Best icse schools in and around Kompally,Hyderabad

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AKC 2010-11-08 23:31:34




Can anyone suggest best icse school in and around Kompaly. How about Siva Sivani School, Devar Yamjal which is affliated to icse.

Thanks ...


mickey 2010-11-09 08:55:00


Hi Kalyan,

I think you can also have a look at Niraj International  which seems to be quite promising and follows ICSE at Kompally . I don't know much about Siva Sivani. I have heard good reviews about it from a few students. You can also have a look at Sherwood Public School in Petbasheerabad,Sec'bad which can be preferred  as it follows ICSE.





AKC 2010-11-09 23:11:36


Hi Mickey,

First of all thanks for your immediate response.

I had visited Niraj International School which is really very impressive and even their way of teaching also seems to be very practical and is good in providing necessary infra structure and extra curriculum activities. But the fees are pretty high and above my budget.

Regarding Sherwood Public School, I am getting mixed opinions and some are telling they are too liberal with the students and the students are loosing their discipline.

My son is hyperactive and presently he is studying in class I in Air Force School, Begumpet. But we are planning to move to kompally in next academic year. Since many of the schools starts giving their applications from Dec onwards, I have started enquiring.

How about CBSE schools in and around Kompally ?

I heard Loyola Academy, Alwal is also offering CBSE. Any idea about the standard and extra curriculum activities in this school.

Actually my first preference is for ICSE schools and second option is for CBSE.

Pl suggest.

Thanks ...





mickey 2010-11-10 10:35:35


Hi Kalyan,

You can also have a look at St Anns Kompally which follows ICSE.  It is also suggested by Irrinkisom  on Apr 15th 2010 in the following link and is the best low budget ICSE school.

It is a new school . Last year they have admitted children till class 1. Last year the fee was 35K.

So you can try for your son in class 2 in  St Ann's Kompally in feb/mar '11. It is a co-ed school. ph 08418 20322 It is better to call up now and find out the admission status.

Loyola as such is quite reputed. I know about the college and not the school. Please take some feedback by visiting the school.

If you are open to CBSE too, then u can prefer Sadhu Vaswani International school. It is not very expensive and easy on pocket too.

GSarvan has admitted his sons after a lot of survey . You can find his reviews in the below link. The fee is  52K for grade 1 to 5.    (page 2,  28th Mar 2010)

Apart from this you can try in Abhaya Waldorf School in Kompally.

A parentree member Sevenonfive's (Shailaja) kids are studying here. You can see the review in the below link

Abhaya School
Gundla Pochampally Village,
Kompally, R.R. District, 500 014 ph- 08008222356

You can also have a look at Diksha Waldorf as suggested by Tejaprasad

Apart from these pocket friendly CBSE schools in Kompally, you can also have a look at DRS International. But it is a bit expensive.



AKC 2010-11-14 23:12:36


Hi Mickey,

As suggested, i have been to St.Anns for enquiry reg admission. They asked me to visit in the first week of Dec for the details.

Thanks ....






AKC 2010-11-30 22:04:09


Hi Mickey,


As suggested I have been to Sadhu Vaswani and they asked to meet in the first week of dec regarding admissions. I liked the school ambience and also seems to be a very nice school with all indoor and outdoor activities, if they keep up as told by them and they told teacher student ratio is 1:35 only.

I have been to Pallavi Model School in old Alwal,  which is their new branch started last year only.  I heard Pallavi Bowenpally is a good school but no idea about alwal branch. They will be issuing the application in the first week of Dec and this is CBSE school. The fees are also pocket friendly i.e Rs.20000/- (approx) p.a and Rs.20000/- admission fees. They also promised both indoor and outdoor activities. But their campus is under construction and expected to complete by June.

In old Alwal I have been to St. Pious X school also which is affliated to ICSE and this is a missionary school and started last year only. Presently they have only upto Class 1 and next year they will upgrade upto Class III and every year they upgrade accordingly. The fees are Rs.10,000/- p.a and no admission fees. Their student teacher ratio is 1:35 and there is good playgound for outdoor games but under construction. This is another branch of St. Pious X school of Ramnagar branch.  They are open for admission in the month of Feb only.

I am only confused if I will opt for SVIS, whether they will be at par with other students in academics or not and I know they are balancing both academics and extra curricular activities.

Pl advice.








AKC 2010-12-03 22:46:23



Can anyone throw some idea about Pallavi Model School, Alwal, St. Pious High School, Alwal and St. Anns, Kompally ? I am looking for my son's admission in     Class II.




mickey 2010-12-04 12:20:23



I heard St. Anns (ICSE) at Kompally  & Pallavi Model School (CBSE) at Bowenpally   is good.  No idea about Alwal.




Jeyanam 2017-10-30 13:45:59


I am looking for a good school around kompally how is st pious any latest reviews

JVG 2018-12-19 21:13:42


Sir, Which school you have joined your kid. Any input on Sherwood and st anns


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