Big schools like DPS, Chirec or new schools like Vikas, DAV

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Shyamk 2010-11-09 11:49:24




My kid is studying in Strawberry Fields. She is in LKG.

We will be moving to Madinaguda early next year and we are planning to put her in a main stream school. However I am confused whether we should try for schools like Bhavans, DPS, Chirec or new schools like Vikas, DAV etc.

IF we opt for some big school- two main negatives will be high fees and distance.

where as if we go for other schools, we will miss the brand and also will not be very sure of the kids growth there.

any first hand experiences will be appreciated. Please suggest which type of school we should look for. Also, if you can suggest any specific school, it will be great.

Shyamk 2010-11-22 11:43:10



Can parents share their view on this.




mickey 2010-11-22 12:57:56


Hi Shamk,
DAV Kukatpally is not a new school. It is an established school. The one at Miyapur is new. You can as such try Sentia-The Global if you have qualms about new schools. Though Sentia is new, it is having all the amenities and good reviews too. Your child  will be in UKG next year and you can as well go ahead with Sentia.

Class X results as such should not be a deciding factor as of now as your child is just in Pre-primary and she has a long way to go. I am sure the school will strive its best to get good results too. I think , it is till class 9 now. Pl check it out...



Shyamk 2010-11-25 13:28:54


Hi Mickey,

Thanks for the reply. Can you also suggest which will be a better choice DPS/Chirec or Sentia/Vikas Concept.

DPS and CHirec are old and established. But if Sentia/Vikas are providing similar level of education and growth, then they also make a good choice.

But based on your experience and various discussions, can we keep all these schools in the same league ?




mickey 2010-11-25 13:44:54


Hi Shyampk,

If you want to go for an established and old school, prefer Chirec first.

Out of Vikas and Sentia, you can prefer Sentia. It is having many activities, good audio visual aids, less students per class (25) , more individual attention and good playground .

They cannot be placed in the same league. Once Sentia's class X results are out , there will more clarity  about their teaching and academic std.   




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