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kavitarane 2010-10-28 14:14:09


Hi everyone,

I am a home-maker mother of my 4 and half yr old (06 May 2006) son Aarav.

Aarav is presently in LKG at Shaurya School,Bolaram,Sec'bad.The problem we are facing is he hates going to school and cries hoarse every day before school .We can assure Aarav is intelligent enough not to face any problem with coping up with the class and that is not his reason.We feel that the environment is not stimulating enough to his interests and he is not finding company to match his play level requirement.

Looking for good preschool in area around ALWAL,SAINIKPURI,BOLARAM,TRIMULGIRI

Also thinking shifting him to UKG,please suggest or guide ... Thanks


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