Dilemma for Class 1 admission for my son in Hyderabad

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Swaravi 2019-12-03 12:16:21


Dear Parents, 

I need your experienced suggestion.
My son is born on 2-5-2014 and is now 5.6years. He is repeating his UKG and is now ready for class 1 admission in Mar'2020.

He is very active and curious and generally does not prefer to sit in one place. He is more interested in activity based learning than repeating home works.

We are enquired in different schools in hyderabad - from budget friendly low teacher-pupil ratio schools to International schools with huge crowd in each room with sections upto 7 for Class 1.

Now my question to you all is Should I put him in small school where in he gets individual attention or in big international schools where in he gets to be part of large number of children. I see pros and cons for each of these schools.

Small schools are budget friendly and we can spend the rest of the money on other activity classes like music, dance and other activities. He would get individual attention in school and will be monitored for his progress.

Big schools are good so he can learn his social skills and behavior to be in a crowd however he might not individual attention and might be a big change straight from pre school to that huge groups.

He is a very happy child, willing to learn things only concern is his behavior...sometimes get aggressive and he also has habit of chewing his clothes.. I believe he being a small group is more easy on him..

Sorry for long post. please give your advise basing on your experience to help me choose best for my son. Thanks

Sumit17 2019-12-03 15:08:17


Based on my limited knowledge and understanding, I think you should first narrow board on the board/curriculum. And from what you have described, your child might be more suited for IB/IGCSE. Big or small, schools with international boards typically have not more than 30 kids in a class.

Nagaraj34 2019-12-03 15:52:38


I agree, ICSE might be a better option. Focus is more on getting the basics right until they reach a certain stage. You may want to consider future kids. Their approach is little different than international schools, ICSE and their principals are very friendly folks, they understand your concerns better. But remember ICSE gets tougher as you go to middle & high school, their syllabus is vast compared to other boards. 

Khyathi 2019-12-12 14:45:46


If u can afford for international schools, go for it. Coz they dont charge you less than 1lac... 

Suchitra Academy for three terms take - 1.5L (excludes transportation and meals)
Niraj International : IB curriculum - 2.5L
                               CBSE - 1.5L 

This is this year's revised fee structure .......


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