How is oakridge international school?

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sanni 2009-07-08 10:17:59


schools in hyderabad

mickey 2010-01-23 19:42:04


Hi Sanni,

Joined the group recently. May be  i am too late in replying. Joining them in Oakridge means getting kids  used to a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle from an early age.

Its an International school with exorbitant fee structure.

It will be difficult for them to mingle with mediocre people or for that matter even bright students who study in different schools. Seem to be riding a high horse. Exceptions are always there of course...





lydia 2010-03-18 17:08:41


Hey Mickey,

I have my brother here from Nagaland to study in 7th grade. I'm considering oakrdige International School only because my brother has to learn two new languages 2nd and 3rd language and they seem to be pretty flexible and helpful. i met the cousellors today. However, the fee is mighty high. 1,25000 as admission fee and another 1.5 lakh for terms fees, transport, food etc!

He has to get through the test though...

I really need help to find some good school that will help my brother make an easy transition esp. with learning Hindi and another 3rd language.


Thank you! I was reading up till 4 am today and i really appreciate your help around here.




lydia 2010-03-18 18:46:37


Btw, we are in A C Guards Lakdikapul but as long as the school provides transportation, it shouldn't be too much of a worry.



mickey 2010-03-18 20:01:00


Hi Lydia,

Oakridge is no doubt a very good school if u r okay with its fee structure. One of my friends daughter is studying in class IX in this school. It has plenty of activities. Children generally don't mingle with others easily. They are in their own world and have their own circle of friends. I have come across many children who seem to be in cloud nine always.

Can  u tell me which curriculm is your brother following in Nagaland ? State or CBSE.

If he is in a CBSE school , Sanskrit or local language should be his third language. As far as i know he will not face any problem with Hindi but  may be with the third language . CBSE offers French also a third language. So need to know his third language and accordingly we can narrow down to some schools.

If u want to know about some International Schools , please go through these links .

I have mentioned a few International schools here with their websites today to Aruna in page 2 of this discussion. 'New in Hyd- Finding schools'

page 2 of this discussion

There is an International school at Shaikpet too which i forgot to mention.I dont know much about this school.

Yo can also read info about some schools in my reply to Rashmi

 Once u decide the third language,  u can opt a school for ur brother depending upon ur budget. I will find out if third language is compulsory or not. Some schools have Special English as third language in State schools for students who are non-telugu speaking. Languages will not be a hindrance to secure admission to any good school. They will have plenty of other options.Lets see..




lydia 2010-03-18 23:57:56


Hey Mickey,

I'm definitely not ok with the Oakridge's fee structure...way too expensive! :(

My brother has completed his 6th standard--They follow the Jan-Dec. schedule. He did the State syllabus (Nagaland Board of School Education) and therefore did not have Hindi as a core subject. (he can only write the vowels and consonants)

I'm fine with SSC or CBSE but my concerns are with the languages Hindi and Telugu if he gets into an SSC school and Hindi and perhaps French in a CBSE school. The problem being, he is already in 7th standard but he has to learn these langauges from scratch.

So, my priority is finding a school that understands this factor. near or far. If I can find a school where he doesn't have to study the third language --nothing like it!

My budget is around 50-60k....I can stretch to a 100k

Doesn't have to be an international school but I thought those would be more accomodating.

What do you suggest? I'm clueless and stressed!

Thank you Mickey for all the help!




mickey 2010-03-19 08:28:32


Hi Lydia ,

Is your brother going to continue his education in Hyd till 10th or do u have any plans to move to Nagaland before that ? 60-100K is also a pretty good investment for schools. So if u r planning to make him study here till 10th and may be after that too, it would help him to shape his career in future ,in case u opt for IB/IGCSE/CIE curriculum.

I thought he must be aware of Hindi a bit. He needs to put lot of hard work to learn Hindi. What did the counsellors at Oakridge say ? Can the children do away with Hindi and the third language ? If its possible wih IB curiculum , we can talk to some other schools which follow it where the fees would be less.

I will also find out. Yesterday when I spoke to Jain Heritage International school at Kondapur  , they told me that the teachers would take care from the basics , however I have not spoken to them in detail about the second and third languages and the comfort level of a student with these languages. You can also contact  Ms. Swapna on 040-32525252 to find out . Fees will be around 70K without transport.


Just give me  two or three days time , i will talk to some of my friends who are teachers and also to some schools and let u know.

I had been in Tinsukia long back and had to learn Assamese from scratch in class 8  in order to get admission in an ICSE school.  But then my parents dropped the idea as my father had to be there only for two years and joined KV which follows CBSE. The advantage of CBSE is its uniformity  which gives an option of Sanskrit as a third language which is taught in  almost all CBSE schools. However one should always know his/her mother tongue.

