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BhuvanaVijay 2010-10-25 14:40:45



How good is Vikas and maharishi vidhya mandir.

Is English comm. good


InduC 2010-10-27 23:38:24


 Hi Mickey and Bhuvana,

As per Mickey's suggestions i am serous for Sentia. Had talked to one of Sentia student's mother too and she is quite happy. I talked to Sentia, admissions are open. Fees is 300/- registration + 40,000/- p.a.(can be in installments too) + 2500/- school fees + transport charges. One can go even on Sunday to check out the school.

I just read somewhere that Bhuvana has written that She is not happy with Sentia, Can you pleas elaborate more as it will help me in taking a decision on this school.




mickey 2010-10-28 13:29:49


 Hi Bhuvana, I think MVM would be better out of the two. MVM's Principal has received the Prestigious CBSE National Award recently. She is very well  known for her innovative methods.

May we also know the reason for  u to change  from Sentia which u have mentioned in another thread ?



BhuvanaVijay 2010-10-29 12:15:01



I am very sorry for my late reply. My kid is in pp1, the reason for me to look for a change is because of the teacher's behavior with my son.

I had already written regarding this where I did not mention the school name.(The teacher asked my son not to come to school from when on my child started hesitations.) But when I spoke to the principal, she politely counselled us and also the teacher.

Anyhow  I am not satisfied, so I thought I could search for anyother schools in that area.

The reason for a change is also because when we where in Bangalore  my son was studying in Roots to Wings. That school was very excellent, my kid had good english comm. in such a small age(2-3yrs) and he also developed good habits, I saw a growth when he was in Roots to wings, which I feel is lagging here

One more thing which I would like to mention is my friends are happy with Sentia.

Thanks Mickey






BhuvanaVijay 2010-10-29 18:38:34


 Hi Indu,

My son also does the same thing, he too hesitates everyday. I have to actually convince him to get ready for the school.

And regarding the english, though the environment plays a role, we have put our children in a school where the language is a must. Now what my kid does is he speaks in the same slant as his teacher speaks.For example, if the kids do any mistake I feel she uses these words " hare what is your problem yaar you dont know this also" or like " what is happening to you". My son repeats these words everyday.This can be avoided.

Yeah, Sentia follows Euro curriculum,this month,s concept is road transport. 

No idea about St Marie

I am looking for a school in miyapur or Gachibowli, if you know anything about the schools in this area pls let me know




mickey 2010-10-29 21:26:48


Hi Bhuavana, Its sad to know that bcoz of few teachers, the school's reputaion is at stake. I have seen children from Sentia speaking very good English. If u really want a change , go for Chirec or DPS.  They are a bit expensive compared to Sentia.
Manthan too is good. You can see its reviews by Vjmrhyd

One more thing Bhuvana, though child's environment does matter, these days ,in the name of English,  children take pride in speaking slang and  all filth. I am experiencing this daily in my neighbourhood.   These children are from DRS, Chirec, DPS, HPS ,Oakridge etc..what i want to say is that  please just don't judge a school on the basis of just English speaking skills. There are many factors which have to be considered and the most important of all is value education which plays a vital role in grooming a child's personality. A major responsibility lies on parents to keep a tab on our kids and correcting them too in a friendly way. There is a lot of influence of media too on kids these days.

Try to speak to your child in English and mother tongue too at home so that he picks up well.  Also encourage him to speak about small topics like any animal, thing , sport  ,place or anything which he likes. I know the school environment does matter so please bring it to the notice of Principal about the teacher's way of teaching and her/his communication skills. Take a few parents along with you and see what best can be done. If u feel, all your efforts are futile, then go for a change.

Hi Indu, Sorry to know about the Co-ordinator. Did u talk to the Principal ? I know its very disturbing, when ur child cries not to go to school just coz of  teacher's misbehaviour. 

At times, children are very moody. My daughter too told such things initially when she joined a new school. I spoke to her class teacher and other teachers too to find out the exact reason. After a lot of R&D , i narrowed it down to the morning school blues, which made her speak like that.  She was as such very happy during the school hours and enjoyed a lot in the classroom  activities and played with her friends . The class teacher was surprised to know that she was crying and reluctant to come to school.

Sorry, no idea about St Maria. I have just seen its ads on many hoardings.





InduC 2010-10-30 14:02:35


 Hey Mickey, 

Your knowledge on schools is really praise worthy.  At least you have noticed the hoardings of St. Maria.

I discussed the case with Principal for 3 instances but She didn't agree that this wd hv happened. My son also can show morning blues as one day he was appearing very disturbed so after dropping him i called up Teacher to be little polite with him for today but she( the same teacher) told that There is no prob, he is absolutely fine. When i asked my son, He would say that he was not writing or he was not eating but these are not the matter that a child should be scolded. 3 instances makes me feel that sth wd hv happened definitely.




mickey 2010-10-30 16:29:53


Hi Indu, A Mother is  the best judge and knows whats best for her child. If you are convinced  that  your son is facing  genuine prob with the teachers, better change the school. If they develop dislike towards school in the initial years, it will be difficult for you to handle him in future too.



kish1234 2010-11-10 18:12:31


Hi Indu,

I'm also looking for sentia school for my kid. As mentioned in your earlier mail 40,000 / a is this the admission fee + annual fee . Do we need to pay this amount every year.







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