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1714 2020-12-22 23:25:19


Friends, I am in search of a school for my 3 year old daughter. We have not started training her on anything. She doesn't even know how to hold a pencil as we don't want to stress her n let her pick up slowly. (We visited many schools and as you all know it's going to be an online class for the next year too) The Firstcry Oi in nallagandla was one of the shortlisted school, attended few demo classes too. The next school that we visited was Genesis-Madhinaguda. I am unable to decide now whether to go for a school upto UKG with balanced academics n activities or put her in a school with advanced curriculum n where she can continue till grade 10. I don't know whom to contact for an opinion. I'm really worried how the learning is going to be for this year.

zeephod 2020-12-26 22:41:41


My kid is 5 and I underwent what you are going through two years back. At this age, I would recommend going for a "smaller" school and plan to change in PP2 or grade 1. Transition to school from home is hard for any kid and the pre-schools have a much better support system for kids to help with this transition.

I had seen all schools around Nallagandla and even some of the bigger schools (Open Minds, Gaudium, Sri Ram) and short-listed 3 schools: Abode Montessori, Birla Open Minds Preschool and Indus Preschool. I live in Nallagandla and had eventually picked Abode Gachibowli and am extremely happy with my choice. Abode has now opened in Nallagandla and I moved my daughter here. For pre-primary years, Montessori system is wonderful. I am now looking to move my kids to one of the bigger schools. 

I would not worry too much about "formal learning" at this age. Also, value provided by online classes is questionable at this age. Any school would do max 1 hour of online class and that also requires parents to help with most of the things. It does provide some structure though. I did continue the school for my daughter who was close to 5 when this started. Not sure I would do online classes for 3 year old. 

Hoping for things to get back to normal by June here.  

atinagarwal 2020-12-28 14:25:16


I am almost in the same boat. My son is Nov 2017 born and he has not attended any pre-schooling till now. We had an option of online classes for Nursery for which we were not comfortable and decided not to go for that. Now we are worried that by his age, he is eligible for LKG/PP1 next academic year starting from June 2021, but we feel that it will be difficult for him to cope up with other students who might have done Nursery (online). Also, considering his month of birth, he is going to be one of the youngest kid in his class.

We are confused whether we should put him in Nursery for next year or directly go for LKG.

Jyot12 2021-01-19 21:39:12


Choose any Montessori school nearby

123har 2021-05-28 08:48:12


Hi, Abode is one of my shortlisted schools. Another option is Blue Blocks too but their fees is higher compared to Abode. How are the online classes by Abode. Does the child pick up well.


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