I know this situation of yours is quite stressful until u decide about the school. Its mainly bcoz of languages. Pl don't  worry too much.  There will be always some or the other option. I too will find out.






lydia 2010-03-19 17:50:51


Hey Mickey,


My brother will not go back home or anywhere from Hyderabad until he finishes his 12th grade.

I went to Glendale Academy today. They have a cosy compact campus--not very far from AC guards but the fees are still expensive. 125000 annual and admission fee is 25000 with another 10000 as caution deposit. They promised extra attention and undertsanding  for my brother for Hindi and said 3rd language shouldn't be a problem too because 3rd language is only from class VI and therfore he hasn't missed much.

But the few reviews I read here aren't good at all. Doesn't recommend for classes V and above.

I checked with The Creek school but they don't have transpport from Lakdikapul or anywhere close.

HPS doesn't have vacant seats for class VII

I was planning to check out Neraj International school but the fees are expensive close to 2 hundred thousand annual and I just read a really bad review.

I know I can count on you :)

So you've been to the Northeast! Nice!! :)




lydia 2010-03-19 18:17:25


I also spoke to Swapna this morning for the Jain International school but she siad the langauges could be a problem.


mickey 2010-03-23 00:11:45


Hi Lydia,

 I spoke to couple of people and also waiting for replies from other schools. CBSE schools with extra attention and care seem to be the best option.

 IGCSE schools  though stress free seem to be  too expensive. Children are given orientation right from the scratch to cope up with other students in languages and other new subjects. No concept of third language. I know its expensive but will be useful for him. Sreenidhi International  School’s  fees  is almost the same as that of Oakridge.

 Your brother needs a school ,where more attention can be given to him for the second language . Orchids International , Jain International , Kennedy High Global (Miyapur) , Global International school near Uppal , Indus International school near CBIT, Gandipet  seem to have such students from other countries and Boards .These schools give extra attention to kids who are from such background.

 Some CBSE schools too are ready to give extra attention and orientation classes as they already have such students from different countries. Orchids International is one of them. Fees is less compared to Oakridge. Kennedy Global too is quite accommodative. One of my daughter’s friends is studying in Kennedy Global after returning from US .

 In Orchids and Kennedy , second language can be French or Hindi. It starts from class 5. So your brother shouldn’t face much problem as he will be in 7th grade now. Glendale has lost its sheen but can be pursued.

 In Jain International, second language can be Special English or French .I will give u another no. whom u can contact , who is very clear with the admission process.  Fees is around 1.75 lacs for IGCSE and around 1 lakh for CBSE.You can pay in instalments. There are some seats vacant in class 7. U can  talk to Mr. Chandrashekar (incharge admissions) on 9949488181.

 Orchids International follows CBSE. I spoke to them about different language options. They said they have children from Korea and other countries too who have the same problem. Your brother will be given special training in second language as other foreigners. In Orchids  International,  u can have French, Hindi, Telugu as second language in CBSE stream. They don’t have IGCSE. You can opt for French. It will be useful for him in future too if interested. In Orchids Int, fees is 1 lakh 41K .

You will have to pay 1 lakh 15K and then remaining in 2 instalments. Admission coordinator is Ms  Deepika.

(25k admn fee+ 18K  trans+18K mess +3K application,registration+23k *3 term fees + 5k caution deposit )

 I am awaiting confirmed replies from Chirec. Chirec has vacancy in class 7 in IGCSE. From other discussion posts, I could make out that the fees is around 1.8lakhs. IGCSE is expensive bcoz these exams are conducted by Cambridge. This curriculum is more challenging than CBSE and ICSE.

 State schools are ruled out because Telugu is compulsory now. They have removed the special English option as second language.

 There is a new FIITJEE world school which has opened recently. We can also enquire from FIITJEE world school. FIITJEE has launched the world school recently , so we don’t know much about it.

 IB curriculum and IGCSE are internationally recognized. IB -MYP is similar to IGCSE. They are equally recognized in India . I am told IGCSE is better than IB curriculum. Almost all International schools are following IGCSE ( Cambridge International Examinations).

 I enquired from Sloka at Jubilee Hills which follows Waldorf system something similar to Montessori method of education which is stress free. But your brother needs to learn Hindi or Telugu for second language. They don’t seem to be accommodating.Same in the case with Slate school at Ameerpet.

