Kennedy global bachupally vs cgr international madhapur

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shalini2017 2022-11-03 18:36:18


Im in dilemma between these two schools for grade 1 admission Kennedy global Distance 10km Cambridge curriculum Extra curricular and sports But strength is upto 30 per section for grade 1 Cgr international school Distance 7km CBSE only But strength is 22 max in a section Please let me know your inputs.

atat 2022-11-11 16:56:49


Hello, why do you think strength of 25 is a problem. Kenedy is good academics wise. Teachers are putting lot of efforts.

shalini2017 2022-11-14 16:24:13


It's 22 in cgr and 30 in Kennedy. Grade 1 kids needs personal attention i believe. Please share ur inputs and any information regarding Kennedy global as they didn't allow us for a campus visit. It would be highly appreciated. We are impressed with cgr with respect to class room, cleanliness in washrooms , staff etc. I eagerly wanted to know about inside view of Kennedy.

AdviAnvi 2022-11-24 15:08:58


Have u come across nay Cbse schools that have lesser fees..

4uRiya 2022-11-24 20:13:34


My kid goes to Kennedy,will be going to grade 1 Cambridge Nxt yr, pretty happy with the school,he is very independent and confident nw


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