Looking for advice on lockdown issue

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sunshine11 2022-06-22 20:07:03


Hello friends, live in Balanagar (between Ameerpet and kukatpally). my kid is 5yr old, in ukg. Can any parent here help me search a school where they help to kid get more interacted with friends and surrounding. More into activities not just academic. Enhance the self-confidence and positive behaviour. (going physical school for first time). Currently she is in school where writing is a must. Her teacher told us that My child does not sit in her bench, wants to be free and go herethere. And if anyone force then she started crying having 1-short attention span 2-Don't sit for long Want to do activities but - 3- doesn't want writing part not even coloring. She use left hand most of the time. So could not help her much bcz we all are right handed. I was so much in my mother's serious health's issues bcz of covid, feel bad for my kid had less time in lockdown. Heard of Glendale edu fun and the learning umbrella. Any review?


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