Schools with Inclusive Education in Hyderbad

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SgKumar 2019-10-01 08:26:50


Dear Parents ,
we live in abroad and planning to relocate to Hyderbad after 13 years . I have son who is 6th class now and want to enrol him in Hyd school for 7th class. he is having cerbral issues which effected his balance and motor skills . He has difficulty walking stable (hence he tend to fall and get injuries) and writing , talking  and many other issues . His current school they have been very accomodative to his condition and has taken some measures like assigning buddies for any help while walking , extra time in exams etc etc. I am now very confused rather worried on how to find a good school who can accomodate this kind of issue and willing for some extra care. My major concern is his safety . Instead of searching the reviews in many sites , i would like to get information for parents who have information on this kind of situation.
Please give me any information regading this . Your information will be helpfull to me in selecting the right thing for him.
Thanks in Advance.Kumar

SgKumar 2020-01-06 14:09:00


HI Guys ., please advice


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