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Ramanarayanan 2021-03-22 10:35:39


My daughter will be 4years this April and she is going to PP2 in a nearby play school. We are planning for her admissions in any of the following school next year - Gitanjali, future kids, Sriram, Glendale, Chirec..
Age criteria for 1st std is not consistent. Some schools ask for 5 yrs 6 month as of June (admission year) but some school say 4 plus in June (admission year).
My daughter will be 4yr 2 months in June 2022. Will she be able to get admission for 1st std. Do schools like Chirec, Sriram relax their age criteria by 3-4 months?
Any previous experience will be helpful.

Swe9900 2021-03-30 08:09:02


most of the school take 5+yrs for admission into 1st standard.. and again the age criteria is different with different schools. Kindly check with administration for those particular schools. By the way, Which school area you looking into?

Ramanarayanan 2021-03-31 11:07:28


Hello Swe9900, Thanks for the reply. I am looking at the following schools - Gitanjali, future kids, Sriram, Glendale, Chirec .
Also i am looking at admission for 2022-23. Please pass on if you have any feedback on these schools.




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