion about these schools:

DPS diamond point, SVIS, Niraj international, Oakridge International, Jain international, St. andrews and Sri Chaitanya, I am considering St. Anns and Gitanjali too.

Also is St. Anns a coed school I have an impression its girls only school.

I really appreciate you reply.





mickey 2010-12-13 21:18:09


Hi Ssingh,

If you prefer to stay close to Kompally, it is better to opt for a school which is near by as DPS Diamond Point, Oakridge will be quite far.

Have u visited Niraj International  at Kompally?  I would suggest u to visit this school.Please look  at its detailed review .

Though the fee is on the higher side, Iam sure u will like this school.

St Anns at Kompally is Co-ed and the one in Sec'bad is a Girls school. The Kompally branch is a new school and  plans to extend with each year. It is also a good school  and easy on pocket.

Apart from St Anns, You can also have a look at Abhaya Waldorf School at Kompally. Look for its reviews and address by Sevenonfive

SVIS though new is good. GSarvan has joined both his sons in this school.  Pl go through below link ( Mar 28, 2010)

Hope this helps... Do through the given links before u visit these schools.





mickey 2010-12-13 21:22:34


Hi SSingh,

I forgot to mention about Sri Chaitanya Schools. The school follows SSC and Telugu will be compulsory. These  schools stress more on academics.  It is better for you to prefer CBSE or ICSE .




ssingh 2010-12-14 23:34:11


Hello Mickey,

Thanks for the information. I will try to contact St. Ann tomorrow. I haven't visited any school. My husband will be in Hyderabad in mid Jan and I am asking him to go around and check out the shorlisted schools.

St Anns in Kompally is this a branch of St. Anns in Secunderabad? Since its a new school what are your reviews for this school. Any feedback will be helpful

Will Getanjali be too far from kompally? Also Neeraj international school website doesnot has any information about fee structure. Do you have any idea if this is an expensive school any reviews for this school.

Since At. Anns and Neeraj both are new, ICSE based what do you suggest which one ranks higher.

On the CBSE based I am thinking of DPS diamond point, SVIS again can you please rank them based on information you have.

Two school that I am doubtful due to the distance are Geetanjali and Bhavan's Ram Krishna Vidyalaya.

I am totally new to this city. All the information I have gathered is from this forum and your feedback. Bhavan's and Geetanjali are two school somebody suggested but I don't have any idea how far this will be from Kompally neither they had. So can you please help me with these two school and their feedback.

I really appreciate your help.









ssingh 2010-12-14 23:37:01



Can anyone share their feedback for Pallavi Model school. This was suggested to me but again I am not sure about the distance from Kompally.





mickey 2010-12-15 08:46:13


Hi Ssingh,
Pallavi Model School is a good CBSE school. I recently met one parent from this school in a spot painting competition. He was an Air force officer and preferred Pallavi Model School for both his daughters in middle school. He sounded very postitive about the school. Please visit the school once. and decide.




mickey 2010-12-15 10:41:29


Hi SSingh,
Waiting till mid Jan for ur hubby will be late i think. Some of the schools give the forms by  Dec  end.  Have u gone through the links which I have given above? It contains the reviews of the schools you mentioned. St Anns though new, is good. Pl check out the link once again.

You can prefer SVIS too if u don't want to send  your child very far. DPS, Diamond point is a good  CBSE school but a bit far from Kompally. Check out the bus route before u decide about this school.

Niraj Intl 's fee will be around 1 lakh. The school has cut down its fees from this year. I found Niraj Intl's detailed fee structure in AKC's blog in parentree. I am not able to find the blog now. It is following CBSE with IB curiculum.

In Bhavan's Ramkrishna Vidyalaya at Sainikpuri, the communication skills are not upto mark. I found parents complaining about the same. Look for Lesavi's and Neetika's review  in the below link




ssingh 2010-12-16 10:07:04


Hello Mickey,

I went through the links you had sent. St. Ann's is an ICSE school so I am opting out of it. Currently I have shortlisted the following schools:

1. DPS daimond point 2. SVIS 3. DRS 4. Neeraj 5. Pallavi Model School

I spoke at SVIS, DRS and Pallavi. Cannot contact anyone at DPS. Will try to contact Neeraj international today.

I did send an email to Gsarvan inbox for feedback on SVIS

I need your help with prioritizing/ranking the following school. SVIS, DRS and Neeraj....Based on the reviews and information you have, which one you rank as 1,2,3 among these three school.

I appreciate all your help





mickey 2010-12-19 16:49:36


Hi Spriha,

I think you can select  DPS followed by Neeraj  Intl (if ur budget permits) followed by  SVIS and DRS Intl..
Pl visit Niraj Intl  and SVIS too before u take a decision. If u like both of them , you can keep Neeraj Intl as your first choice as it would be very near for you incase u decide to stay at Kompally.



AKC 2010-12-19 23:11:33



For admission in Class II, I have approached both SVIS and Pallavi Model school and had already written entrance test and selected. Both the schools seems to be promising and fees are reasonable. Pallavi Model is located in Alwal (new branch) which is around 7 Kms from Kompally  and SVIS is in Jayabheri Park in kompally.

Pallavi Model fees will be approx Rs.20 K  p.a and one time admission is Rs.20 K. and transportation extra and SVIS is approx Rs.52 K including one time admission fee and excl transportation. 

Both the schools are still issuing applications.

Niraj International School  fees structure are

Application form : Rs.100/-

School Prospectus: Rs.1400/-

Caution fee ( Refundable) : Rs.5000/-

Term Fees:

Tuition fee : Rs.21000/-

Meals         : Rs.4000/-

Transport : Rs.7000/-

There are three terms in a year.

School is located near Kandlakoya, which is 6 Km from Kompally.

For any further details you can contact Ms.Anita Nair on 9618553366.

But no doubt Niraj International school is very impressive, if the fees are affordable.

Thanks .....




MomofSreyas 2012-10-30 01:14:02


Hello Mrs.SSingh..

We are also looking for schools around Kompally .. Where did u join yr kid ? Which school is best in Kompally? I really want to talk to parents of kids studying in Neeraj International ...Please help me..


thanks in advance


aadhishree 2018-03-19 10:47:12


          Tnrea school in Kompally. Its good if its near to you  it is located in the line of pipe line road.


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