Admissions for 7th and 9 th Grades

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28Gopal 2021-01-13 20:51:35


Hi, Can anybody help us in suggesting best CBSE schools for new admissions into 7th nd 8th grades, around Bachupally, and Kompally, Hyderabad, Telangana area?

We are currently in USA planning to relocate to India in March. We are primarily looking our kids schools who are also giving IIT and NEET foundation training.

After minimum research on schools in Hyderabad - I come to know schools which are offering IIT and NEET foundation training are not much focused on other activities like, sports, music, speaking etc.,. are with less tuition fee. And schools which are least focus on IIT/NEET foundation courses and more on other activities are with high tuition fee. This is my findings, Please correct me if i am wrong. Also I would appreciate if anybody can provide any suggestion on schools who are good at IIT/NEET foundation training and other activities too. 



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