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kish1234 2010-11-11 18:39:09



Any one having idea on the feedbak of Meridian school in KPHB colony. In Banjara hills Meridain is very good. Please let me know if we can go with this school and alsio the fee details




mickey 2010-11-12 09:49:44


Hi Kishore,

Some14U , a parentree member has given the fee details about this school in the following link on 16th April 2010

One of her friends has admitted her kid in Meridian, Kukatpally and is quite satisfied. The school is planning to renovate the campus and make it State of Art . I think u can rely on its promises if u consider the Principal's background. The main attraction of Kukatpally branch is the Principal who has 26 years of experience and has come from HPS. So the school definitely will strive hard to prove itself. I spoke to my cousin who teaches in Meridian Banjara Hills. The fee in Kukatpally is also less  compared to Meridian, Banjara Hills . Better get convinced after paying a visit to this school.






kish1234 2010-11-12 12:10:22


Thanks Mickey. I do had a discussion with my friend sister who admitted her kid in Meridian. I got a very positive feedback about Meridian Kukatpally. I will try to visit the campus at KP if time permits




Chaitusri 2010-11-12 19:54:03


Hi friends,

I was really wondering when I read the feedback here about Meridian -KPHB. My house is just at the backside of Meridian-KPHB. I always wonder whether that school has minimum eminities to call it as a school. From the last 2-3 yrs the construction is going on, it doesn't has  a playground, even the class rooms also looks like very small , for me it simply looks like another apartment which is waiting for real boom to complete it's structure. Ofcourse I am not aware of the inside things.


mickey 2010-11-13 20:38:01


Hi Chaitusri,

It would be great if you could let us know more about this school  as you stay very close by. 



4mykids 2012-07-04 12:05:15


Hi, My daughter goes to the same school, we too thought it would flourish with the Principal being experienced etc. I see a lot of disorganization everywhere, nothing is informed to parents on time, teachers do not have manners, they don't seem to have qualified enough with basic grammer mistakes, defending on questioning in PTMs. Principal is very much partial to those students whose parents lobby for their kids, this is the main problem with that Principal, she allows open lobbying, i was ready to compromise on some but not on things like this as this would damage the confidence of kids. My daughter never had problem with her studies before too but i can't accept things like this happening to kids who are there to learn. coming this behaviour from Principal herself, can't accept more from Meridian, KPHB. Also, the staff has absolutely no manners. I am looking forward to move my daughter from there. No other motto but a heads up for parents who are looking for good schools. Thanks!


Just4mykids 2012-09-03 18:56:33


I totally agree with you. My kids go to the same school. Academics are pathetic. Teachers are not qualified enough. Q/A they give have basic grammer  mistakes. Managment has no control over staff and teachers. Staff starting with office staff, drivers, teachers are very rude to parents.  No proper communication to parents on important events. Principal and Teachers favors staff kids and some parents who are very close to the principal. My kid many times questioned me why is so some people always get chance and recognition. They charge huge amounts for transportation but the buses they have are in a very bad condition. Forget about AC, windows are broken. All good buses are kept for Banaja Hills and Madhapur Meridian. They made food mandatory, their menu shown on their website doesn't match with the menu served. Everyday Bread and Jam are given. Many kids reported stomach pain. They make Kids practice on dances and songs for celebrating their staff birthdays at the expense of their classes. I am moving my kids out of Meridian kukatpally. Its no match for the fee we are paying.


ysb8 2014-07-03 01:41:07


Hi I recently went to school to enquire about admission. I had first bad impression by looking into attitude of gate. Way the lady was talking to parents literally showcased the lack of sense or manners being taught to staff. Remember they are first with whom you interact when you go to school. Then I went to admission head and interesting part was she just give me the fee structure without even explaining about the school, activities, studies or background. I really didn't like it and questioned her about this. I was shocked to hear from her that they explain about school post submission of fees. I really didn't like the approach and never want my kid to go to such school. Not sure why they are charging such high fees when the campus too is not ready with all facilities. 


adcd 2014-07-03 16:54:51


Hi Kishore,
I was thinking to join my 3 years old daughter in meridian but the fee and donation is very high..
Caution fee-25000
I dont think for Nursery this budget is reasonable.....!


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