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BackToHyd 2020-06-21 19:24:13


Hi Friends,

My son who is now in 8th grade (studied last 6 years in USA) will be returning to Hyderabad by June 2021 permanently and he has to continue with his 9th grade in Hyderabad. He does not know Telugu / Hindi languages ( Can not write / Read). We are in Dilemma about ICSE or CBSE syllabus for him.  Can anybody suggests which syllabus would be easy for him to adopt with least possible efforts, I don't want to trouble him with Telugu and Hindi. Finally I heard that IGCSE syllabus is not eligible for competitive examinations.

What type of certificates do we need to bring from USA to get these admissions.

Hope someone sailed or sailing in the same boat and your suggestions are most valuable. Thanks in advance.


Vangala123 2020-06-21 22:39:05


Hi Prakash,

We we€™re planing too but due to covid19 situation got postponed our move since the flights and not running until august and situation in hyderabad also not good.

However you can try in Sancta Maria and Rockwell international schools for your kids.

I heard that admissions are close fort most of the international schools in hyderabad.

cbsc schools mostly never allow since it is a Indian central school board and They may not give admission for 9th grade since it is too late for CBSC. However you can admission In IGCSE for sure, which is only until 12 grade in India and then your kids may come back after 12th to US for higher studies.


BackToHyd 2020-06-22 00:02:11


 Thanks for your reply Ram.
I am looking for the next academic year, 2021-22.
and main question is around CBSE, ICSE vs IGCSE, which one is best overall?


Vangala123 2020-06-22 02:46:27


It depends on what standard your kids are in.
cbsc and icsc is for Indian central board and if you join your kids into CBSC then later it would be good for higher studies in India and Overseas.

IGCSC is from UK Ÿ‡Ÿ‡ and it is IB curriculum syllabus and good for kids who wants to go back for higher studies in overseas after 12th grade.

it depends on your where kids are going to do their higher studies.

hope I answered your query.

oakridge, Rockwell, sancta maria and manthen are good international schools in hyd.


BackToHyd 2020-06-24 19:54:47


Thank you Vangala for taking time and answering my questions,
you know as a parent how much we think about kids, I really appreciate your time in answering my questions.

My son will be completing here 7th grade, then he will continue in India from 8th grade.

What are certificates do I need to collect from the USA School while leaving from here.
and what are the certificates need to produce in the school while seeking the admission in India?


Vangala123 2020-06-24 22:18:15


Hi Prakash,

I agree with you and this situation would be same for every parent.

while leaving to India you need to take a transfer certificate from school and progress card the final one.

Some schools in India they may ask letter from Indian embassy but some schools never ask, and you can skip those schools who asks the letter from embassy.

first thing you can talk to international schools in hyd and get admission for 2021 in advance then get the transfer certificate from current school.


sidsan 2020-07-01 22:15:46


Hi Prakash, We were in the same situation few years back. We returned from UK to India when my elder son was in 8th class. Initially you will have some hicupps for them to settle. Till they are settled in the school they will complain about school, teachers etc. ICSE syllabus languages are tough. IGCSE schools charge a very high fees. It's better to opt CBSE syllabus. My son did well in his 10th board exams and 11th and 12th he joined FIITJEE and did really well. Now he is studying in BITS. Don't worry children adjust quickly for any environment. We produced TC. UK does not have TC system because all the schools are public / council schools. We asked the school head master to write on school letter pad.To whom so ever concern (heading). child's name s/o ...studied in from date......and his conduct is good. Marks sheet of 7th class.

Vangala123 2020-07-02 01:14:36


Hi Sidsan,

we are planning to relocate to hyd early next year for 2021.

my son here in US just completed his 9th grade and going to start his 10th from Sep 2020 as his new academic years starts here.

due to covid19 we postponed our move to hyd this year.

Could you let me know whether I can join him next year in 11 grade of CBSC schools??

please let me know.

plz give me your contact number to call in




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