Need info about Academic heights public school,Miyapur

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ferrari 2010-11-10 16:05:28


 hi mickey,

We have checked for Sangamitra, MVM ,DAV in kukatpally.But there are no mid term admissons.We saw one school called Academic Heights in miyapur.The infrastructure and the play ground is good.Can u let me know if u have any informaton regarding this school.I want to join my daughter for LKG ang UKG and later shift her to Sangamitra or MVM or DAV.




mickey 2010-11-12 09:19:48


Hi Ferrari,

Sorry for the delay. I tried to find out from my friend in Kukatpally about this school. She takes tuitions and has kids from from various schools. But  there is no one  from Academic Heights . It seems to be a new school. Please find out from the parents who reside near  this school or have their kids in this school. You can visit the school once more to know its feedback from parents during morning or evening hours when they come to drop or pick up their kids.  If u find it good and the fee is nominal , please go ahead and join your kid and simultaneously apply for next year's admission  in interested schools. I think you can also go for playschools or Pre-schools like Bubbles or Kidzee right now. Getting admission in UKG is a bit difficult in established schools as it depends on vacancy. It is easier for u to try in Class  1. However, there is no harm in trying this year too. You will land up paying more. You will have to pay admission fee for LKG in Academic heights or any pre-school and then pay for UKG in MVM or DAV if she gets.

There is one more alternative. You can also make ur child study at home now for LKG and apply for UKG this year in MVM, DAV or Sangamitra. If  there is no vacancy , join her in academic heights in UKG. You can avoid paying more.  It is possible if u are able to home tutor her else go ahead with LKG admission in any pre school or Academic Heights and try for class 1 later.

I am assuming that your child is presently in LKG .





mili1 2010-11-12 09:51:28



Academic Heights is a new school and managed by Vision and wings educational society which also manage Bachpan .one of my friend teaches here and i know many kids who go to this school.It's lkg syllabus is same as Bachpan and as per my friend ukg level is also good.They stress more on academics but have some activities also.I know one kid who studied there till ukg and then join silver oaks.Also for ukg and lkg level you don't have to pay donation....fees are nominal ....22-23 thousand per year that includes books and uniform.



dkm 2010-11-24 23:28:28


Hi friend,

      As a parent, my sincere advice is not to join ur child in acadamic heights miyapur. I can bet it is one of the worst school i had ever seen. My daughter is presently doing her UKG from that schools. Joining her in that school is the biggest mistake i feel. They try to impress a parents with the infra structure, but coming to staff , it's miserable. Teachers especially Mrs. sangamitra madam is horrible. she is least bothered to complete the sylabbus and even the basic requirements r not given to a child. They don't take parents complaints seriously, if a parent tries to take the complaint to pricipal it is still more horrible.. that madam speaks so arrogantly with the parents and always tries to support her staff rather than taking up the complaint and finding a proper solution for that particular problem. I am really fed up of this school. I am serious looking for a new school for my daughter for class 1. I think DAV public school, kukatpally is good. If would be glad if i can get some reviews regardly dav , kukatpally or dav miyapur

thank u




cind 2010-12-01 09:20:26


Hi Ferrai,

My kid is studing in academic heights the schools policy is not so good they keep more stress on kids if u want only studies then u can goahead, bcz as compared to other schools the syllabus is very vast they introduce the second language in lkg itself so plz choose a better school other than this




vinisha 2010-12-01 11:36:21


Hi Ferrari,

    I am really sorry to tell you that academic heights is horrible. Pls don't join your kid in that school. The management and staff is horrible. Don't get carried away with seeing the infrastructure . Infrastructure is good but once u join the school the exp will be totally different, they don't have exp staff, and the principal is a stupid i can say. If v carry some complaint to her, she will busy in covering her mistakes and supporting her staff rather than finding a solution... they have a hirarchy i feel.. first defend herself ( principle), then support her staff and last comes the child ( who is totally neglected), and parents doesn't have any place in that school, they damn care to listen to a parent.. they do conduct parents teachers meeting.. but they close the chapter on the same day.. in simple words it would be that last school that i suggest to anyone. u can happily delete that name from ur list

good luck



samya 2010-12-09 10:32:59


Hi friend

I am a parent of the LKG student from the same school. My child has been studying at the school for past two years and not even once I have got a chance to complain regarding the staff or the management. I found the balance of academics and activities just right. Even the feedback from my friends whose kids are in class I and II is quite positive.

I would suggest that you should personally visit the campus before taking any decision.



dkm 2011-01-17 23:40:13


hi friends.

    yeah u can visit the school and enquire parents too... there r so many who r planning to move out from the school, some of them have already taken admission in other schools.


Ravva 2011-02-04 10:13:14


I am the parent of second class child in Academics Heights Public school, Miyapur. It's the worst school and the principal is more worst. Please do not choose this school at all.


Ravva 2011-02-04 10:23:59


I am planning to join my son in DAV, Miyapur for 3rd class. I herad that DAV, Safilguda is the best one but not sure of DAV kukatpally and Miyapur branches. Can any one you share your views/thoughts? Thank you.


kpjulie 2011-02-04 11:07:50


The school has opened only 1-2 yrs back. The principal also manages the Bachpan, miyapur branch. She is very arrogant and does not listen to the problems of the parents. Too much stress is laid on the studies. Fees wise nominal. But no time to attend to parents or students woes. All false promises made. Right now my child studies in the bachpan, (pragathi enclave)miyapur branch. Its horrible. All our complaints are gone unheard.


GeethaKoppolu 2011-02-04 13:58:10


The managemnt is very much money-minded.. They have the infrastructure but they use it very rarely. Principal and the receptionist staff are not at all apprachable..Even I am taking out my kid from that school.. Proper care is not taken ..


nkc3312 2015-10-30 20:08:31


i can say this school is worst then worst you can imagine once your child get admission then they will show their colour and teacher are not professional municipality schools are better than AHPS Miyapur so my suggestion is not to put your child in this school if you think you child is special for you. this is my personal experience   

T1234S 2017-02-20 15:09:47


Hello friends,may I know how is academic height s now a days? What is it's fee structure?

Gouri21 2019-01-04 07:49:28


Hi all.. can any one please suggest if Academic heights school, Miyapur is the good one? we are relocating from Bangalore to Hyderabad.

Gouri21 2019-01-04 07:50:26



Have you opted for this school? if so, kindly share your experience.. thanks

Pandamaneni 2019-11-29 15:19:08


please share details of transport facility from kukatpally DAV school to pragathi nagar jntu side


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