P Obul Reddy Public School AMS PORPS - Hyderabad

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2331uma 2023-10-29 18:30:27


Please share your views on P Obulreddy jubliee school

Dad2021 2023-10-29 19:34:58


Very reputed CBSE school in Jubilee hills... Do consider it, if your home is less than 30 mins away...

2331uma 2023-10-29 20:58:15


Thank you for response @dad2021 Yes it is very near to my home Do you have any idea about teaching and communication in this school?

Dad2021 2023-10-30 19:52:52


My Neighbour kids study there... They are happy with the quality of education, (The kids are among the top 5 in their class)... They enjoy their annual PTM... Well communication skills... Is a big question mark... The school bus passes by near my house... And the boys in the bus are loud and full of energy... They mostly talk in their mother language. My neighbour kids communicate properly in English... But if compared to an international school student of the same age... It's very easy to spot the difference. ( I think it's unfair to compare)... But still the school has a good campus, and is very reputed... And not easy to get a seat...

2331uma 2023-10-30 20:44:28


Thanks a lot for your response @dad2021

kgs1 2023-10-31 17:16:44


Can any one please share about the communication skills of obul reddy school students

2331uma 2023-11-13 21:10:01


Can you please respond this message Will the recommendation work out in Bhavans Filmnagar if yes the whose recommendation will work out ?

Dad2021 2023-11-15 13:23:17


Yes.... Recommendations do work in Bhavans.... An acquaintance of mine got admission for his kid for LKG, with the help of recommendation from Talasani Srinivas Yadav...( 2 Yrs back)

2331uma 2023-11-17 14:56:17


Dad2021@Can you share your contact details if you dont mind

260515 2023-11-18 14:14:39


When will be the admissions for 2024-25 for grade 4 will be opened.

2331uma 2023-11-18 14:55:10


260515 @No admission will open to grade 4 and admissions will open only for nursery and LKG

260515 2023-11-18 18:36:03


Hi sir,can you please help to provide better schools near to hitech City,madhapur,manikonda,jubli hills,shaikpet...for class 4..cbse..for next year..not getting on any schools ..on emergency i need to shift from A.P to telangana

Dad2021 2023-11-20 10:33:43


Uploaded image
Obul Reddy School has released notifications for 2024-25 admission applications on their website.

Dad2021 2023-11-20 10:37:27


Obul Reddy has started the New age criteria According to the NEP 2020, from this year. 

260515 2023-11-23 12:32:52


Sir, Can you review about DSE Banjara hill Delhi school nof excellence...for 4 th grade they charge almost 1.8 itseems..but can you tell me how the teaching..etc..will be ?...so that I can go a head with admission process...


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