Schools near Narsingi, Kokapet and Gandipet for class 6th and 7th grades (CBSE) for 2020

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KPSSS 2019-07-16 17:14:17


Hello Parent Tree group members,

I am planning to move towards Narsingi location next year and evaluating schools near Narsingi, Kokapet and Gandipet areas or 5 kms radius closet schools from these areas for my 6th and 7th grades CBSE for admissions for 2020.

I look forward for your help in providing me school options and any thoughts which will help me procure admission in the most appropriate school.

Thanks in advance!
Krishna Prasad

deepakgudla 2019-07-17 12:20:51


There are many schools near Narsingi. Below list might help you.

  • Rockwell international school
  • Phoenix greens
  • Birla open minds
  • Scholors
  • Global edge
  • Shree Rama universal school
  • Mount Litera Zee school
  • Samashti Interrnational
  • The Gaudium
My son is going to Samashti at Kollur. The school is around 17kms from Narsingi but transport is very good. He can reach home in 20 mins after school. I stay in Muppa's apartments in Narsingi

123schoolsearch 2019-07-19 10:17:04


Hi, We are planning to relocate to Hyderabad from Bangalore next month. Looking for school for my son in grade 2. He presently goes to Vibgyor High school. We have shortlisted few schools after searching online. 1) DPS Khajaguda 2) Sri Ram universal school 3) Meridian Kukatpally 4) Phoenix greens kokapet 5) Meru international school 6) World one school. Please share your reviews and fee structure of the above mentioned schools (specially of DPS Khajaguda, as we tried talking to them but they are very rude and didn't entertain any of our queries.)

KPSSS 2019-09-13 11:03:09


Thank you very much Deepak and this really helps - Appreciate your response!

Maddyvarsha88 2019-09-13 15:35:14


Hi Deepakgudla, can you please share reviews of open minds birla school kollur.

deepakgudla 2019-09-14 12:25:08


Hello Maddyvarsha88,  Birla open minds school is very good. Some of my neighbors kids going there and they are very positive. School environment, teachers, infra all are awesome. I couldn't opt for it due to high fees. Approximately 2.3 laks for Grade 1. If fees is not a problem, you can go for it. 

Maddyvarsha88 2019-09-17 10:40:05


Can you please if you know €.Glendale Academy international Vs Open minds Birla school Kollur the teaching methodology of both the schools and differences between them. Can you suggest which is better?

Sivakumar012611 2019-09-29 01:07:47


Hello Friends, 
               We are also planning to move to Narsingi area next year. Please suggest good schools near 10km radius or 30mins journey.


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