Gitanjali Devshala Review - Unfair Cash Demand

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PratapBhat 2019-06-19 01:22:28


Dear Anxious Parents seeking admission to wonderful schools for their children,

It is my humble request not to accept the demand of fees in cash, without receipt, from any school management, however great its reputation may be in society. Even if by chance you do have that unaccounted cash lying under your pillow, please understand that your child's school is not the right place to siphon it off. Doing so puts a great pressure on others and society in general, and also gives more power to schools to act as they please.

My daughter cleared the admission test in Gitanjali Devshala for class 1 for the year 2019. I got to know this when I received a call from their office asking to pay the fees within the next 5 days. In this call they said I have to pay Rs.15000 in cash (please see other Gitanjali related posts, it is true) in addition to Rs. 31000 by cheque. I was mentally prepared to demand for a receipt because I had read one of these posts. But what I was not mentally prepared for was their total refusal to provide a receipt ! Supposing they are admitting even 100 new students into the school every year (might be more), this means we parents are providing them Rs.15 lakh in unaccounted money per annum.

I refused to pay it, even though I wasn't sure if my kid would clear other schools' tests (Devshala test was the first one). Later she cleared Delhi Public School test in Sikh Village and we also got a call from Vidyaranya (parents get interviewed here, no test for the child). Both these places did not demand cash. I chose Vidyaranya and even moved my residence so that we could be closer to the school. But this not mean that I won't keep an eye out for any unfair practices from this school in future.

I cannot say that Devshala is bad in terms of education because I have no experience of that. But their (and other such schools) demand of fees in cash is totally unfair, and this also reflects their overall attitude towards parents. I understand that you do not consider cash payment as the most important factor, due to other reasons such as proximity, spaciousness, ICSE education, reputation, etc. But please do not bow down to this kind of pressure by schools. Please do try to search for other fair-practice schools by giving yourself enough time well in advance to do your research. Also it goes without saying, you are setting an example to your child.

I wish I had made a video of this by going to their office at the time of fees payment, to drive the point home, as I know videos have become very powerful tools of convincing people. But unfortunately I had other responsibilities at the time and now that window is gone. I also wish there was some way for parents to collectively pressurise such schools into stopping this practice (maybe via social media / formal litigation?). I hope you will do the needful.



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