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kish1234 2010-11-11 18:52:00



Can anyone please let me know the address and phine number of DAV public School in Miyapur



mickey 2010-11-12 09:34:10


Hi Kishore,

You will have to call up DAV,  Kukatpally  to know the details. It is their branch in Miyapur and the details will be told after Sankranti/Pongal i.e 14th Jan 2011. It has started last year.
Below is the website of DAV Kukatpally.


Address and Phone number -

Andhra Pradesh 500072

Ph 040 23065024

You seem to have started a discussion thread for each school in Hyd Group . It is good in a way as many parents can get benefitted.



kish1234 2010-11-12 12:02:07


Hi Mickey,

Thanks for the info. Yes i started finding good CBSE schools in hyd. Many of the schools are putting Internation tag and doing the business and finally  parents will have a big hole for their pockets. We should be very careful.

Going forward i will share all the information that i get from different schools. Expecting the same from all of the parents in parentree.






vardhanphani 2010-11-20 06:53:01


 i am working in delhi, planning to shift to hyd in 2011.

am planning for admission in a good CBSE school for std 1.

can anyone advise me.




mickey 2010-11-20 11:25:37


Hi  Phani,

Where are u planning to stay ? Class 1 admissions are done usually in the month of Mar/ April.  A few schools issue class 1 forms even in Nov/Dec. You will have to call up the interested schools immly without any delay.

It would be easier to suggest schools  according to the area.



vardhanphani 2010-11-20 13:21:58





mickey 2010-11-20 14:55:09


Hi Phani, DPS , Nacaharam is the best choice...rgds,mickey


RavindranathTG 2010-12-11 20:44:00


Hi Kishore,

Did you finalize any school? Please pass on, if you have further details about DAV school in Miyapur.


Thanks in Advance


GeethaKoppolu 2011-01-11 12:12:54


DAV Miypur campus is giving applications. Today is the last day. We were asked to attend the interview on / b4 21 st Jan. Reach the school @ 040-20045024


padmav 2011-01-11 16:00:57


DAV Miyapur campus is being shifted to a 1.5 acre land in Matrusri Nagar Miyapur in March 2011. It would be having classes upto X. I dont have the complete address. Will let you know if I get hold of any other information.


RavindranathTG 2011-01-12 11:15:13


Information I got regarding DAV Matrusrinagar Branch:

Age criteria is that Kid has to be born before 31-Jan 2007.  Not sure about the exact fee details, but heard that 50k is the one time admission/Donation fee. Around 1K Per month is the tution fee. Details regarding transportation are also yet to be known. Interview with Kids and Parents are must as part of admission.

Also, I heard that first round of admissions were completedby Dec 10 end itself. If some one had already got admission for their kids in PP1/LKG, Please share the details.

The exact location can be found at this link



Prathyusha 2011-01-12 12:14:33


Hi Ravi,

Prathyusha here..i am also in search of best schools in miyapur/Kukatpalli  for my kid..I heared DAV is one of the best schools..

They asked me to submitt DOB cerificate along with a letter saying "Seeking Admission for LKG"..





GeethaKoppolu 2011-01-12 13:05:37


I have submitted the request letter @ DAV and was called for am interiew into PP1 on Jan 21st.. Can anybody share me the fee details.


padmav 2011-01-24 14:45:04



How was the interaction with DAV? Do you have anything to share with us?


GeethaKoppolu 2011-01-24 16:19:26


Yes the interaction was good. Its hapened with Princi and class teacher also.. Yet awaiting for the result.


Manuu 2011-01-24 16:23:49


Hi Geetha,

We had also submitted the request letter for DAV Miyapur on 22/01/11,  How much time they are taking for calling to take applications.  Please share if u have any information regarding DAV






venkata123 2011-01-25 15:10:00


Hi Geeta gaaru,

  we have interaction on 27 th.what they asking ?are  there any partticualr questions asking to the kids or interaction with parents only?


padmav 2011-01-25 15:33:26



General questions to parents..

1. Are both of you working?
2. How much time do you spend with the child?
3. How do you spend your time with the child (What activities)?
4. What do you know about our school?
5. Why do you want to opt for our school?
6. What are you expecting from our school?
7. Your qualification..

They usually ask you to fill a form (alongwith the application form) which will contain the above questions.

Questions to the child..
 Check out this page http://www.parentree.in/groupdiscussion-7416/interaction-for-prep-class.html

If you are seeking admission to LKG, it would be an oral assessment.
If you are looking for UKG, then it 'd be a written test.

Suggestion from my side - Since DAV lays good foundation on Hindi, (they teach Hindi alphabet from LKG itself), they may be interested if your child can sing some Hindi rhyme (however this is not mandatory).



venkata123 2011-01-25 16:03:12


Hi Geeta Gaaru,

  Thanq Very much.Are they immediately tell the results or takes time?


GeethaKoppolu 2011-01-25 16:19:00



 My kid got selected.. It was a very much genric one. The princy asked me why DAV.? and abt our jobs, etc.. we asked abt the school, syllabus, class strenght.. etc.. Later the class teacher asked my kids for ABC,Numbers,colors,fruits identification ... thats all.. We had interview on 21/01 and the result was out today.. All the best..


padmav 2011-01-25 16:59:58


Congrats GeethaKoppolu..


GeethaKoppolu 2011-01-28 13:14:21


Hi Padma ,

WE stay in Madinaguda... Where do u stay... Are you plannigto put ur kid into DAV. Have u paid the DD..


venkata123 2011-02-01 12:04:17


Hi All,

 my daughter got selected dav,miyapur.i almost decided to join her.is it good decision.we stay near jntu


mickey 2011-02-01 12:20:41


 Hi Venkata,

Congrats !! I think it is better to go ahead . If at all u r not convinced, you can look for a change after pre-primary. I am sure, the school will strive to be good. I think the management  of DAV , Miyapur and Kukatpally is the same.



venkata123 2011-02-01 12:33:54


Hi Mickey,

Thanq you very much.first of all,every one in this forum has to say "Thank you very Much to Mickey" for maintaining such a wonderful site.when i was interacting different kids parents,lot of people talking about this site.

    The Principal Mam is very interatcive with parents.i got a good impression while talking to  her.We need to pay one time non-refundable  50k as donation.If i remember correclty,the term fee(total 3 terms) is 5k*3 and annual admission fee 1k+transportation.The fee is very very normal when you compare with so called international schools


GeethaKoppolu 2011-02-01 16:56:09


Hi Venkata,

 I have submitted teh DD and was asked 2 come in March for other particulars.. Have u joined your kid...


venkata123 2011-02-01 18:48:06


Hi Geeth agaaru,

  Today only got to know the admission.told us to submit the dd before 9 th feb.


Havish 2011-02-22 16:18:56


Hello Geetha,

                          Congrats , that your kid got selected in DAV. Is it in kukatpally or miyapur branch. Is it ok to join the kids in Miyapur DAV branch. or suggest some other good schools in kukatpally and miyapur area.



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