How effective is Montessori online education

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123har 2021-06-03 08:08:17


Hi, I want to enroll my child in a Montessori school in Hyderabad. But is it really worth it and effective online as the fee is quite expensive for Montessori education. One of the main tenets of Montessori is experiential learning by learning through materials but that would be missing in an online system. Unable to decide whether I should go in for Montessori or regular preschool considering next 1 year is going to be online only. I have Abode And Anthea Montessori in my list. How is taraporewala, pragya and Shriram. Your Inputs will be very helpful. Thank you.

vjnh 2021-06-05 20:41:04


Depends on the specific school and how they are managing the sessions online. Some of them are conducting sessions in alignment with the Montessori approach (to the extent possible in the current circumstances) - for example, where sessions are more for parents / other adult caretaker and children are not expected to sit for long in front of the screen, where there is more focus on how various activities can be organised at home for the children (similar to activities at school through Montessori materials), where the parents / other adult caretaker is coached regularly on how to undertake those activities at home in sync with Montessori principles, etc. 

If you are considering Montessori for the longer-term, better to start with that right away than to go for regular pre-school now and then switch to Montessori post-COVID. The switch from a traditional approach to a Montessori approach may be confusing for the child, at least for a certain period of time during the transition, which is better to avoid.   


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