Suggestion for Schools Grade1 admission near kondapur,Gachibowli

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nituk 2021-01-12 13:05:49


We are looking for a good school for grade 1 admission for my son. We stay at masjidbanda, kondapur. I am looking for schools within 10kms and less KM much preferred. Please help with your suggestions to find good school. Iam looking for schools who follow holistic approach and practical knowledge with good culture.

nituk 2021-01-16 12:58:43


Please respond. Your replies helpful to find good school

Parenting1 2021-01-16 16:05:05


There are lot of good schools that fall under 10 KM radius.  Please check the below school reviews and try for few schools as admission may be difficult in some schools for Grade I. 

1. Chirec
2. SantaMaria
3. Oakridge
4. Delhi Public School (Giving applications till 21st)
5. Meridian
7. Marahshi Vidya Mandir
8. Gaudium
9. Phoenix Greens (May be around 12km)
10. Shriram Universal School
11. Euro School 
12. Prerna Waldorf School
13. Arbor International School

nituk 2021-01-17 16:00:54


Thank you for the reply. Among the list 1. Chirec 2. SantaMaria 3. Oakridge 4. Meridian they are not in our budget. Gaudium is in kollur from grade 2 so its far . How's Is sriram universal school? Any feedback will helpful. We got assessment done , their fee for grade 1 is 1.8 to 2lpa we haven't made the payment . We are checking for other options. What about sadana infinity and epistemo nallagandla?

Sandeepsimhadri 2021-01-21 17:36:04


Hi @nituk we are also in the same boat from amsjidbanda group and serching for grade1 schools
Pls call me on 7981346309

81064 2021-01-24 13:08:09


Can someone provide feedback on Maharshi Vidyamandir qnd Sanskriti kondapur. I know from otheres that they have very old teachers which ll be easy for maths and science. I am thinking about how is the activity and Communication skills. I spoke to Arbour international and come to know that they have increased their fee. 1st year ll be 2.1lkh including transport( this time they have added 30k caution money + 20k increase in fee+ bus fee increased 20k).Apart from that they ll have some stationary which they ll ask during 1 yr( this one i got to know from my friend).

shreeyas 2021-01-27 18:35:41


Sanskriti School also in same vicinity. You can explore this school too.


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