Chirec Vs Manthan for CBSE 9th grade

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sramyaers 2022-07-23 03:52:54


We are relocating from USA to India next year.I am looking for my son's admission in either of the schools for his 9th grade(CBSE). Can someone share their thoughts on which is a better one ? Chirec or Manthan 


lawyerashok 2022-07-24 00:33:55


Monthan is one of the best school in this area of Neelankarai. There are some schools you can consider like, 
State board, - Nellai Nadar
CBSE -  Ramachandra
International - Prime rose
and additional to that ,,, Sharadha, billabong

But never get it to Gateway International school  ,ALM and all,,


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