Schools that are similar to Vidyaranya- Hyderabad

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pvsn 2021-04-29 01:03:55


Can anyone please suggest schools that are similar to Vidyaranya. I want to try my kids admission for 2022 but as it is always lottery, I want to have a backup plan.

Skool20 2021-04-29 13:42:37


You can try waldens path or Chaitanya vidyalaya which has similar concept. Also Vidyaranya does not have lottery system it is purely based on the parents interview.

pvsn 2021-04-29 22:41:16


Thank you for the information.


pvsn 2021-04-29 23:24:15



We  currently stay in US and are moving back to India. My kids are born in May 2017 and they should be going to Kindergarten from June 2022. So tried Vidyaranya and management stated that no admissions are made into kindergarten(KG 1).

Can anyone share  experiences or reviews about Waldens path and chaitanya vidyalaya.  

Skool20 2021-04-30 13:03:24


They generally admit either for nursery or class 1 probably u can try once again for class 1. Not sure abt waldens path or Chaitanya but they have similar concept. But I have heard Chaitanya is equally good too

pvsn 2021-04-30 18:41:54


Thank you. Will check with them.


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