Relocating to Hyderabad - Need information for schools.

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Ishavishnu9999 2022-06-07 15:48:04


We are relocating from UK to Hyderabad in August, my children insisted on finishing their academic year (July 2022) so the late relocation.
Can you advise us of good international schools
We have finalized a few and spoke to a couple of them who are ok to take the kids in September but we are not sure of their standard of education and as a school in whole.
Kindly parents can you give us your feedback
1,Kids will be finishing their year 7 and year 4 here in July so not sure if they have to repeat the years if they chose IGCSE.
2. Gaudium , Manthan, Birla open minds. Oakridge, Samishti , Indus International - Any advice on these schools. Chirec is out of options as they are closed for admissions.
3. can you suggest any other international schools
Any info will be very useful for us. Thank you.

Kanhu78 2022-06-21 04:18:18


Hi,We are also moving back from USA. When we initially started were told to go for IGCSE and IB school for better transition from USA School. After discussion with our contacts, blog (refer one below),  and prior school experience in Hyderabad and other city schools in India, we have decided to join children in CBSE syllabus school.
Respecting your thought, just wanted to know any specific reason why you are looking for IGCSE syllabus? Our thought is children are at very young age, they will be able to follow CBSE syllabus easily. There are multiple school options (additional private coaching/tuition support during this transition) available with competitive admission/tuition fee. With this we have decided to go with CBSE schools for our 8th and 1st grader. As we will be living at Bachupally area, here are the schools in touch currently. See if this helps to head start. Thank you.
1. Silver Oaks - admissions closed for 22-232. DPS - in touch with admission team to get more details - will keep updated3. Kennedy - will reach out to them if #2 doesn't work

AdviAnvi 2022-11-24 15:17:29


Hi. Have u come up with any selection.. Want to know your findings.


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