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 Former member 2010-11-16 12:12:54



Any feedback on this school ? Are the kids/parents happy with the care received at the school?

I have been there and I am happy with the premises and facilities. Seems like a good curriculum too. Only thing I am worried about is the attention and care. Is the classes conducted in an orderly fashion?

Right now my daughter goes to a nearby facility and I am very happy with the care provided. But I am planning the move since I would prefer something better and spacious.

Hoping for a prompt feedback from somebody.

I am planning for playgroup this year and nursery from next june.



mickey 2010-11-16 13:29:57


Hi Priya,

Though I have not seen this school personally, I have heard from few of  my friends in Hi-Tech city that it is good. You can also see  below links too

Get in touch with GarimaS who is a Seniror Academic Co-ordinator in Roots to wings  through PT inbox and talk to parents personally.



 Former member 2010-11-16 15:10:56


Thank you Mickey.



 Former member 2010-11-20 20:04:40


Finally decided to sent my kid to Roots to wings. Liked the facilities there. Talked to the to be teacher today and really felt comfortable to send her there.



tua 2010-11-22 14:56:11


Hello princy,

Sorry I did not notice this discussion thread earlier, roots to wings kondapur is quite good, my daughter did her playgroup there and is now in nursery...the atmosphere is very homely and my kid overcame her initial disinclination and settled down very well....the teachers do take personal care and children can work at their own comfort level....we were very keen that our daughter should not be pushed into writing if she is not ready for it.....they were okay with that........also the number of children is quite small there so your child gets more attention.......hope you have a great experience there too......






grass 2011-03-08 20:27:00


I completely agree with Tua. My daughter went thre for playgroup. She just loves the school, the teachers, the activities, the atmosphere. Very personal care. I totally recommend this school.



AvRao 2011-03-15 20:40:59


Hello Tua and Princy,

I am interested in Roots to Wings for my son. I did visit the website and had a few questions that maybe someone who is familiar with the school could answer. I intend to visit and talk to the management in person when I reach Hyd but I would greatly appreciate any information you can give me about this-

1. What is a typical day like for "Emerging wings"  and "ready to fly -1" classes?

2. Is there any help at the end of the program (at 5 or 6yrs) to help transition kids out of this school and into traditional schools (with traditional classroom environment and exams )

3. What is the form of feedback given to parents and how often. ie is there a progress report? So I know how my kid is doing in all the areas (math, reading,  writing, etc)?

4. THe website doesnt list that there is branch in Banjara Hills. Do you know anything about the Banjara Hills branch?

THank you!



tua 2011-03-16 10:57:33


Sorry ! I cannot tell you whether there is a school in Banjara hills or not ...actually I have never bothered much about the curriculum per se.......I liked Roots - to - wings Kondapur primarily because of the teachers there.....The teachers are caring and respond to any queries and concerns I have immediately....Since our primary concern was that our daughter should be happy at her preschool we did not bother about the curriculum......

However having said that I would like to add that my daughter has given interviews in two reputed schools for LKG and in both of them she got through with flying colours....I specially use the words "flying colours" because even I was amazed at the extent of knowledge she had ! I would like to thank her teachers for that. She is able to recite nursery rhymes very well, able to count correctly upto 20, she knows and can also write the english alphabets......the good thing is that the school emphasizes activity based they make a lot of fun stuff at school with colours, sand cotton, leaves etc....this makes her excited about her studies....they also have frequent trips to related destinations...they have visited the airport , zoo, railway station, post office etc as part of their field trips...

Every month they have a parent - teacher meeting and there they show you all the activities your child has done in the previous can discuss the progress of your child with the teachers during that time

RTW Kondapur has only upto nursery so I do not know what curriculam they have for slightly older kids (5-6 yrs)......

Hope this helps !



susmi80 2011-03-16 11:17:02


The branch is in Sringar Colony  or Yellareddy guda(near banjara hills). The school is very good and I agree with every point of Soma as a parent of student in ROOTS to Wings school.


AvRao 2011-03-16 13:16:28


Hi Soma,

Thank you so much- It is definitely hard to find teachers who genuinely care and are approachable and that is the biggest deciding factor. Thanks also for highlighting the fact that RTW Kondapur has only till Nursery.I think my son might be ready for Emergiing wings. I will call them and check about programs for older children.

THanks a lot!


AvRao 2011-03-16 13:19:08


Hi Sushmi

THank you so much for the response to this post and others. I didnt realize that the branch listed as Yellareddyguda was also sometimes called the "Banjara hills branch". Thank you also for the details about the school. It was a big help!



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