 You can keep the Jain Int on hold. The school doesn't have a playground. The school has good reviews about academics. If ur brother is sports oriented , he will be disappointed to study in a school without a playground. Please don't curb his interest in sports. Who knows, he might excel in that and make a career out of it !! Give him the basic education and see how his interest develops. So we have to select a school which gives equal importance to sports and other activities. By making him participate in such activities and competitions , u can boost his morale and his confidence level in studies too. Fees in Jain International CBSE stream is around 1 lakh and in IGCSE would be 1.75 Lakhs.

 Global International school near Uppal’s fees seems to be economical with 52K per annum and 20K for food and transport for CBSE stream. You can contact Ms. Jaya on 9177037037 ,9177097097 and 27218181. The school is also planning to start IB and IGCSE from next year.

 Indus International School near CBIT ,Gandipet seems quite expensive.They have only IB and IGCSE curriculum. For dayscholars ,fees would be around 2 lakhs and 3.65 lakhs for boarders. The schools has German, French , Spanish apart from Hindi and Telugu for second language.

 My goodness , education has become such a big business now !! Parents are literally taken for a ride, running from pillar to post searching for the best possible schools !

 After talking to so many schools and people around , I have narrowed down to some good and accommodating CBSE schools like Kennedy High Global School, Orchids International , Jain Int(last priority as there is no playground),Global International .

 I’ll let u know about Vikas, Euroschool and Meridian  too.   Even u can call on the numbers given in their website  before visiting the schools.

 So what do u say ?  Are u ready to go ahead with these CBSE schools and make your brother put up a little hard work for second language  or opt for IGCSE schools whose fees will be around 2 lakhs ?

 I would also like to tell u that transition from a State Board to CBSE would be much more easier than that from State to IGCSE or IB or ICSE.  

 His entrance exam will be conducted in Maths, Science,General Proficiency, English. Only a few schools will conduct test in Second language. But if u talk to the Principal or Admin dept , it can be taken care of. He will be tested in other subjects.

 If you want any further help, do let me know.




miny 2010-03-23 11:46:32


hi Lydia,

I have been reading this and thought i could give you some of my input - may be of some help. I  went through a similar problem 3 yrs ago. i moved from abroad . My kid knew nothing about Hindi. i did a lot of research on schools. Finally  joined in Glendale for class 3. The hindi  teachers really helped out . It really helped and ofcourse with the parents efforts of following up. i think its also a great advantage is one of the parent knows Hindi - so could help the child out at home. i was very happy.

Also- as you have said the reviews here metions that the school is not good for classes above 5th. But I have heard from parents and got mixed opinions. One of them had moved her kids from DPS to Glendale and is very happy. I think its finally upto the parent what you are looking for your child. The campus is good. I think Glendale could be on your list.


mickey 2010-03-23 12:49:00


Hi Miny,

Thats really nice of you to give some positive input regarding Glendale. I didn't know much about this school except for its reviews. As the school is near to Lydia's place , she can keep the school on her list . But I  think ,as second language starts from class 1 and her brother will be joining 7th , a lot of effort is needed to cope up with the language. Some schools are also offering  second language from class 5 and class 7. It would be better for her to opt for such a school as her brother needs to make up only for 2 years.

Your kid was young enough and has  picked up easily with his teachers efforts and ofcourse yours too. Thats great to know ....





mickey 2010-03-23 13:07:12


Hi Lydia,

As Miny has written , you can have Glendale on ur list too .

I spoke to Vikas ,Euroschool . You can rule out these two schools as they are quite rigid with their languages and children  require proficiency in languages before joining these schools.They don't have any special orientation classes.

However Meridian seems to be good and can work out for your brother. If U can think of Jain Int and Orchids Int and Glendale , Meridian can be afforded easily as it has more advantages than the above. Fees would also be less than Glendale  or Orchids Int.

Second  language  is French which starts from 7th. Other languages like Hindi and Telugu start from first Std.

Third language will be Hindi, Telugu, Sanskrit or Urdu which starts from class 5.

So your brother can take French from this year as Second langauge and take Hindi as third langage . He can cope up with Hindi  as it starts from only class 5. He can pick up easily.

So your language problem seems to be resolved if u opt for this school.

You can take the form and make him write the entrance test. There are a few seats available. School is very good. Syllabus for the entrance  can also  be downloaded from its website.

