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Praveen153 2023-10-16 11:33:06


Hi All,

I am here to get some valuable feedback about the school in and near to Miyapur.
I am looking for a school admission to my kid for 1st standard, searching for a school where Extracurricular activities will be part of daily activity.

I have come across few schools like, and below are the questions left with me,

1. Kennedy - This is good in Extra activities, but heard campus is not well maintained.
2. Silver Oaks - Unfortunately they said, my kid age is not allowed for 1st grade, so no option for choosing this school(he was born on Aug-2018).
3. Corner Stone - Academics are good, but no extra activities
4. Genesis - Heard mixed reviews about this school

Above all are the feedback got from known sources and some from google, may be I am wrong on the above statements.

Please help me in choosing the school or please share any other school which is good for kids in/near to Miyapur.

Thank you in advance.
If you would like to text some thing on personal, please ping me @9966064064


Dad2021 2023-10-16 16:12:12


It looks like you want to select an international school for your child...

Kennedy High is a really good school...
Do visit, and ask for the tour before you make a decision...
1) Tatva Global School (heard good things)
2) Vikas, The concept School ( Again heard nice reviews)
3) The creek planet, Venus campus
4)Ambitus world school
If high fees is not a factor, Oakridge International school, Bachupally

After personally visiting and compare all the schools... You will be able to cut off the schools which didn't make an impression on you. It will easier to finalise

Praveen153 2023-10-16 16:40:12


HI Dad2021,

Thanks for your reply.

Actually, I am not looking for International school, I am looking for a school where extra curricular activities are also considering with the same important as academics. Let me know if any other school(Non International) is giving more importance to extra curricular activities.

Again, I am not bothered about International/non international school, I am just looking for a school which gives equal importance for both academics and curricular activities.  


Dad2021 2023-10-16 17:49:31


Do try for SANGAMITRA School.... Very old and prestigious school... They follow CBSE... Admission is based on Lottery, due to the immense amount of applications they receive

Praveen153 2023-10-16 19:09:31


Sangamitra is not accepting my kid for 1st grade.
Age is constraint, to get 1st grade admission for academic year 2024-25 he should be before 30-03-2018.
But my kid DOB is Aug-2018


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