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1vaas 2019-10-17 13:11:38


Hello there.. can anyone give a review on Sentia at present? How about the academics and co curricular activities in primary schools?

laxmipuppala 2019-11-11 15:32:42


hello sir, did you get to know any details about Sentia school. Even i am looking for admission for my son into PP2 in this school. 

1vaas 2019-11-11 20:10:37


Heard it's a good school among schools with similar fee structure.

gbpacker 2019-11-30 11:28:08


My son was admitted in the Sentia - Global school He was subject to constant physical and mental abuse by schoolmates inside the class and the school bus Last week he was manhandled by a group of classmates inside the classroom and the playground He has been doing reasonably well in academics since he was admitted last year to Class-I We reported the matter to the school chairman and were told point blank that the school CANNOT provide any assurance on his protection With profund regret we have taken him out of school today and decided to withdraw him, put him into another school nearby

Chaitanya2010 2019-11-30 12:43:46


Hi gbpacker
That is very sad to know. We are also looking for a student friendly school near Miyapur. Can you please provide me the list of schools you are looking for.Thanks in advance.

gbpacker 2019-11-30 14:26:19


I shall now be looking for: Sanford, Vikas Concept and Munchkins to name a few As far as I know there are 50+ schools in the Miyapur area to choose from you just need to scout a bit I am personally looking for something close to Mayuri Nagar colony - feel we shd not give much heed to the brand value of the school and instead go for a recognized school that is right for our respective wards and close to where we live

1vaas 2019-12-01 17:26:33


Oh no... this is very unfortunate... thank you for the review.. what about vignan bo tree? Is it a good Option?

gbpacker 2019-12-01 21:23:46


To begin with-earlier I had better opinion of Sentia than Vignan Bo Tree but this incident has opened my eyes I am shocked in disbelief after this happened and its even more unbelievable that the chairman could sound so uncooperative in working to rehabilitate my son
However  I am considering Vignan Bo Tree also - I heard earlier their focus in academics is less rigorous but I shall take my chances The school is nearer to my residence

smvenkat 2019-12-12 10:28:52


Hi Everyone,

I received an email yesterday to visit the school and was told that I have to do the fee payment in a week, just wanted to talk to some parents who have their kids in Sentia. Can someone help me here in providing the details? I'm planning to join my kid in PP1

1vaas 2019-12-13 13:08:32


I think they say that to everyone.. that u should pay the fee in a week... heard the seats there are always available

1vaas 2019-12-13 13:11:03


Hi gbpacker, Where have you admitted your son to? Could you finalize any school ?

gbpacker 2019-12-14 11:44:07


Hi, I am still researching - in the meantime my wife has spoken to the school counsellor last week My son will try to continue and finish the class in current academic year But the environment inside the classroom and school bus has not changed much The Telugu speaking children are abusing him regularly and the school is not paying much heed I think we need to find out a good convent school that is student-friendly For now I shall explore 3 schools - DPS Miyapur, Silver Oaks and Creeks Venus

gbpacker 2020-01-22 00:17:04


Which will be better for my 7 years old son among- DPS Miyapur , Creeks or Silver Oaks ? I stay in Mayuri Nagar, Miyapur

gbpacker 2020-01-22 00:22:21


Just an update on my case-further we met the school counsellor and coordinator They did some cover-up steps for rehabilitation and increased attention for my son But that was only for 1 month Its getting back to the same situation and we are preparing to switch my son to another school I just wanted to give them a second chance but looks like Sentia school has taken the staunch commercialisation path They are loosing the class they used to have before


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