If u can spend around 1 lakh. You  can try  this school for ur brother.The school is in Banjara Hills ,Rd no 7.  It will be not too far from your residence unlike other International schools. You can contact Ms Bharati, Admissions Co-ordinator on 23420561, 23420562 , 9948222791. Fees wasn't disclosed. Its only from some discussions and from my cousin who teaches there. Forms can be taken before 2:30 pm




mango123 2011-05-12 11:16:04


Hi Mickey,

Can you suggest good schools if I plan to live in Nallagandla in the Aparna Sarovarand Aparna Cyber commune area? I specifically dont want to putmy kids in a luxury school. I am ok with fees around 30k or may be slightly more. I am looking for a school which has CBSE or ICSE, and has good teachers. I want to make sure that the school does not punish kids with harsh punishments (beating, etc). I will be moving to the city later this year and was looking for some guidance. Any help would be very much appreciated. I would be working in the gachibowli area, so I am guessing that I can drop my kids ont he way to work. Picking them up would be a problem as I am guessing most schools end the day around 4:00.


MrPerfect2011 2011-05-12 11:57:27


 Hi Mango

 I would suggest Sancta Maria International School, Lingampally. I live in Aparna Sarovar and will be sending my 13 yr old son there next year. We came from abroad this year and were almost going to admit him in Sreenidhi International School but after seeing this school even my son wanted to go their.  I am not quite sure about their fee structure for CBSE/ICSE  as i am joining him in IGCSE.

The school will pick up my son at about 7:30 in the morning and drop him at home by 3:00 in the afternoon so there is no reason to worry about picking and dropping.





mango123 2011-05-12 13:41:46


Thanks Mr Perfect for the info. What are the fees for IGCSE in this school? Also any other regular schools that you can recommend? I am looking for ones which are not that fancy. Good in academics, and other activities. And about 30-40k in fees, or there abouts. Bharati Vidya Bhavans looked good, but its very far.

Orthogonal question, how is the area around Aparna Sarovar? Is it developing? I ask because that is where it seems wecan afford to buy a place. I can rent it closer to Gachibowli, but not buy. Will Nallagandla be pretty ready to live in the next couple of years? Or is it all set even now? How much is the commute to the Gacchibowli area (near IBS/Wipro), in distance and time.

Let me know if you prefer me to send you a message/e-mail offline and I would be glad to do so.


sanni 2011-05-13 12:05:23


How is the fee structure in sancta maria International school? Anybody got any idea?the school seem to be very good....


MrPerfect2011 2011-05-14 13:21:24



Hi Mango

Fees for IGCSE is above 1 lakh. I think you can go for BVB near BHEL.

The area around Aparna Sarovar is yet to develop but liveable as long as you have your own vehicle. (I dont know if youre the type of person who likes being crammed in Shared Autos). I do not have a vehicle as of now and my son is not really liking it.




mickey 2011-05-14 22:10:55


 Hi Mango,
Prerna Waldorf in Telecom Ngr, Gachibowli would be an ideal choice, which would be near to your office  and within your budget too.  You will have to pay the initial admission fees. Last yr it was around 32K apart from term  fees. The term fee was approx 21K. So please check out.  

It is a good school and follows Waldorf system with CBSE curriculum.

Apart from this , you could even try in Sanskriti school in Kondapur. See the below link for other details.

You could also try in MVM (Maharshi Vidya Mandir) in Kondapur which is good and economical too.

 Aparna Sarovar to Kondapur/ Gachibowli is around 9km. So the above mentioned schools are not that far.






Kashni 2011-08-31 16:22:48


 Good IGCSE schools in any city in India.. that offers 9 subjects at least in Grade 9. I can afford upto 4 lakhs if the school is good.  Any response would be highly appreciated . Thanks. 



Srideep 2011-12-12 22:34:26


 Hi Mickey,


Can you give me some inputs on a good school. I like the way oakridge and sancta maria seem to be structured around education activities and facilties. But the only thing I worry about Oakridge which I have heard is the comfort zone the kids get into and I dont want my kid to get swayed away by peer pressure on such issues.

Do you have any suggestions on these schools or any other ones on these lines.




Reality 2011-12-15 22:03:28


Hi Srideep and others,

In today's world all international schools are very expansive and rigid but i came across a CLAPS International school in Miyapur which is going to start from 2012. I enquired about the school details, seems to be good and regarding fee it gives me a big relief. They said they have inaugural offer in fee structure just 35K. After getting clear picture i post some more information.


shailajakaranam 2011-12-17 18:51:49


Hi All,

I checked CLAPS international. They are not offering International syllabus as the name suggests. They are offering CBSE curriculum.

Please check it out...




Reality 2011-12-18 18:24:42


Hi ,

International school does not mean that they should teach only IB or ICSC etc. that is not mandatory. They are offering Olympiad syllabus with integrated approach. It is very good thing for our kids. Hope you understood the core values of our education system.


Sungeeta 2011-12-18 18:46:32


I support "Reality" in one thing, International school does not mean that they should offer only IB or ICSC etc. I aslo see many International schools in Hyderabad are offering CBSC along with other options.



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