Please suggest good CBSE school for 8th grade kid

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maram 2023-11-20 11:57:29


My kid is studying 7 th grade now, the school she is studying now i am not seeing any improvement in academics. Please suggest best school for academics. I live in kondapur area.


Dad2021 2023-11-20 12:22:09


Maharishi Vidya Mandir.... Do visit the school once, heard very positive response from acquaintances. If only Academics is your priority... Do search from Sri Chaitanya or Narayana schools near your place... ( most of them are State Board syllabus)... But definitely increase in academic performance.

maram 2023-11-20 16:48:16


Thank you for response. 

Moving from CBSE to State syllabus is it ok? will kids adopt that easily.
I heard Narayana and Sri Chaitanya will do only mug up and no extra curricular activities. 

Dad2021 2023-11-20 17:43:23


Narayana and Sri Chaitanya only goal is to make students mug up... What ever you heard is true... My Cousin Son studied in CBSE till 9th... He never crossed 60% in his subjects except English.... My cousin shifted him to Narayana School in Sr nagar... His son scored a whooping 91% in his board exams


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