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ramyamahesh 2011-02-25 11:10:20


 Can any one tell me what is the fee structure for DAV Public school.


Ramya mahesh


GeethaKoppolu 2011-02-25 13:47:43


Hi All,

 Have everybody collected the admit card . I called up school to enquire about teh payment of annual fee n they asked me to collect the admit card from front office.





GeethaKoppolu 2011-02-25 13:48:50


Hi RamyaMahesh,

Donation : 50K

Annual fee 15K


ramyamahesh 2011-02-25 14:49:31


 thanks for th info.


BhaB 2011-05-10 11:58:24



Can anybody tell me what is the age criteria for LKG in DAV?


sudhakar123 2011-07-04 12:57:45


DAV PUBLIC SCHOOL - MIYAPUR040 - 20046024040 - 64644864

cutepoo 2011-07-26 14:42:56



I also want to know the information  about DAV, miyapur.

What is the Age criteriafor LKG and the full fee stucture.




Pampi 2011-07-31 15:51:23


Hi all,

My daughter is in LKG going to a play school. We are looking for a school near Kukatpally/Miyapur. Recently heard about DAV Miyapur, just wanted to know if the level of English taught over there is good. Because last year my daughter was going to Nursery in one of the Techno schools where all the teachers hardly could speak or undertsand english.




agac 2011-10-19 12:58:11


Hi ,

Could you please let me know about the grooming & development of communication skills in DAV Miyapur.


SaradaUs 2011-11-25 16:23:38


Hi Mickey,

Would like to know the feedback / experience about DAV public shool at Miyapur. How is the teaching, are they following CBSE pattern of teaching? Would like to know more details about the quality of education, as it is a new branch.

If anyone has any such information pls update.



mickey 2011-11-25 20:13:57


 Hi Sarada, I think Venkata n other parents whose kids are in this school would be able to give you the current feedback. The school is as such doing good. 



Reality 2011-12-15 22:12:03


Hi Kishore,

There is an International school is comming up in Mathrusri Nagar, It is CLAPS International school i came across a phomplet from my friend. Here is the number 8801213888.



arunsankaran 2012-02-17 18:46:46


Hi All

My daughter got admission in DAV Miyapur for LKG...would like to know the overall feedback  / review for DAV Miyapur school...


Thanks & Regards

Arun Sankaran


vinod81 2012-02-17 22:17:21


Hi Ramya,

Give a trial to claps. They gave me admission with special offer on thier first year.


doraemon 2012-02-18 14:23:53


Hi Everyone,

I am new to this blog.Excited to join the conversation being mother of 3.5 yr old.Got admission into DAV Banjara hills..Not sure whether to join my kid ..Can anybody  please let me know the feedback regarding activities and standard...

Thanks in Advance


Chakoti 2012-04-19 15:05:00


Hello Mickey,

I am new to this blog..

As iam planning to join my daughter in DAV miyapur for PP1,NEED UPDATES ON THAT SCHOOL..both Environment & Study wise.what about the circular activities? (Music, Swimming, dance etc..).Term fee structure..?

Thanks in advance..




mickey 2012-04-19 19:10:44


 Hi Doraemon,
DAV at Banjara Hills is a good. My neighbour's son has studied there for 4 yrs. If you have got admission, i think you should go ahead.

Hi Usha,

There are mixed reviews of DAV, Miyapur as it is new. However the school is good in academics n extra-curricular activities from the various posts i have come across. I am not sure if the school is offering swimming. Last yr donation was 50K, it must have increased this year. The term n annual fee is quite economical as such. You could see the fee details in DAV, Kukatpally website.




marzook 2013-08-30 12:59:39


 Hi mickey!!!


I stay at kondapur n seeking LKG admn for my son at DAV. Suggest me which is near, Miyapur or kukatpally? Also when are they issuing the application forms?


Tinam 2013-08-30 14:27:53


Hi Marzook,

Last year they issued the application by Ist week of December. They consider applicants who stay within 5 KM radius from the school.


marzook 2013-08-30 20:35:14


Thank you Tinam. Very useful info.


rkreddy 2013-12-20 12:22:51


I see lot of hype about this school. When I have enquired this is not that great school(may be other branches are good) it just go with the brand name DAV, as I heard the teacher parent relations are not good, no proper care on hygiene and not that great experienced teachers. I often get surprised when I look at that huge donation and so many tests for parents and kids. If a school staff is experienced enough then they should speak to the child for  a while and decide the standard of the child. CBSE is again a big problem as the kid never do well for any kind of state exams like APPSE jobs

kjreddy6 2017-04-08 21:21:28


Hi Micky,

I'm looking for recent feedback on DAV Miyapur. I'm looking for my kid's admission into this school for PP-1. Please advise

rkreddy 2017-04-09 13:41:50


I am back again. first of all would like to take back my post which I have posted 3 years back. I got the admission for my kid last year in DAV matrusrinagar into 3rd standard. Its been a year now and give my feed back as below
School is excellent by building size classrooms hygiene, play ground, teachers efficiency. My kid has developed a lot in everything and especially in fluent english. Its very good school one time donation is nominal and has very less fee when compared to some of the best schools around like okridge dps kenney etc., also unique as they promote our culture values and morals in the kids. as other big famous schools the culture is such that everything kid always try to be in rich class which is really harming. I am quite happy with the school and decided to continue my kid till 12th. But getting admision is not that easy as the intake is very limited. I recommend this school



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